Earworms – January 9

“An intellectual snob is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture and not think of The Lone Ranger.”
Dan Rather

Les Sans Culottes – Les Sauvages
Fromage homage and oh so camp! Get your go-go boots on for this one.

Zaz – Prends Garde à Ta Langue
I apologise for this choice if Zaz is as popular in the UK as she is on the Continent, where she is THE success story of the year, hailed as the new Piaf, and her music is played literally everywhere you turn (in shops, on the TV, escaping headphones in the library). Despite the overkill – and her shameless record company has brought the same album out THREE TIMES in one year: the original CD, then CD-plus-DVD and now the live-on-tour version of the same songs – her music remains toe-tappingly refreshing.

Earthling – Soup Or No Soup
Earthling were a trip-hop combo (I think I’ve got that right, I’m not very good at genres) who never made it. People who liked Tricky found them too normal and the rest of the world never found them at all. I tried to get their “First Transmission” onto the R/R playlist several times to no avail. Have a listen to this. Have some soup. Sing your own Hallelujah….

Rare – Something Wild
From that mid-90s era of Morcheeba and Lamb when everyone and his wife (and Everything But The Girl) went “a bit trip-hop”. I know nothing about this band, but I somehow heard the single when it came out, bought it and haven’t stopped listening to it since.

Billy Joel – The Stranger
Abahachi and I don’t have many musical tastes in common, but we both enjoy this one; I can think back to my teenage years (this was my favourite album of 1977) and he can witter on to his heart’s content about the Jungian theory of the persona…
Mrs Abahachi

Aphrodite’s Child – Break
This is a lovely limpid tune, totally at odds with everything else on the 666 album and a minor hit when released as a single back in 1972. It was sung by the band’s drummer, Lucas Sideras. I think that more people know of the band than have ever actually heard them, despite two members, Vangelis and Demis Roussos, going on to become internationally famous. This song really deserves to be better known.

Well, my friends, I’ve had a lovely eight or so months curating earworms – it genuinely has been a huge, huge pleasure. And I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated everyone’s contributions and kind words of support. But all good things must come to an end… to make way for other equally good, if not better things! So it’s time for me to hand the baton on to… the one and only Zalamanda! I know she’ll do a fab job – and hope she enjoys it as much as I have. Please keep sending submissions to earworm@tincanland.com – thanks! And I’ll see youse all down in the Comments area…

49 thoughts on “Earworms – January 9

  1. Did I miss a meeting?!?

    It really is out with the old and in with the new, isn’t it?

    Well let me say … fab, FAB job, bish, and a tip of the hat to Zalamanda for taking on the job.

    Gonna be a bit like London2012 trying to follow/top Beijing, but [in both cases] bring it on!

  2. Thank you, Bish, and thank you, ‘Spillers one and all. Bish is going to be a hard act to follow, but I shall do my best to provide a satisfactory earworms experience…

  3. Thanks for all you hard work Bishbosh.

    As for this week’s selection box, not a lot to grab me gusset here I’m afraid.
    The only ones I could tolerate for more than 30 seconds were Les Sans Culottes and Aprhodite’s Child ( but then I’ve long been somewhat fond of the Greek progmeisters).
    All a bit too musical for me.

  4. How refreshing to have two non-English songs right at the head of the list – and what splendid songs they are, too. I particularly like the Zaz song (who hasn’t made inroads into the notoriously xenophobic – when it comes to foreign languages – British market). It’s got a lovely bounciness to it. My favourite this week.

    Earthling… well, I liked Tricky (I haven’t listened to him for ages, though), so maybe I’m finding this bunch too normal? Or maybe not. It’s an odd song. Quite pleasing in its oddness, but I’m not sure that I would seek it out. It’s hard to accept that the same genre underlies this and the Rare track. The latter is very Morcheeba. I quite liked Morcheeba (or at least, I liked their first album; later releases were less satisfying). This is nice.

    Billy Joel is a familar name, but I don’t really know very many of his songs. This is a bit of a revelation; it’s quite different to “Uptown Girl” and “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. Not that I dislike either of those – it’s just that they’re kind of background songs for me. I think I might have to investigate further … [glances at CD shelves groaning under the accumulated weight] … maybe … [considers contents of purse] … hmmm …

    As far as Aphrodite’s Child are concerned, I certainly fall into the knowing of the band but not ever actually heard them category. I am in a smilar category when it comes to Vangelis and Demis Roussos; I know “Chariots of Fire”, but that’s about it. Thank you, Carole, for rectifying part of this omission. It’s rather nice.

