‘Spill Challenge Vol.2 No.1

It’s hard to remember what day it is at this time of year, but Tuesday night seems to have come and gone without a ‘Spill Challenge, so here goes…

We have a gloriously diverse range of music here. The complete absence of cooler-than-thou bragging and slagging off other people’s tastes is one of the main reasons I love RR and The ‘Spill.

Nevertheless, let’s not pretend that everyone likes everything everyone else likes. Christ, some of you don’t even like The Beatles… So this week’s challenge is to find a song we all love.

I’m not looking for something we can all tolerate, or understand the attraction of even if we don’t share it, or admire the technical ability of. Let’s try to find some music that everybody here would genuinely want in their collection.

Please don’t be contrary for the sake of it, or rude – but do be honest. Precious ‘Spill points for the most popular tracks…

Here’s my pick. You love this. Surely…

301 thoughts on “‘Spill Challenge Vol.2 No.1

  1. Oh dear. I’m afraid I fall rather short of “love” for Waterloo Sunset.
    Do I want it in my collection? Well, yes.
    Do I “like” it? “Admire” it, even? Yes and yes again.
    But love it? Sorry, barbryn.

    • Oddly enough, Waterloo Sunset was the first song that popped into my mind when I started to read the blurb, before I scrolled down enough to see it.

      Even odder, I sent off an earworm a few weeks ago and included a phrase along the lines of “come on, you know you all love this one”. Bit of a hostage to fortune that was.

  2. Is there anyone who doesn’t love Common People by Pulp? I’m sure there are, but if there’s anyone in the RR/Spill universe who doesn’t i’d be fascinated to hear why? Its not that i’m a massive fan of Pulp or the song itself (in fact, i sometimes think i prefer the brilliant William Shatner/Ben Folds/Joe Jackson version) – but i can’t think of many other songs that are so universally admired.

    • Ivor, I think I’m the same with Common People as DarceysDad is with Waterloo Sunset – definitely a ‘like’ and ‘admire’ case but not one with which I have ever had a huge personal association – but I wouldn’t argue with it as common currency.

      • Have you ever heard this version – i don’t think its going to change your mind, but its worth a few minutes of your time listening to it.

      • @IvorEngine – that was rather fantastic. I was expecting novelty, but instead they nailed the song’s rage. I love this anyway.

      • Oh my goodness ! ! ! I really prefer the William Shatner/Ben Folds/Joe Jackson version.

        It is the first time I really understood it ! ! ! !

    • Sorry, like yes, admire yes, certainly the lyrics are good, but it just never did anything for me as a song, same goes for all Pulp’s stuff really. Jarvis was goo value though and the Jacko stage invasion was a great moment in pop history.

  3. I think I’m going to try a curveball:
    Here’s one very few of us “loved” until it became a long-standing RR joke.
    I reckon that over the years it has earned itself a degree of affection from us all that transcends any limitations of our normal tastes.
    I give you … The Long Ryders

  4. Happy New Year, chaps. That’s a pretty tough resolution you’ve set for us to upkeep, barbryn. I can confirm that I do love Waterloo Sunset so you can chalk that up. This is my stab at universality:

    Little Richard – Tutti Frutti

  5. Since this is the ‘Spill I’m thinking we might keep away from the more obvious contenders…so how about the zedded (not by me)

    Light Enough To Travel by the Be Good Tanyas, which has one of my favourite verses of all time:

    I broke the window at the logging company
    Just to get a little release
    I had to throw down my accordion
    To get away from the police

      • ‘to’, not ‘too’ – and, with that, I must now get back to marking students’ work and critiquing their ability to write in English – oh, the irony!

      • Well, I picked it on the grounds that at least one other RRer must like it – but now that I’ve bothered to look it up I find that it was Mainy, who’s no longer on RR and was never on the ‘Spill, who got it zedded. So I’m extra glad that you like it, May.

        (PS: ha!)

