‘Spill Challenge Vol 2 #5: songs you think are by a completely different band

What, she doesn't know which of us is who?

This was a post I put together some time ago for a Challenge but somebody pipped me to the post (!) so it’s popping up now instead.

I’m hoping I’m not alone in this (cos that would make the challenge really boring) but there are a few songs in my collection that I misidentify EVERY TIME they come up on my iPod. Say I was whizzing round glorious Dumfries and Galloway in the motor*. A track would start and my unconscious mind go “Yes! That’s the [insert name of band]!”

And then the vocal would start, or something else recognisable, and my now more conscious mind would go “Dayamn! Made that same mistake again!” Because it’s someone completely different.

One example is the Beach Boys’ Fun Fun Fun, which I always think is going to be Chuck Berry. But that’s not a very good example, because after all they do use a Chuck Berry riff for the intro. What I’m after, if you can think of one, is a song that you really really like by a band you really really like which you should recognise…but somehow you never do.

For instance: I know I only discovered TP&TH 20 months ago, but I’ve been listening to them with great dedication ever since. (Check my last.fm page if you don’t believe me.) And yet I still always think this is the Who.

Love Is A Long Road by Tom Petty



*I don’t do so much whizzing in MK, mostly because I don’t have a 60-mile round trip every weekday.

Earworms – 30th January

Alela Diane – Elijah
Anna Calvi seems to have been this year’s fave songstress for many, but I’m sticking with Alela Diane, who also had a new album in 2011 (AD & the Wild Divine). There are many hooky songs, but this song, Elijah, is real earworm territory. Get bitten…

Prefab Sprout – Pearly Gates
The Sprouts are a band who are never too far from the top of my iPod listening list (not that I have such a thing) and this track is one that I can never tire of listening to.  I heard it earlier tonight and now can’t get it out of my head (not that that’s a bad thing) particularly because of the lines; “See the smile on her young face, watch life casually erase it”, which, as the father of two girls who are now aged 17 and very nearly 20, struck a rather big chord.  Please, girls, never let go of those smiles…

Curtis Mayfield – Keep On Keeping On
From Curtis’s 2nd solo LP,’ Roots’, 1971, this song speaks to everyone who has ever tried to transcend the trials and tribulations that life sets before them. It’s my own mantra, I suppose, and it’s beautiful music …

Michel’le – No More Lies
Bish’s gutsy Shannon earworm inspired me to send this blast from the early 90’s past – somewhere between disco, funk, hip-hop and R&B.  Whatever you call it, I still love it.

Feargal Sharkey – Listen To Your Father
Feargal’s post-Undertones career started out brilliantly, didn’t it? The Assembly’s majestic “Never Never” (possibly Vince Clarke’s finest hour) and this, which is to all intents and purposes Feargal fronting Madness. A marriage made in heaven. Shame he subsequently maxed out on the worst 80-isms. (I’m sure Chris will back me up here!)

Beau Jocque – Don’t Tell Your Mama, Don’t Tell Your Papa
Beau Joque aka Beau Jacques – which is swamp talk for “Big Guy”, was a powerful 6’6” 270lb zydeco artist who made big music, and who died of a heart attack at the young age of 42. If you can stand zydeco and love the accordion this is a great song to stomp around the kitchen to when you’re frying catfish and making hushpuppies. If this doesn’t float your canoe, it’s mercifully short.

Please send your lovely earworm tunes and blurbs to earworm@tincanland.com. Keep ’em coming!

deviants use digital

an image is worth a 1000 NME cover shots

1 The Polaroid Song Allo, Darlin’
2 Crutch Pinback
3 Your Charms Cinerama
4 Here For The World I Am Kloot
5 Lullabies Headlights
6 Real Tuesday Weld The Real Tuesday Weld
7 Like a Daydream Ride

1 Fat Kids In Photographs I Am Kloot
2 Million Young American Analog Set
3 Heavy Storm First Aid Kit
4 Photograph B For Butterfly
5 Nightwatch Laura Gibson
6 The Final Arrears Mull Historical Society
I tried to leave these out – but the playlist just kept on developing.

1 Shout Me Out TV On The Radio
2 A Man Inside My Mouth The Cure
3 Itchin’ On A Photograph Grouplove
4 An Old Photo of Your New Lover (Class Actress Remix) The One AM Radio
5 Camera De Rosa
6 Camera Pavement
7 I Am a Camera Golden Virgins
8 Personal Stars


Holger Czukay – The Photo Song
Ruth – Polaroid/Roman/Photo
Liebe Ist Cool – Photonliebe
Tarwater – Photographed
Fujiya & Miyagi – Photocopier
Abbasi Brothers – Camera Flashes Blue
Shriekback – Carrying Cameras
Patten – Memory Pictures

Stranglers – Pin Up
Buck 65 – Shutter Buggin’
Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci
Spoon – I Turn My Camera On
Trembling Blue Stars – Old Photographs
Pawn & Seiji Takahashi – Discolored Photographs
Lucksmiths – Camera-Shy
Ballboy – I’ve Got Pictures Of You In Your Underwear