  5. Can’t listen right now but just got to say a big thank you bish for doing a great job as curator of ‘Earworms’. Got to say you put together some really good playlists.
    And I’m looking forward to the next era under the stewardship of Zalamander. Bring it on…………………..

  6. Just having my coffee & had my eyes pried open by the news. I’ll have to wait till this evening for a listen but I wanted to thank Bish for a magnificent job as the earworm shepherd & welcome Zally to the post. I’m sure the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of her posts will continue to enhance my favorite Spill feature.

  7. I’m not sure I’ll get round to giving these a listen (the words fromage homage, trip-hop, Billy Joel and Aphrodite’s Child don’t exactly entice me) but I do want to thank bish for his sterling work here. Always tastefully curated, astonishingly prompt and appropriately catholic, Zalamanda has a tough act to follow.
    But I’m sure she’ll do a fine job.

  8. Big round of applause for Bish and his excellent navigation of the good ship Earworms, your effort and attention to playlisting was highly appreciated and most enjoyable – thank you sir!

    A hearty welcome to Zalamanda, whom I’m sure will fill Bish’s large shoes like a Hand In Glove !

  9. Haven’t had a chance to listen to Earworms much in the last few weeks, but have greatly enjoyed your stewardship, bishbosh. Zalamanda, I wish you the best of luck and promise to send something soon.

    As for this week’s – enjoyed Zaz and Rare greatly. I also have a feeling that, even after just one listen, I’m now going to be saying “sing your own Hallelujah” every time I’m deciding whether or not to have soup.

  10. Jeez!!!!

    I can barely remember Earworms without bish. [Yeah. I know :-)))]

    Thanks so much. bishbosh. You’ve done an outstanding, careful and wonderful job. You probably deserve a good break from it.

    Zala. I know you will do a great job too.

    Back soon when I’ve listened to them all.

  11. Thanks for your stewardship of the ‘worms, bishbosh, you’ve been great and welcome to our new ‘worm tamer, Zalamanda.

    I now feel a Grinderman earworm coming on ……………..

    Perhaps a listen to the playlist will make it go away?

  12. Aw, thanks all (and thanks to our mysterious post-liker, The Finger – stick around, guys, there’s plenty more good stuff where this lot came from!). Without wishing to sound like Miranda’s mum, it’s been such fun. Looking forward to not knowing what’s coming up – so please keep sending them in. There are some in the pot, but it can always do with freshening up… bb x

  13. Welcome Zalamanda I’m sure you’ll do a great job. Bish is going to be hard act to follow for sure – the care he took putting the lists together was amazing and much appreciated by all. Thanks Bish a first class job. You deserve the rest!

  14. Zaz – Prends Garde à Ta Langue
    I liked this song very much. Very jazzy, great little voice, but I had a quick listen to some of the other songs on Spotty and didn’t like them so much as this one. This one is a thumbs up from me.

    Earthling – Soup Or No Soup
    I love soup, but not trip-hop. But I will be earworming the halleluia while making my soup!

    Rare – Something Wild
    Another trip-hop not so much moment for me.

    Billy Joel – The Stranger
    Never been a huge fan.

    Aphrodite’s Child – Break
    I really loved this. I knew that Vangelis was in Aphrodites Child, but had NO IDEA that Demis Roussos was in it as well. My pick of the week.

  15. Les Sans Culottes – I love. I like a bit of camp, me. I kept remembering some Bonzos song where one of them says “you’re so savage Roger”. Excellent.

    Zaz – Nope, don’t recall hearing this anywhere in Blighty, not even libraries. Like Zalamanda said it has a “lovely bounciness”.She’s not the new Piaf I think but she is very good. Feelgood music.

    Earthling… well, I like them.

    Rare – never heard them before. Never knowingly heard Morcheba either. Got me wondering if this is trip hop then maybe my nomination wasn’t. I get confused easily.
    Anyway -back on planet Earth, I did really enjoy this track. It managed to sound invigorating and laid back simultaneously.

    Billy Joel – I’ve never hated or even disliked Billy Joel. I just don’t get him. This was pleasant but I get the feeling that I’m missing something. I will listen again to see if it all falls into place.

    Aphrodite’s Child – When I was 13 we went on holiday to France. I was stunned to see that the local supermarket sold records and that the singles had picture covers. I was also stunned to see an album by a bunch of Greek blokes that seemed to be entirely based on the Book of Revelation. On return to the UK I read a review of this single by John Peel which called it “a most curious oeuvre”. And it is. In a good way.