    • Definitely in favour of less obvious suggestions – I’m hoping we’re going to get some universally appealing black metal from Japanther and hardcore Oi! from Wyngate…

      Anyway, I like this a lot and could probably grow to love it.

    • Liked that, but didn’t know it before (says he, frantically keying “Tanyas” into iTunes & MediaPlayer search … hmm two dozen songs … nope, not there). So can’t in good faith say I already love it.

  6. With DsD on Waterloo Sunset i’m afraid – like and admire it, but don’t love it.

    Here’s some more that i think most people who love music would find it difficult to argue against – but please try:

    Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones
    Superstition – Stevie Wonder
    A, B, C – The Jackson Five
    White Man (In Hammersmith Palais) – The Clash
    22, Going on 23 – The Butthole Surfers

    PS – only joking about the Butthole Surfers

    • Well, let’s see…

      November 18 2011 was a very fraught day for me – I was intending to move into my new house but when I arrived in MK my daughter (whose house it was) wouldn’t let me have a key because they hadn’t finished moving their stuff out and she was embarrassed about how dirty the house was. Finally, 3 hours later, I forced her partner, Stuart, to give me his key and got inside this grubby, rubbish-strewn house. Did I set the hoover going? Did I start collecting stuff in a dustbin bag? Nope – I ran upstairs to turn off Stuart’s ghetto-blaster, which was playing ABC by the Jackson 5. Phew, that was better.

      (Oh, and I don’t like Superstition or White Man In Hammersmith Palais either. Do like Gimme Shelter, but wouldn’t say I loved it.)


    • Gimme Shelter – don’t feel the need to have it in my collection (other than the obligatory Sisters Of Mercy cover) but it is a great song. If it came on the radio and someone changed channel would I get annoyed? Probably
      Superstition – doin’t know about loving it but it is good
      ABC – hmm. ..no…I Want You Back is better
      White Man In Hammersmith Palais – a classic!
      22, Going On 23 – I’ll raise you Hamburger Lady

  7. 70’s soul – funk (Mayfield, Brown , Funkadelic ?)
    60’s garage (sonics ?)
    anything New Orleans… (prof Longhair ?)
    Anything from punk onwards can bring consensus but not unanimity , methinks .

  8. OK, I’m going to have another go… This was actually the song that got me thinking of this topic. Even constant repetition alongside Slade, Cliff Richard and Mariah Carey can’t taint the brilliance of Fairytale of New York… right?

  9. Does this cover enough Spillbases? Most respected/loved artist with his most beautiful song, containing no freaking out: Jimi Hendrix – The Wind Cries Mary

      • Sorry. Same bracket as Waterloo Sunset, I’m afraid. I DO like it, a lot, but I wouldn’t slap on the expensive aftershave to go out to meet it! 😉

      • To be loved by all it has to be known by all. That means a lot of sacred cows who have been in too many turntables too many times… There’s always gonna be one or more who’s just a bit meh about them.
        Now, there has to be a song out there we’d all love if we only knew it exists…

  10. Oh Gosh ! ! ! A song we all love…….. even Pairubu ? ? ?

    The song Sukiyaki was a big international hit and has really nice melody and a great simple production which really captures the early 1960 decade.

    It is the only Japanese language song to have reached number one in the USA charts in 1963.

    Of course Sukiyaki is a type of stew and nothing to do with the song. The original song is called Ue o Muite Arukō which means “I will walk looking up” and it is about a man who walks looking up so his tears will not fall….

    It is irritating that a lovely song is renamed “Beef Stew” but calling the track Sukiyaki was really what made it possible for western people to remember the name and go and buy it, (maybe)

    Sukiyaki—Kyu Sakamoto

    • I know this, but I can’t say it’s ever taken hold enough for me to grow to love it in the way I do with other pop songs of the era. But it is lovely.

    • Dond for Sukiyaki

      A Taste Of Honey did a respectful slowed-down cover with new English-language lyrics that hit #3 Pop, #1 R&B, and #1 Adult Contemporary. And that version was covered by 4PM for a top 10 hit. There was also a country version by Clyde Beaver that became a hit (not on Youtube).

