The Reverse RR: A song about _________

With the Guardian elves/trolls snug in their beds/locals for the holidays, there’s no RR this week. So we’ll have a RRR (Reverse Readers Recommend) here. Instead of songs that fit (or, ahem, don’t) a topic, we want topics that fit a song. There will be extra Spill points for justis which cite other songs. There will NOT be a judges’ ruling at the end.  Consensus rules, baby.

The song is: ____________ he he, you’ll have to wait for 10 p.m.

32 thoughts on “The Reverse RR: A song about _________

  1. Topic: Songs That Remind You of Your First Solo Foreign Trip

    Recommended: Running With The Devil/Van Halen

    Lock up your daughters: the good news is that the Dave Lee Roth line-up is back, new album in February, hell, they’re even going to tour!

    When I was 13 my older brother decided that he would not go on his part of a student exchange to France. Step forward muggins to save the family honour (propelled in that direction with a yard brush). I remember the excitement VH1 was causing andf it rubbed off on me.

  2. See, i thought that you were going to ask for songs that don’t fit the topic, to keep it in like with how Jon Dennis runs RR these days, or maybe songs that have been zedded before.

  3. These songs are brought to you by the letter A:

    Song giving advice to a graduate
    Song about ants leaving Paris
    Song about sunbathing lesbians
    Song about asbestos & lead & asbestos

  4. song giving advice to a graduate starting with an ‘A’. Hmm, could it be April Come She Will by Simon and Garfunkel?

      • Jack’s Mannequin – Holiday From Real*
        So I can score an eighth From the lesbians at West and Venice Oh, California in the summer

        Pixies – Vamos
        keep getting friends
        looking like lesbians
        we’ll move to california

        Das Racist – Brand New Dance
        She got three sisters all lesbians…
        ..Me on the beach
        Semi-aquatic like otters be.

        *but I wouldn’t nominate it.

  5. What a great challenge!!!

    I just stopped by to look and I had to post something ! ! !

    I think I will nominate YUI – Goodbye days.

    This would be a total A list for a task about sharing music on your iPod ! ! !

    You always see kids and young people sharing a head phone and listening to songs and I do this a lot also actually. I even have twin headphones that I can put into my iPod and it has two sets of head phones so if my boyfriend and I or a friend are travelling on a train or something together we can listen to the music together. It pretty nice and cool actually I think so ! ! !

    The song is actually a break up song. The girl is going to see a guy she really likes, and is a nice guy but she knows he is not the one for her so although she likes him she is going to be strong and end it. But she wants to still be friends one day with him. (I think this is a situation all girls (and I suppose so all guys also) have been in at some times)

    She has a song ready to play to him on her iPod and gives him a headphone to listen to the song.

    She sings:

    otto voryuumu wo agete
    Tashikamete mita yo

    Oh Good-bye days ima
    Kawaru ki ga suru
    Kinou made ni so long
    Kakkoyoku nai yasashi sa ga soba ni aru kara
    with you

    Katahou no iyafon wo
    Kimi ni watasu
    Yukkuri to nagarekomu
    Kono shunkan

    In English this is:

    Quietly, I turned up the volume, to make sure that it was there

    Oh good-bye days, right now I’ve got the feeling that things are going to change;
    so long to everything up until yesterday
    I feel an uncool kindness at my side
    ~With you

    I pass one ear phone over to you
    And this moment slowly streams over to you

    I think is is a beautiful song and i hope you like it ! ! !

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