    • Earthling – would have probably be termed Brit-Hop (as in British hip hop – think Stereo MCs) but were categorised as Trip-Hop due to being from Bristol and having Portishead’s Geoff Barrow doing some remixes and guesting on an album.

      Rare were a Irish band termed Trip hop too – this track charted in late 90’s I think, they had John/Sean from The Undertones and That Petrol Emotion in the band – album called People Freak, I think.

      Both band names fine at the time, but in this day and age of Googling, not so easy, I guess… although Portishead (music) are probably bigger than the town on searches.

  16. Not had a chance to listen yet, but I wanted to say thanks to Bish for the brilliant job he’s done (Maki was a hard act to follow, but he did it!)
    I’m sure Zalamanda will be equally up to the task and I look forward to her efforts next week.
    Back later to give my thoughts on this week’s toonz.

  17. *Hangs head in shame for missing so much of the past eight months*.
    I may not have listened to the earworms too often, but whenever I have, I’ve enjoyed them – so thanks to tinny, maki and bish for ‘inventing’ and curating one of THE main features of the ‘Spill. And kudos to Zalamanda for taking on the next generation – you are a brave woman!

    I really enjoyed this week’s playlist – I’d never have guessed Aphrodite’s Child, though – and Miss Ellie and I have been having great fun with the hallelujah soup: you need an earworm encounter to provide you with such joy. Also great to see Frau Hachi joining in!

    Zala, barbryn and severin should all check their inboxes for an invitation to broaden their French vocabulary – anyone who’d like more zazz in their lives (or at least in their ears) please let me know.

    But who is Miranda’s mum?

  18. Dear Bish ! ! !

    Your last Earworms as manger ! ! ! But you will play with us in future I hope so ! ! !

    A great and varied and maybe challenging last list my darling ! ! !

    Les Sans Culottes – Les Sauvages
    Little River posted a link to one of thier songs on RR today and that was the first time I heard them. But Oh Wow ! ! ! I love that ye-ye style ! ! ! Of course in Japan ye-ye was a major influence on the early Shibuya-kei bands and the Japanese version of Poupée de cire, poupée de son (Yume Miru Shanson Ningyō)was a big hit for France Gall in the 1960 decade so this is a style I know and like really very much. I thought for the first moments it was a 1960 decade record actually. But I do love that beat, it just makes me want to dance and I can imagine ordering a martini in a fancy nightclub ! ! ! (even if I have never had one before) It is just somehow sophisticated and naïve at the same time. I love it ! ! !

    Zaz – Prends Garde à Ta Langue
    We are really international and sophisticated this week ! ! ! I really enjoyed this track it has a happy feel to it and a real swing. The band accompaniment is great also. She has a fantastic voice and wonderful tone. I just wish I could understand the words ! ! ! I did not know her before and I will definitely check out more of her tracks! ! !

    Earthling – Soup Or No Soup
    This is a real fun track ! ! ! You are right Severin, I probably be saying “soup or no soup sing your own Hallelujah” the next time I have soup (which is three times a day – I hope it does not stick with me ! ! !) I really liked the scratching on this track which blended in really well and the bass line is fantastic and I love the eccentric glockenspiel (?) parts. It just such a nice track. Eccentric but I really loved it ! ! !

    Rare – Something Wild
    This is an interesting track also. It has a reggae feel to it and somehow mixed with an indie female voice and some electronic touches adding to the variety. It is such a mix ! ! ! But somehow it all seems to work together very well and is certainly a great track to hum along to and it does make my feet tap!!!

    Billy Joel – The Stranger
    I loved the whistling at the beginning of this song and I like it very much. The only thing I would say is that his delivery of song sounds like he is giving me a lecture and when the whistling started again at the end I was kind of relieved in a way ! ! ! But he is a great and versatile singer and I did enjoy it ! ! !

    Aphrodite’s Child – Break
    This track reminded a little of the Beatles actually. I liked the backing voices and the main singer a lot actually, but the piano was too insistent for me and did not add anything to the song for me and actually I found it a little distracting. But I enjoyed the track very much. I had never heard of them before although of course I know Vangelis. I will definitely try to listen to some more of their tracks ! ! !

    Oh Bish ! ! !
    Thank you so much for all your hard work on Earworms. You have been really great and I am sure it must have been so much hard work to this every week. I am sure we all really appreciate how much you have put into making Earworms so wonderful.