      That’s the real mark of a great tune – transcending language, time, and genre.

    • had never heard (of) it until I came to Japan……and i’m afraid it ain’t one of my favourites……..sorry Sakura!

  11. OK, I’m going to prove a cheap date for most of these suggestions:

    Four Tops – not over The Tempts but absolutely yes in their own terms
    Gimme Shelter – yes, provided You Can’t Always Get What You Want or Honky Tonk Women don’t garner a more complete consensus
    ABC – tfd’s torpedoed it but yes – would I Want You Back be any more popular?
    Superstition – fuck, yes
    White Man – great call – yes
    Da Do Ron Ron – yes
    Leader Of The Pack – of course
    Be My Baby – yes
    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – by the Shirelles or Carole King, absolutely – if we’re still lacking for universally loved girl group anthems, how about He’s A Rebel by The Crystals?
    Mayfield – entirely
    Brown – yes, totally – or nearly totally – Sex Machine puts me off because of its ubiquity, which is a problem with this challenge, I grant you
    Funkadelic – oh yes, but I wouldn’t have expected them to suit all tastes
    60s garage – no problem with this, and there’s enough Sonics I like enough to get my vote
    Prof Longhair stuff – fine by me
    Punk – wouldn’t want to venture a consensual choice (though see below)
    Jimi – great choice, Chris
    The Animals – most of the way towards love with this – very very fond of it

  12. Forgot to deal with Fairytale of New York – perhaps I’m with mnemosene on this because it’s early January, but I’d probably dond it unreservedly in July, even though Ronan Keating would be clanking around like Jacob Marley.

    And I’m naughtily sending out another suggestion, prompted by the girl-group choices and the possible common ground many of us share around punk:

  13. With all the Tempations and Tops, shouldn’t this be up for consideration? The only song ever recorded that contains acceptable whistling: Otis Redding – Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

  14. I can’t take credit for this idea because I read it once on RR or the Spill. It’s from the Dorian days I believe, and apparently it was decided (or suggested?) that if one of those Venn diagram thingees was done, the only band left that everyone could agree on was The Clash.
    I’m guessing this would be the one hard-core and non-core fans would accept:

    • As always there will be one awkward old blighter who pops up to say “Actually I can’t stand the Clash”.
      Wonder who it will be…..

    • I DO love it, but there are other Clash songs I like better………but that doesn’t nullify it, ‘cos I do love it!

    • Love the Clash, but for some reason, Lost in the Supermarket doesn’t get my love. Fits in well as an album track, but it may be Mick Jones’ voice (loving him as much as i do) that means i can’t go for this track 100% – i just never thought the song had enough oomph. I thought (as mentioned earlier) that White Man (in Hammersmith Palais) would be the one that non-Clash fans ‘may’ go for, but maybe not. Personally, i’d be pretty obvious and go for Complete Control – one of the best tracks of all time, but understand its not going to do it for everyone.

    • Like the Clash, like this song – don’t love it. Love the Levi’s ad song (“Should I Stay or Should I Go” – too predictable, though, sorry!), love “Bankrobber”, love “Straight to Hell” (which I think sounds like it ought to be trad).

  15. I’m afraid I think this may be doomed to fail, all thing is bearable maybe, all LOVE? Not at all convinced. I can’t even think of a song to suggest. Sorry for the pessimistic outlook.

  16. A couple of other convo starters then:

    (I coulda done separate posts, but I don’t want to end up a top 5 Spiller innext year’s stats. I maintain that I hardly go on the computer.

  17. Definite yes:
    Four Tops

    Definite No:
    Little Richard
    Rolling Stones

    On practically everything else that I know

    And then, this guy must be in with a shout?

      • I like reggae but I only ever quite like Bob Marley songs. I can see why this would move people but it just doesn’t have that effect on me.

      • But but but… You don’t need to be Bob Marley’s biggest fan to love “Redemption Song”. No? No?

