Earworms – September 26

I'm back!

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”
Aldous Huxley

Thea Gilmore – Ever Fallen In Love (Buzzcocks cover)
You are in a paint or fabric shop flipping through samples of rich autumnal colours for your _____ room and one so warms you to the core that you forget it’s cold outside. That is Thea Gilmore in this song.

Masters Of Haiti – Ti Chans (Pou Ayiti)
I’m not sure when this CD came out, I’ve had it for quite a few years and this is the one song that registered when I first heard it, love the contrast between the rappers and the girl singers and the way they flow together.

Charlie Dore – Pilot of the Airwaves
I was just watching Cropredy on TV when Charlie Dore came on – there’s a blast from the past. Do you remember “Pilot of the Airwaves”? It’s a really good pop song. I’d completely forgotten about it but can’t stop singing it now.
Ali Munday

Alaska y Dinarama – Cómo Pudiste Hacerme Esto a Mí
A story of jealousy and death from Alaska one of the leading lights of the 80’s Movida Madrileña – she starred in one of the dodgiest scenes in Almodóvar’s first film. A fine eighties euro disco number that still makes me want to dance.
Mrs Maki

The Indian Givers – Hatcheck Girl
This comes from another sale bargain of mine – a cassette that I bought with fond, but indistinct, memories of this very song, which was one of the band’s two singles. I was reminded of it by the appearance of a coatcheck girl in a novel I’ve been reading. This is vaguely jazzy synth-pop which seems to have garnered a few Prefab Sprout comparisons.

Spear Of Destiny – Flying Scotsman
Inspired by treefrogdemon & bluepeter blethering about RRSA Trains, I was reminded of this, and just how good Kirk Brandon’s band was in the mid-80s. Take a Post-punk ethic, add sax, politics and a HUGE backing vocal; soak in delusions of grandeur; turn it up to 11, and out pops . . . the riff from The Bonnie Banks O’ Loch Lomond ?!?!? WTF?

Please send submissions to earworm@tincanland.com – thanks!

31 thoughts on “Earworms – September 26

  1. Hi Bish

    This is a really great selection and I think it is put into a really great and flowing playlist!!! I really enjoyed all the tracks very much indeed!!!

    Here are my thoughts on them.

    Thea Gilmore – Ever Fallen In Love
    This is such a really nice track!!! She has a wonderful voice. It is such a great version of the song and she interprets it in such a really lovely way!!! It is always interesting to hear tracks interpreted by an artist of the opposite gender to the version you are most familiar. I think she really makes this song her own and somehow when you listen to it you completely forget the Buzzcocks version. I think the tone of her voice is just perfect and the conversational style of the track is very natural and restained, but somehow very direct and you feel like she is really talking to you directly!!! When she asks “ever fallen in love with someone you should not have fallen in love with?” I almost feel like answering “Yes!!!”

    Masters Of Haiti – Ti Chans (Pou Ayiti)
    This is a great track!!! I love the mix of styles and the arrangement. There is a sort of rock steady reggae beat and bass, with some accordion and organ just to lighten it up and the girls singing background are just great. We know where are, walking down the beach with the sun and the sea and the soft wind…. Then suddenly you have the rap!!! It really makes you wake and think maybe not all is sunshine and rum in paradise!!! I really wish I knew what he was singing!!! I really loved this track!!!

    Charlie Dore – Pilot of the Airwaves
    I really liked this track also. I loved the really great bass male voice at the beginning and the vocal harmonies and backing are really great. I think this one of those songs that is just so catchy and has so many really familiar motifs in it. The slightly country feel to the voice the lyrics filled with refernces to familiar things and feelings. Musically we have touches like the acoustic guitar break at 2:55 and the choral almost gospel vocal touch there, followed by the electric guitar solo taking us to end. But it never falls into cliché. The arrangement and production is wonderful and the performance is great. A classic pop song!!! Great!!!

    Alaska y Dinarama – Cómo Pudiste Hacerme Esto a Mí
    I love these Euro disco tracks. Many of them were recycled over here with new Japanese lyrics as Para Para dance numbers. They all have the beat that makes you want to dance and even my boy friend can manage to count upto four and move in time to them (even if it is not really dancing!!!) I like the percussion parts that come in at about 03:00 and the dramatic strings and brass arrangement is just wonderful!!! I really enjoyed it!!!

    The Indian Givers – Hatcheck Girl
    I love the guys voice, it has a great tone and presence!!! I love the way the backing vocal girls come in and repeat the last part of the guys lines!! It really like they are behind him and telling you again to make sure you did not miss what he said!!! But somehow they seem to add quite a lot to the style and the charm of the track. I did not know this song or the group before and I really enjoyed it.!!!

    Spear Of Destiny – Flying Scotsman
    I really loved the percussion in this and at the start I loved the bass riff which has a really jazzy sound to it. