19 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Found out what an RRer does in their spare time? Share it here

  1. I am not sure if this is what you are looking after Tinny ! ! !

    But if it is not then just delete it ! ! !

    I did a lot of work for Eru Housing who are a property development company who build fancy houses in communities with swimming pools gyms and fences and guards!

    This is a short TV spot I did for them.

    This is a short clip of “behind the scene” for a shoot I did for them

    And finally this is me saying “buy me a new kitchen or make sure you remember the last blow job because it will be last you ever get!!!”

    Well more or less those words! ! !

    This was the first TV spot I did for my stupid job actually and I was still in University but the money was really useful and it was the first time I found I could achieve anything by sulking – I am pretty good at sulking now actually ! ! !

    • Gawd, I used to design furniture including kitchens a previous life. You look incredibly serious in that clip – were you preparing them for a nasty surprise as to how much it was going to cost?!

    • I’m sorry to say that the first clip instantly reminded me of some of the terrible adverts that Joey on Friends appeared in – the one for milk comes to mind…

    • LOL ! ! ! Tinny ! ! ! !

      My boy friend has an apartment with the oldest kitchen you can imagine….but he knows me now, and however much I sulk the kitchen does not change ! ! !

      The kitchen in my apartment was replaced this year by the owner of the apartment actually, as I has lived there a long time and now and it was quite old (I moved to my apartment in 2004 when when I first moved to Tokyo) but now my kitchen it is really cool and I love it a lot.

      I think if the kitchen is nice then you want to cook more and you feel more homely as I think the kitchen is like the heart of the home ! ! !

      But this message does not sell many kitchens ! ! !

      • Entirely agree about the importance of the kitchen, though that doesn’t – contrary to Mrs Abahachi’s views on the matter – mean that it needs to be changed every three years.

        Disturbingly, however, I keep reading this as ‘kittens’ – which are also the heart of the home.

  2. Wow, you’re proper famous, Sakura chan! Back when I was an actor (sort of) and had hair (!), I appeared in a pop video for a chap called Gordon Haskell. I believe he had had a surprise Xmas hit. This was an unsurprising flop. I am playing half a gay couple and am wearing an obscenely tight purple t-shirt (to my shame, actor’s own). I have NEVER shown this to anyone:

    Not my best work, I hasten to add…

    • WOW!!! You are the shorter guy ? ? ?

      The song is great and I think you are fabulous ! ! !

      But Bish you must not tease me ! ! ! I am not famous at all ! ! ! I am just a stupid promotion girl doing a stupid job.

      • Yep, that’s me! Over-acting as if my life depended on it… I’m not teasing – well, only affectionately! You look very relaxed on camera.

      • Bish – you are not over acting ! ! !

        I think you are great! ! ! !

        I am comfortable with working with the camera and crew and lights and stuff. I worked from 18 years old to like 20 years old as a gravure model when I first arrived in Tokyo while I was studying at university to make some money, and so I got used to the camera and crew and lights and everything and so when I started to do promotion work it was not a problem for me.

        But please do not tease me ! ! !

  3. I am pretty sure I do nothing much worthwhile in my spare time! If there is a youtube out there with me in it it is this, but I can’t find myself in it. It’s dubbed into Italian

    I am coming over the tracks in the back of one of the refugee trucks. On the station platform and at the crossing right as the accident happens. I saw it on the tape right after it was released by slowing it down to frame by frame!

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