        Incidentally, is anyone else with gmail getting adverts for “Professional Grade Spill Kits From The Leaders In Spill Control!”?

      • Deep sigh; I specifically went for the acoustic version to pare it back to the beautiful, deeply felt, subtly hooked song that it is. Can’t win em all . . . will be the epitaph of this challenge 😉

        I’ve been reflecting on the LOVE element of the challenge and began thinking of it in terms of song friends: Plenty you’re really happy to bump into and share a few moments with, lots who are great fun and sublime company at parties, a fair number of oldies who remind you of shared histories but in the scheme of thongs, a very few, ultimately, who lisp in your ear with an intensity to catch your breath and still your beating heart. Redemption Song is one that does that for me.

  18. As most of the suggestions are older and have had a few years for us to think about them and grow to love them, i thought i’d throw in something a little more recent (although not hugely).

    Can anyone not love this?

  19. Great subject and lots of lovely tracks mentioned allready. Strange that they all seem to be the older songs and artists, nothing closer than the 80’s. (Is that saying something about the age of ‘Spillers or the lack of quality in recent music ?)

    And no surprise then that I would suggest the following…………

    Buddy Holly……….”Peggy Sue”
    The Shadows……..”Apache”
    Hendrix…………….”All Along the Watchtower”

    Up to date a bit

    Elvis Costello……..”Shipbuilding”
    Al Stewart ………..”Year of the Cat”.

    There must be loads more……………….Back laters……………

    • A bit of both i think – age & quality of recent music, although reading between the lines of all the posts, its true that it takes a good few years of living with a song to truly love it and get a concensus across the board.

      Definitely agree with Shipbuilding – probably the Robert Wyatt version though.

      What about Ace of Spades by the mighty Motorhead?????

    • Perhaps it’s more that older songs have stood the test of time. If you still like something after 40 years or more then it’s pretty certain it’s a goody.
      I might have thought Bo Diddley would be in with a shout too or the Everly Brothers.

    • I think the quality of popular music has undoubtedly declined since the 60s. I’m struggling to think of many chart hits that my generation could unite around. Though I’m not sure how anyone could fail to love this if they’re anywhere within the vicinity of a dance floor:

      There is, of course, plenty of tremendous music around today – but precisely because of that, it’s unlikely we’ll find something everyone knows and loves.

      • I would take issue with any statement about decline in quality of popular music. Even if I didn’t like much of the currently charted stuff. I think there are a couple of problems with that type of stance: first, that there is probably a greater quantity these days, of hugely variable “quality”; second, that “quality”, when applied to popular music, is highly subjective anyhow; and third, that the majority of people who remember the 60s are likely to have forgotten at least some of the songs they didn’t like very much at the time (and the majority of people who are too young to remember the 60s only get to hear the higher “qusilty” stuff from that era).

        Rant over.

  20. Hmmm. Don’t like The Beatles, Stones, Who, Queen, Lennon, Small Faces or Bowie. Who’s left? Ah – my late wife’s favourite (erroneously titled on YouTube)
    Them – “Here Comes The Night”

  21. A tune that everybody would like/love & want in their collection? Can you herd cats? This is in mine and I would like to give a copy (7″ single of course) to all of you :

  22. Good challenge – but I would say impossible! Anyway starting with Waterloo Sunset – “tolerate” – yes; “understand the attraction of” yes; “admire the technical ability of” – yes, certainly beat The Disrupters on that score. “genuinely want in their collection.” – no, sorry!

  23. ok, perhaps we can walk down the Spill aisle with something old, something new, something borrowed (covered), something Blue originally…

    • A song I love and a nice conceit Mr Man, Sir . . . gotta say that the aroma of Joni is what I anticipate, a touch too decaff there.

      • Also, something from Blue was what I was weighing up against Redemption Song and I think you narrowed it down to the one, so queue Doh! for that.

      • ty Mr TY. Just trying out my mediation skills.

        (They do say I am conceited, but I don’t consider the bastards’ views worth considering)

    • Adopts annoying Harry Enfield character voice:
      “Oi! Tincanman! NNOOOOO!!!

