A tune to accompany the writing of Christmas cards

This is The Christmas Song as performed by Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, and the Partyka Brass Quintet. It’s been on the ‘Spill before, after I got the album, Carla’s Christmas Carols, for Christmas in 2009 and put it forward as a January Earworm. However, its rightful time of year is now, to accompany the sipping of wine and the writing of Christmas cards. This has the peaceful space of a mediaeval cathedral, the grooviness of a basement club and very satisfying, crunchy discords. It helps me set the seasonal mood; time to write those cards…


7 thoughts on “A tune to accompany the writing of Christmas cards

  1. Great stuff DaddyPig, I’ve got lots of early Carla on vinyl but had never really listened to this. Your nudge sent me to YouTube where there are quite a few videos of these tunes being toured last year.

    And then to Amazon to buy 2 copies for presents, cheers dear x

  2. Lovely, and would be perfectly timed for this evening’c card-writing duties except that Mrs Abahachi has already started on her ghastly Christmas tunes cd collection…

  3. Thanks for listening and commenting all. Perhaps it’s not the tune to actually kick-start the card-writing, but works well once one has got started. Thanks TY for the video. I have seen Carla Bley with her big band at Leeds Irish Centre a while ago, but I don’t think she came this way with the carols. I’ve edited the clip to embed, using Maki’s advice (see the ‘Manual’ tab at the top of the ‘Spill home-page). And delighted to have helped with the pressies – though I imagine people who like this wouldn’t be too hard to buy for anyway…

    Aba, I asked my family to club together for some decent headphones last Christmas, and just listened to TY’s clip with the X-Factor playing out its vandalism unheard by me. It does mean I’m more explicitly away in online music-land, whilst on the sofa next to MummyP, but it works for us !

  4. I forgot to respond to the Christmas dinner question. Yes. The very title of Peppa Pig is more or less asking for people to think of cured pork products…

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