Spill Challenge No 22 – Covers That Never Were

Ah yes, the rules are the thing – erm…

A new challenge appears every Tuesday Morning or evening – or not.

No song may be chosen twice unless it is.

This week’s challenge is to choose a song that you would like to be recorded by somebody else.

For example it was once suggested in the letters page of the NME that The Smiths’ “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” would be the perfect vehicle for Shirley Bassey in her “I Who Have Nothing” mode.

Elvis Costello always hoped that Frank Sinatra would record “Almost Blue” but no joy there. Chet Baker recorded a lovely version of course.

So anyway, what other cover versions do you think should have happened but didn’t?

Who saw an open goal staring them in the face and said “Oh look, a squirrel?”

Clearly you’ll have to post another version of the same song unless you have mystical powers of which I know nothing.

Now, use your imagination and post songs you love that could have been even better.

Mitch can nominate himself but only if he then goes on to actually record the song.



(memo to self – never agree to do this again)

Earworms – September 26

I'm back!

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”
Aldous Huxley

Thea Gilmore – Ever Fallen In Love (Buzzcocks cover)
You are in a paint or fabric shop flipping through samples of rich autumnal colours for your _____ room and one so warms you to the core that you forget it’s cold outside. That is Thea Gilmore in this song.

Masters Of Haiti – Ti Chans (Pou Ayiti)
I’m not sure when this CD came out, I’ve had it for quite a few years and this is the one song that registered when I first heard it, love the contrast between the rappers and the girl singers and the way they flow together.

Charlie Dore – Pilot of the Airwaves
I was just watching Cropredy on TV when Charlie Dore came on – there’s a blast from the past. Do you remember “Pilot of the Airwaves”? It’s a really good pop song. I’d completely forgotten about it but can’t stop singing it now.
Ali Munday

Alaska y Dinarama – Cómo Pudiste Hacerme Esto a Mí
A story of jealousy and death from Alaska one of the leading lights of the 80’s Movida Madrileña – she starred in one of the dodgiest scenes in Almodóvar’s first film. A fine eighties euro disco number that still makes me want to dance.
Mrs Maki

The Indian Givers – Hatcheck Girl
This comes from another sale bargain of mine – a cassette that I bought with fond, but indistinct, memories of this very song, which was one of the band’s two singles. I was reminded of it by the appearance of a coatcheck girl in a novel I’ve been reading. This is vaguely jazzy synth-pop which seems to have garnered a few Prefab Sprout comparisons.

Spear Of Destiny – Flying Scotsman
Inspired by treefrogdemon & bluepeter blethering about RRSA Trains, I was reminded of this, and just how good Kirk Brandon’s band was in the mid-80s. Take a Post-punk ethic, add sax, politics and a HUGE backing vocal; soak in delusions of grandeur; turn it up to 11, and out pops . . . the riff from The Bonnie Banks O’ Loch Lomond ?!?!? WTF?

Please send submissions to earworm@tincanland.com – thanks!

poppy, light, lipstick, town, apple, wine, roses, blood

What a music-filled weekend it’s been so far! And what a shame someone can’t have a special anniversary every weekend. You know – songs about wood, songs about paper…what do you mean that’s not special?

I’d have had my 41st this year, as it goes, had I taken the precaution of remaining married. But I reckon it was worth it doing it my way. Here are some songs.

1 Poppy-Red by Richard Thompson
2 Roxanne by the Police
3 Mystery Man by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
4 Scarlet Town by Gillian Welch
5 Red Apple Juice by the GPs
6 Red Wine and Promises by Lal & Mike Waterson
7 Blood Red Roses by Sting
8 Blood of the Ram by the Gourds

red recordings on ruby sunday

1 Love is Red/Green Tender Trap
2 Red And Purple The Dodos
3 Cherry Tulips Headlights
4 Cherry Lips Archie Bronson Outfit
5 Earth A Run Red Digital Mystikz
6 Red Candle Bulb Meursault
7 Ruby II Amy Millan


1 Red Rag Brakes
2 A Martyr For My Love For You The White Stripes
3 Red Orange Green Emma Pollock
4 Those Crimson Tears Ed Harcourt
5 Illuminated Red The Accidental
6 Red Letters Blak Twang
7 Crimson Swan (Hooray For Earth Remix) PVT


1 Red Seas Clogs
2 Red Apple Falls Smog
3 Your Lips Are Red St. Vincent
4 This Red Book Pinback
5 Ruby Queenadreena
6 Naked Ruby Ruby Throat
7 1000 Days Red Fabio Orsi

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mr and Mrs Webcore !

How to celebrate in one's special anniversary pants ! (from 'It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World')

The multiple-perspective collective has come together to celebrate the Webcore’s Ruby wedding anniversary with this playlist, intermingled with some snippets and signposts (with special thanks to The Guardian for its community content and search facilty).

I never thought I’d miss you, half as much as I do
(Labi Siffre, It Must Be Love)

It is 1971, and a young man from Liverpool has spent the summer in London. Some may think him a ‘Jim Dandy’ character, well-suited to life in a great capital city. But there is a young woman back home who is always in his thoughts, looks a little like Catherine Deneuve and a little like Anita Ekberg, only better, and scores ten out of ten on the dancefloor. Our young hero was not foolish, and so headed home with marriage on his mind.

The wedding took place on 25th September 1971, and coincided with a Traffic gig at the Liverpool Stadium, which the happy couple fitted in to the evening celebrations. This first set of tunes are vintage 1971, except for some fine Motown and rock’n’roll (which is having to be neighbourly with Steve Winwood for reasons of narrative):
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Reddy, Steady, Go

Hunters & Collectors – Red Lane
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Share The Red
Laika – Red River
Wire – Red Barked Tree
Ema – Red Star

She Wants Revenge – Red Flags & Long Nights
Album Leaf – Red-Eye
Laurie Anderson – Bright Red
Trespassers William – Red
Accidental – Illuminated Red

Simone White – Roses Are Not Red
Get Well Soon – Red Nose Day
Jæ – Red Around The Eyes
Robert Wyatt – Red Flag
Kenny Rogers – Ruby (Don’t Take Your Love To Town)