Festive ‘Spill, 2011 – The Ones

42 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2011 – The Ones

  1. looking forward to these over the weekend, still working my way through 2 and 3! Repeated listening required for some tracks 🙂

  2. Ah! I’ve finished work for Christmas, the girls are in bed and I’ve just opened a bottle of Duvel. Looking forward to this…

  3. Glad you like the Siegal, Tinny. This looks like a great selection, all I need is time to play it. And Barbryn, give that Duvel IMMEDIATELY, I will save you from yourself!

    Had a really hectic day at work and to add insult to injury they have been playing Christmas songs all afternoon. If I hear Mariah Carey again today, I will not be responsible for my actions …

  4. Can’t quite believe this is our fourth festive ‘Spill. Time flies when you’re having fun. Huge thanks to all for taking part & listening in. Thanks to Shane for the awesome art (surprised that he hasn’t been busted by the quota police yet). Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to ‘Spillers past, present & future.

    Not quite done yet, Fuel sent me some picks to work in over the weekend – so check back for added Fuel injection.

    • And thank you to you Shoey. I see you keep saying it’s not much work and yada yada, but its probably become so easy for you. Its a major highlight of the year for a lot of us, so hard work or easey-peasey, thank you mucho.

    • thanks for doing this again shoey – stunning fun every year..

      as for da quota police – that arTEEsane has lousy taste – I wouldn’t have let him near the bloody playlist.

  5. Ooh, these are all lovely. Some random observations: Really love tinny’s selection, despite some weird pronunciation going on. I am obviously dim but I had never noticed how bethnoir was so close to ‘bête noire’ before. I’m guessing that was the point, Beth?! I really love bits of that Beyonce track chosen by ejay but remain unconvinced that it hangs together as a coherent song. I may have to listen some more. Lots. Ah Garethl, a man of exquisite taste… Whatever my damning with faint praise on other posts, I’m glad to see some Elbow in there – they’ve been under-represented on other end-of-year polls I’ve seen. Ooh, I must get that Josh T Pierson album… Right, enough for now. Will save the rest for the morning. Thanks all. I am almost sad already that it’ll be a year till the next one…

  6. Thanks Shoey for the massive effort in putting this all together and Shane for the excellent artwork.

    Just started listening and it sounds ace so far….

    • It really isn’t a massive effort (tagging all the tracks in WP is a bit of a pain, to be honest & you can never find elves when you need ’em, but you can listen to to some tunes to take your mind off the carpal tunnel). Enjoy hearing from everyone over e-mail. It’s a bit like Chritmas cards & Christmas wrapping, I suppose.

  7. OK, I’m starting to see the appeal of Lana Del Rey, having had her almost entirely pass me by (and then having discovered that apparently she’d been everywhere). I really am out of touch… Anyway, lovely song. Not quite Julee Cruise (and probably not trying to be) but still lovely.

  8. In other news (and apologies for the thread hijack), just a quick reminder that there will be some earworms appearing on Boxing Day. I know we’ve had a ton of exciting new tunes to listen to this week, but hey, I set the post up weeks ago so they’ll be there if anyone’s feeling all Christmassed out by Monday. (They’re a refreshingly un-festive bunch, I feel!)

  9. Finally having a chance for a listen & as usual a wonderful effort by all. A few standouts from my first listen through the lists – Reverieme & Liz Green on the threes, Agua Misteriosa, Susi Hyldgaard & the A team( just stunning) on the twos and 1960 What, Toffeeboy’s Elbow & Bish’s Creosote for the ones. A fond wish for a Happy Holiday & great New Year to all from the Fintans. Well done and a huge tip of the hat to Shoey for another great effort.

  10. Doing a VERY quick sign-on just to apologize for not having commented more over the last week.

    Haven’t had a chance for a listen to these Ones yet, but I will.

    My very best wishes to you all and your families. Hope it’s a good’un, and see you all soon.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

  11. Have tagged ones for ipod if anyone’s interested – will add Fuel’s selections to the twos and threes later.

    Loved your choice shoey. New to both of us and stuck on repeat!

  12. Hi everyone

    I have already had the time to listen to the three lists completely. I am unable to decide what are my real favourites, I liked the lists so much !
    Many of the trucks were absolutely new for me and, if I tell the truth, my conclusion is that, as none of us is able to listen to all that is published in the year, it is a great job that everyone investigates on their own and at the end puts it altogether here !
    In this way we discover to each other that is not true that nothing new and good is published nowadays. Evidently there are good new songs and here they are.
    Thank you for letting us know !

  13. A real kaleidoscope of great music here. My favourite was the Pains of being Pure at Heart which is superb. Big thanks for all the effort. Merry Xmas to all.

  14. I think that this year’s Festive ‘Spilling has thrown up some of the best music we have ever had here.

    There have been so many things I enjoyed from each set, so I really can’t mention all of them but Nilpferd’s Jazz Trio made me realise why I first started listening to jazz in the first place, so beautiful. The Gregory Porter track was a real standout one and I also loved Blimpy’s shoegazing track in the Twos and the blues of Ian Siegal. The Elbow song “The Birds” was also lovely. I liked DsD’s track here as well, but really there has been hardly anything I didn’t like.

    Well done everyone, you all have such great taste.

  15. I hope I’m not too late for you all to pick up on this:

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the Ones yet, but from what I can gather from comments and the ‘Box, There has only been one song nominated from King Creosote & Jon Hopkins’ Diamond Mine, namely Bish & Jonh Taylor’s Month Away.

    Well Diamond Mine is one of my Albums Of The Year, and it was a very VERY hard decision to leave any of it out of my Festive ‘Spill 3. In the end, the way I talked myself into it was by convincing myself that at least one of the rest of you (I’m looking in the direction of a Scottish Firth here!) would have put up one of my two favourite songs from the album.

    But no-one did, so I’m adding a fourth DsD pick. Blimpy‘s already posted up Bats In The Attic on The ‘Spill earlier this year, so here’s my other favourite, the beautifully gentle and delicate Your Own Spell.


    • Oops, seems I owe someone an apology – I see there is another ‘Spiller with a Diamond Mine choice as their No.1. Sorry about that, but I hope I’m getting a good hint as to what might top the Professor’s AotY poll! 🙂

  16. Well, I reckon two number ones from an album with only half a dozen proper songs ain’t bad… “John Taylor’s Month Away” very nearly made my top 3, but I also left it out on the grounds that I was pretty sure someone else would be having it.

    Loved your Cowboy Junkies of course. I haven’t caught up with this year’s album yet – how does it rate alongside their others?

  17. Really enjoyed listening from 3s to 1s. I enjoyed the threes most. I especially liked Magicman’s LL Cosmonaut. I notice that they’re from Brighton. Does MM have some inside info on them? Really glad to see Ejaydee picked Memory Tapes. I have no idea why I didn’t choose “Today is our Life” for my third choice. The again I could’ve picked Hezekiah Jones “Lift the Shadow From This Heart” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjHZuOZyelA
    or Siinai http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COIM2NJk8B0 or … the list is endless

    Happy New Year to you all.


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