9 thoughts on “Q: So tfd, how many times did you say you’d seen Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers?

  1. With a little luck maybe TP & the boys will pick a pub in MK & appear under a pseudonym. Neil does it so if we’re wishing why not? Sounds like an excellent year.

    • Well, I already have my IOW and New Orleans tickets, and I’m also hoping for Austin and Cork…never been to Cork. (Nor New Orleans!)

  2. Haven’t been to either Cork or New Orleans since . . . blimey, 1993 for both, I reckon. In fact, thinking about it, I’ve been to both cities twice, and both were in ’92 and ’93. Spooky. You must talk to the likes of glasshalfempty, williamsbach, me and others before you go to N’Awlins, tfd; it’s one of those cities you can get so much more out of with tips from previous visitors.

    * DsD looks wistfully at the idiot tax payment slip Lottery ticket pinned to the noticeboard in front of him *

    • Thanks, DsD: I surely will. Though I’m going with Matt and Jess who have been there before and we’re staying with friends of theirs. But all tips will be welcome!

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