      Eeecch, Tinny, that’s horrid.

      Somewhere out there, there’s a Joni concert version the BBC showed in around 1982 which is just stunning … and absolutely peerless. Believe me, I’ve spent over twenty years trying to find that show again, to replace the very VERY early video tape that unsurprisingly died on me before the end of the decade.

  24. Evening all, and HNY.

    I don’t know anybody – not even Mrs S, who dislikes 98% of everything I do rate – who doesn’t go for “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”. Marvin, not Gladys, of course.

    No link cos you all know what it sounds like. Be seeing you.

  25. My name is debby(m) and I’m a ‘Spillaholic. Yes, I do LOVE (!) many of the songs suggested above, including Waterloo Sunset, The Wind Cries Mary and Son of a Preacher Man.
    I’ve just enjoyed a rare half-hour where I was actually able to listen to MY choice of music, which this evening turned out to be the Undertones, and I thought “Is there anyone in the whole wide world doesn’t love ‘Teenage Kicks’?” Well, is there?

  26. Wow, what a challenge. I suspect we will never agree but of the ones mentioned so far, Main Contenders for me are:

    Little Richard
    Pogues & Kirsty M
    Otis Redding
    Bob Marley

    Definite Nos

    David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Dusty Springfield, Jimi Hendrix (sorry)

    Struggling to think of something different but how about MAssive Attack and Teardrop:

  27. Even before I spotted the Pogues collaboration upstream, I was considering Kirsty MacColl‘s ouevre. Maybe she hadn’t got the prettiest voice, maybe she wasn’t the most sophisticated musician (although I reckon she was pretty nifty with a choon) – but she could do catchy, and she certainly did witty, and I’m really, really sorry that I had to go back and edit the past tense into all of that.

    But which track?

    I keep coming back to “There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis”. But I’d also go with “Don’t Come The Cowboy With Me Sonny Jim”. Or “In These Shoes?”

    I’m not going to put a YouTube up. This thread loads badly enough as it is.

    • Nothing at all…Then there’s this other version. (Sorry, I did try, but I am weak and couldn’t resist.)

      Glad that Fats didn’t find himself swimmin’, after all, after Katrina struck. I’m going to New Orleans in April so I’ll give him a wave!

  28. Such a tricky one to get consensus when we’re all such a bunch of contrarians!! Common denominators are usually lowest, by definition. (Erm… musically speaking… I’ve got less than no idea about Maths!!) (There are those that might suggest I know less than even that about music!)
    I do love Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (usually the Lykke Li version or, perhaps, Dusty Springfield’s take on it) and Soft Metal classic The Wind Cries Mary. And Fairytale Of New York. Several others mentioned, I like. But not love.

    • Nice to see you here Chinhealer, but you’ve just made things a whole lot harder. So that’s a no to everything except Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, The Wind Cries Mary and FoNY (which both have several vetoes).

      Right: hands up anyone who doesn’t love Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

      • Sorry for being so awkward, barbryn! (And it’s nice to see you all on here!! Although slightly discombobulating! It’s like seeing a whole bunch of one’s friends, which one usually only interacts with in London, in Birmingham instead!)

  29. I know there are very many songs I love that many of you would find difficulty in even tolerating. So I’m steering clear of anything too hard or fast or heavy or obscure. (Or that I know from the blog that at least one of you can’t stand!) But I know there are also many songs which many of you are likely to love too. But even the following – which seem obvious and even cliched choices to me – are bound to have their detractors:

    George Harrison – My Sweet Lord
    Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
    Joanna Newsom – This Side of the Blue
    Tori Amos – Winter
    Judas Priest – Breaking the Law
    Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
    Portishead – Glory Box
    Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody
    Regina Spektor – Samson
    Tears For Fears – Shout
    Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Gary Numan – Cars
    Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water
    The Bangles – Manic Monday
    All About Eve – Martha’s Harbour
    Jerusalem (not restricting it to any particular artist. Which may count in its favour. But its theisticness might be a turn-off for some Zeusophobes among you!!)

