Spill Awards 2011: get your nominations in now!

Okay, you all asked for it, or at any rate failed to register objections in time… On behalf of the organising committee for this year’s Spill Awards, I am delighted to invite you to send in your nominations for the different categories set out below, to abahachi@hotmail.co.uk – please DON’T post them in the comments below, as this whole thing works better if it’s a surprise to everyone but me. Nominations will close on December 15th, and the polls for categories where there’s a vote will appear shortly thereafter; the award ceremony itself will take place early in the New Year.

Album of the Year You can nominate up to five albums released over the last year; a shortlist will be drawn up and everyone will then have the opportunity to vote for their favourites.

Oldie of the Year Specially for those who don’t buy so much contemporary music, this is your opportunity to nominate an older record that you’ve discovered this year. One nomination per person, and please write a sentence to explain your choice.

Film of the Year Nominate up to three films.

TV Programme of the Year Nominate up to three programmes.

Person of the Year One nomination per person, and please justify your choice.

Villain of the Year Ditto

Most Sadly Missed Which of this year’s deaths – a lot of great musicians have passed on this year – affected you most? One nomination, please say a few words.

Event of the Year Ditto

Book of the Year Ditto

Randomness Feel free to suggest any other awards that we ought to be making…

6 thoughts on “Spill Awards 2011: get your nominations in now!

  1. As I don’t buy many albums these days, or go to the movies, I’ll have to skip those sections, save giving a shout for the Ray Davis album where he reprised his old Kinks stuff with people like Amy MacDonald, Paloma Faith, Bruce Springsteen, etc.
    TV Programme. “Sons Of Anarchy”, “The Hour”,and one I saw the other night on BBC4 where Melvin Bragg followed the story of John Steinbeck.
    Person of the Year: The Egyptian woman, Gigi, who stopped Paxman in his tracks by telling him she was a revolutionary socialist.
    Villain of the year: George Osborne. Because he is a vindictive, smug, Tory bastard.
    Event of the Year: The Arab Spring. Started the ball rolling for the Occupy movements.
    Book of the Year: I’m just wading through Kerouac’s “Lost” novel, “My Brother Is The Sea”. I’ll tell you when I’ve finished it.
    Randomness: How about “The Person Who Most Deserves A Custard Pie In The Face”? My nomination here would be Cllr. Ball, leader of Basildon Council for the way he ethnically cleansed part of Dale Farm.

  2. Without being too maudlin about it, think we need a departed section. All the best awards shows have one, & unfortunately, we seem to have lost a particularly large number of important musical figures this year.

  3. Sounds good to me; post has been edited accordingly. Also to emphasise – sorry, Mitch – that this does work best if nominations are sent to me by email rather than posted here in the comments.

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