Went to see the Captain, strangest I could find

I was contemplating doing another Festive Crossword when Sakura’s recent post put the opening line from Ship Of Fools in my head. Several hours of head-scratching later, I came up with this. If it ain’t exactly a Festive Crossword, it’ll do until the real one gets here, to paraphrase Sherriff Ed Tom Bell in No Country For Old Men.

Hopefully, this grid is usable if you open it in a new window. If not, let me know and I’ll drop it somewhere.

Answers next week.

OOPS: There’s a mistake in 1 down! Due to my imperfect memory, the answer is missing an ‘N’ (so should be an 8-letter clue, not a 7-letter one).

Please follow my mistake and omit the ‘N’. The clue doesn’t work otherwise. (A mistake in 1 down? Bloody amateur! – Ed.)

Oh, and tfd points out, quite correctly, that 27 across is (3,3), not (6)!

15 thoughts on “Went to see the Captain, strangest I could find

  1. It looks as if it’d probably print OK, Chris, but I can’t fill it in online, as it were, if that’s what you actually meant by “usable”.

    Not that I’ll bother printing it, as 5 minutes with it has sadly seen me solve just the one clue!! (Wolves’ 80s centre forward, I think.)

    Ah well …

    • Jeez, DsD, I can’t do interactive! Plain old-fashioned paper and pen/pencil technology was all I was aiming for.

      Sorry, I don’t know any Wolves’ centre-forwards from any decade, so can’t tell if you’ve got one. But if you can only get one answer in 5 minutes, I’m quite happy: it’s not supposed to be obvious!

  2. did you make that Chris? It looks amazing, it’s a pity i’m useless at the cryptic thing…..
    …..I think I need someone else to get a few answers to see how the thinking works…

  3. Chris –

    I remember you doing one of these before, but i can’t find the post. I’m looking to a refresher of the rules for Cryptics? Could you maybe point me to the post?

    I was never really a crossword person, but i seem to have become one inadvertently lately. We have a lot of downtime on the job lately, so i usually end up doing them in tandem with the kids at work and i’m finding that i enjoy them.

    Have a few more days of bullshit to get through before the holiday, but i’m hoping to get the time to give it a spin. I have the lyrics to the Dead’s Ship of Fools open in another tab, is this something that i might need?

    • Here’s the one I did last year, amy: https://thespillblog.co.uk/2010/12/30/never-a-cross-word-on-the-spill/
      As I hadn’t yet got to grips with WordPress, steen very kindly created the post. I don’t know how much help it will give you but williamsbach did provide a few ideas….

      Ship Of Fools just gave me the Captain idea: you don’t need the lyrics. Just think of all the Captains you know: one or two may be answers. (One may be familiar to folk like us, yet unknown to others, if you get my drift….)

  4. Ah, it was that mistake that had me stumped…and the clues, as well. I’ve got two answers so far, after about five minutes, so looking forward to cracking the rest by new years! Excellent standard. And don’t worry about the error, Chris – the Observer Everyman had two a few weeks back – one clue had no confirmation of the meaning, the other said 3,5 but was actually 4,4. The Crossword Editor apologised and said he’d speak to the setter!

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