      • Not surprised by your love of Cars, wynnie. But I am a little by your love of Kate! (Or have I not been paying attention on the blog?) Although, I suppose she must have been a formative influence during your delicate years…?

      • Ummmm…. I think it’s quite easy not to love a song, but merely like it. (Which is the case with me and Head Over Heels.) Shout (and the inevitable Mad World and Everybody…) just gets me goosepimply!

      • And while I love some of their songs with a passion, I can fully understand why you, shane, might hate the band overall. Lemme guess, is it anything to do with the uber-nasal singing and devastatingly 80s aura?! (Both of which I love!)

      • No No -I love 80’s trash and interesting ‘singing’ styles.
        But TfF’s have the least passion and musical charisma of a large proportion of the 80’s duo’s.
        Take ‘head over heals’ (please do please do) it’s sung in a dead pan way that needs something spectacularly interesting in the lyrics to get away with – there’s not. TfF bore you into going: what? we are half way through – get on with it – a change of pace or some excitement please.
        And musically it’s plinking – I like 80’s sounds – synths and drum machines were used with fun and devastating effects.. they have gone” oh that’ll do”, sounds competent.. plink plonk – dull singing, dull music, but mostly the sound of cold, passionless professionalism.. in my book a crime against pop.

        Sorry about that.

      • Aww, i love HoH. I like Shout ok, and it’s probably better song, but I got heartily tired of it back in the day as it was so overplayed. Mad World i like almost any cover better than the original. Everybody i never really liked much in the first place.

      • A bit like the US on the UN Security Council, I knew you – and most other Grandad Rockers on here – would have an automatic veto and would use it self-interestedly! So it would have been pointless mentioning it! Happy New Year to you!

    • Chris Isaak, Kate Bush, Portishead, The Bangles and, of course, All About Eve* are all fondly embedded in my musical heart. Of the rest, there are seceral that I like but do not love, and one or two that I have no strong opinion of.

      * I haven’t nommed any AAE for this topic because I love very nearly each and every one of their songs and I know that I am horrendously biased. That Woman’s Boatyard isn’t quite my favourite of theirs, but I do still love it, naturally. It is a very loveable track.

      • Heehee… no surprises there, Zala! And if I didn’t think that too many on here would consider them twee and teenie-bopperish and unremarkable pretty-boys (erroneously, of course!) I woulda stuck in one of several A-ha hits that would have tickled your fancy!

      • Thank you! I do enjoy my noms being temporarily popular and populist!! No doubt back I’ll be back to my niche-interest noms tonight! Oh, and I thought ‘Shout’ by TfF was a great shout too!

      • I’ll dond all of those. I’m not a Kate Bush fan, but i do love that one. Has no one donded your S&G yet? I will, but must nix Bonnie tyler.

    • I’ll go with Wicked Game (even though I first heard it in a car advert) and BOTW, chinhealer – but for the Righteous Brothers I prefer You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling:

      • Oof, that video’s horribly out of synch – could your elves relpace it with this one, please, barbryn?

      • Heehee… thanks for the Wicked Game dondage, tfd. Not sure it matters where one is when one first encounters a song. If it weren’t for the cinema ad at the time – for Orange, wasn’t it? – I wouldn’t know Joanna Newsom at all, probably. (At least, in my pre-RR days.)

      • I disapprove of songs being used on adverts, chinhealer, and normally it would spoil a song for me if that happened; but Wicked Game snuck up on me somehow. And I’ll also make an exception for All Right Now – not only was it used on a car advert, but I bought the car!

  30. Wow you’ve been a busy lot today. There are so many great ones here it would be hard to pick a winner but I’ll go with Them’s Here Comes the Night ’cause it still gives me goose bumps. Great call Mitch.
    As for my pick it’s a song I’ve used on here before but I feel it meets all of Barbryn’s requirements & it makes your body groove every time. Gotta be Hugh Masekela’s cowbell classic.

