21 thoughts on “hey you the one that looks like Christmas…

  1. That is the maddest, sanest, shanest, most brilliant video I think I have ever seen and heard. Happy Christmas, you fantastic talented man, you.

    • Yep – we were printing them up on Friday – so all is cool… and everyone is happy… with presents.
      I’m now wondering if I could cope with one more beer…. (I just can’t judge when the kids will excitedly wake up in the morning.. they settled too quick*)

      * … and just as I was typing that our one year old awoke…

      anyway – have a very enjoyable one yourself GHE..

  2. That’s really cheered me up, with wifey and her mum and brother at the midnight service, and children asleep, I just needed a seasonal treat. I especially like the use of cuddly creatures, Happy Christmas to you and yours and to everyone passing by here, which I hope will be very many.

    • The reindeers ate the carrots that were left out – they had a busy night… we were given bear 2006 – he has a santa jacket on, from z-boys first yule .. yours is very fashionable in Christmas knit. (look to be enjoying the vodka)

      Have a lovely day with your Family DP.

      • Cheer Shane, you too. This year I discovered that the Polish delicatessen on Leeds market sells miniatures of a honey liquer known as Krupnik. Fraser is extremely excited about this.

  3. Awww, I’m laughing AND Crying You’re a genius. Thanks for making that!! Merry christmas, Shane and all the assorted saneshanes.

    • Thank you Sakura.. peace and happiness to you and yours..
      We are 4 hours into celebrations at the moment (since my boys got up and nearly popped)… just catching a little lull to listen to some tunes before we are off to in-laws and feast time..

      …much fun being had.

  4. Oooooh, you are awful …

    Happy happy Christmas to all the Shanes and love to all you lovely Spillers (yes, OK, Bucks Fizz on an empty stomach probably wasn’t a good idea) but who cares??

    Have fun, everyone, and if not, come over and vegetate with us.

  5. Grinning from ear to ear with Christmas cheer! Lovely job, Shane, really enjoyed that. Thanks.

    Mrs Maki and the family (and me, of course) send lots of seasonal love to the Shanes!

  6. I’ve been an on and off listener to the Maki Flamenco series, lots of interesting stuff there, even though I will confess to not being a fan of all of the music.

    Clearly a labour of love though and the enthusiasm and dedication to the music is one of the things that makes The ‘Spill such a great place.

    Well done to Mr and Mrs Maki!

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