    Zalamanda It will be hard to follow Bish but I am looking forward to hearing your play lists. I am sure they will fabulous!!!

    (Ganbatte, kudasai ! ! ! – This means “please do your best” and we say it to encourage people like westerners say “good luck” or something.)

    • Play with you in future? Just you try and stop me! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, Sakura – I always end up with a big happy grin plastered across my face after reading your comments. And you always have such thoughtful, intelligent critiques to offer. You’re a star, so you are…

  19. Evening all. Listening now …
    Les Sans Culottes There are French cheeses I can take and even like, but …
    Ach, I have to admit this one was too pongy for me, I’m afraid.

    Zaz I can see why she’s so popular, and why this qualifies for earworm status, and I don’t dislike it, but …
    [Yellow card, DsD. One more transgression and you’re off! – Punctuation Ed.]

    Earthling was too alien for my tastes (See what I did? Oh please y’selves).

    Rare Now this I should like, but tonight it’s just annoying me, so I’m concluding from that that I’m in a hitherto unspotted bad mood. Morcheeba though, that’s a different matter entirely: there was a band I have a HUGE soft spot for. There’s a DsD ‘Spill post in their history if I can source the right material. Watch this space ..*backspace-backspace : looks nonchalant despite twitchy-eyed glare from P.E.*

    That was Billy Joel?! Eeech. Get that cod-reggae guitar. I do own his Stormfront CD, which I like much of – particularly The Downeaster “Alexa”, oft-nominated by me and others on RR – but The Stranger will remain one to me, thank you.

    Thanks to Dorian and some subsequent album borrowing, I have heard quite a bit of Aphrodite’s Child. This, though possibly damning with faint praise, is the pick of the bunch for me this week.

    Nonetheless, people, thank you for the introduction to four more artists I’d never heard of before today. God bless the good ship Earworms, and all who sail in her.

  20. Well, I tend to agree with Pairubu which is probably a first and deserves a fanfare of some sort. I remember the Aphrodite’s Child single but I’m amazed it was that long ago (shuffles off in pipe and slippers) – but not without saying a HUGE thank you to Bish for all your hard work, and a welcome Hello! to Zalamander, who has a tough act to follow. Good luck!

  21. This week’s set:
    Les Sans Culottes. Fun.
    Zaz – Fun
    Earthling & Rare – Not my thing, sorry.
    Billy Joel. Love it. I have a lot of his tracks and like most of them (including his paen to the 4 Seasons, “Uptown Girl”).
    Aphrodite’s Child. Again, not my thing I’m afraid. I once heard Demis Roussos referred to as a “Big Greek Womble”.

    Sorry not to be more positive, esp. as it’s Bish’s last week.

    • Uptown Girl is so much a paean to The Four Seasons, I always liked it, and the hilarious video which I remember featuring cars, oily overalls, spanners and formation dancing with car maintenance tools.

  22. Hi Bish

    I couldn’t miss your last Earworm as, even if I have not been able to follow it every week I have enjoyed your work most of the time, and the quotes – that you introduced – have been inspiring, funny and thought-provoking. For all this, thank you very much !

    Welcome to Zalamanda, I am wishing to see her work, It is a great challenge but I am sure she is looking forward to it..

    Regarding the tracks of this week:I liked Les Sans Culottes which remind me the music of Silvye Vartan and Françoise Hardy, very pop in the 60’s.

    ZaZ has a very special voice and it’s true she sounds a little like Edith Piaf (much more than Mireille Mathieu did) overall the insolent drawl of her French accent.

    I also liked the Stranger by Billy Joel of Mrs Abahachi, I always liked his music. It is a pleasure to remember it.

    I like to listen to the variety of music you all send to share in the Earworms and hope, better said, I encourage all of you to send more music to Zalamanda to continue “discovering” all that hidden music you have in your memories.

  23. DaddyPig here in case posting from a not-so-smart phone goes awry. Nice set of poppy hoppy proggy and dare I say froggy tunes here. Does ‘Prend Garde A Ta Langue’ mean ‘Mind your language’, ‘watch what you say’, or ‘take care of your tongue’, or a combination of all of these ? Anyway, I learned that ‘promise the moon’ is an idiom used in French as well as English. Most of all, thanks to the mighty bishbosh for a grand job and best wishes to Zalamanda – don’t be afraid to create your own Earwormery and do things your way would be my only thought on the matter.

  24. Late to the party, just wanted to add my appreciation of bish, great job! Also to say hi and yay to Zalamanda. Some female fronted folky stuff may be coming your way!

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