  31. Way late to the party here. Is there really not a Dylan song yet, or did i miss it? Now there’s no way i’m going to get everyone from Mitch to Pairubu to Wyngate under one umbrella, so I’ll go this one and try for an average –

  32. Lotta donds, lotta no donds. But aside from the obvious Gimme Shelter, i’m going to have to go with Walk Away Renee (Four Tops please, but i still love the Left Banke too) for my dond of the week.

    And how could anyone not love this song.

    • Oh Amylee – I am so sorry but I really hate this track 😦

      The words in the song:

      She wasn’t too bright
      But I could tell when she kissed me
      She knew how to get her kicks

      really really really irritate me…..

      I think the theme of this song, first love, making love in the thunder storm, looking back at first love, is all done so much better and much earlier also by Bob Seger in Night Moves.

      • Ah, now i really dislike Night Moves! I can’t actually think of a Bob Seeger song that i like! The Prince song always makes me smile though.

  33. How about True Love Will Find You In The End, the object of this challenge (probably our best yet) and the creation of a true contrarian, Daniel Johnson?

    If not, we might have to agree with Joy Division that Love Will Tear Us Apart

  34. Just an observation here, and personal taste. But of all the great songs mentioned, none of them (with the exception of Gimme Shelter and Renee) are my favorite songs by the artist mentioned.

    • I think the point i was after there is that the songs picked, maybe in order to appeal to the most people, are some of their most popular and maybe overplayed.

  35. I assume that I’m lumped in with the “Grandad Rockers” that Chinhealer refers to, but I have the temerity to have been born earlier than him.
    Just to say thanks to Exodus & Fintan for Them support. Oddly, one of the other pieces we played at Di’s funeral was “Waterloo Sunset”, which she also loved and as its almost 2 years to the day when she passed away, this Challenge has set my mind back a bit.
    I would just say that as a “Grandad Rocker”, I do possess modern stuff, having in my collection things by Amy MacDonald, Amy Winehouse, The Libertines and many other post 2000 releases.

    • Dear Mitch I do hope you are not too sad these days…..

      Anyway you are not a granddad rocker ! ! ! ! You are an super cool rocker ! ! !

  36. This may be by last contribution, as this post now freezes my whole computer for about 15 minutes every time I reload.

    I didn’t mention this one earlier as I have a feeling there are a few Beach Boys agnostics around, but, really, how could you not love “God Only Knows”?

    Thanks everyone for an absolutely marvellous thread (which I’m sure isn’t over yet) – I genuinely love a good nine-tenths of the records mentioned here, which I guess just goes to show that some of us more enthusiastic/less discerning than others. If anyone can be bothered to compile a list of the most popular choices, it would be fascinating. I’m still waiting for a dissenting voice on “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”…

    • What, you’re not going to announce the winner? Pshaw!


      Now everybody, please come over to my quiz where there are only 3 TP songs left to guess – and you don’t need to know anything about TP songs to do it either. Plus it loads really quickly.

    • Maybe we could follow-up with a knockout tourney for any contendenderers still standing?

      Was following strict ‘Spill challenge rules of 1 nom per game, but am quite surprised by the omissions: James Brown, Eddie Cochran, Nina Simone, Fats Domino, Gene Vincent, Ian Dury……

  37. As others have said, loading this page is killing my PC, so I’m going to lump the last of my replies all together.

    I’m the curmudgeon that’s nixing the chances of:
    Any Dusty Springfield, and also
    Leader Of The Pack *feels heat of glares in his direction*

    However, DsD donds for:
    Fats’ I’m Walkin’, Wichita Lineman, and particularly
    Walk Away Renee. Although my choice would be Rickie Lee Jones’ version, there are so far no dissenters about the SONG. So maybe we might have a winner, no?

    Right, fingers crossed this comment posts . . .

  38. Is there any way to display the page with placeholders instead of the youtube links?

    Sorry I’m nixing Wichita Lineman. Although the original isn’t as bad as the Hussey-Regan cover.

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