Holy beat boxing, batman!

Isaac is learning about beatboxing in music class (I love his teacher!) Apparently (according to Isaac) he’s very good at it. I was looking for something on youTube to show him, and found this, which I think is mighty impressive…

8 thoughts on “Holy beat boxing, batman!

  1. I think this is amazing ! ! !

    It is so cool the teacher is finding things to stimulate and interest the kids ! ! !

    In Japan it is popular with kids also, and we have a really good beat boxer (?) called Daichi who is on TV quite often. He won a championship for using an effect pedal from Boss recently.

    Here he is….

    • I think that’s amazing, too! It must be so hard to coordinate all your movements and remember what you’d done a second ago, and how it would all sound together.

  2. And lets not forget that RoxorLoops is from Belgium.

    BTW Daichi’s use of that those effects pedals is really impressive.



  3. Bjork’s Medulla album featured entirely vocal backing tracks to her songs – with beatboxer’s Rahzel, Mike Patton and Shlomo involved:

    genius Spike Jonze video to ‘Triumph of a Heart’ to give you a taste:

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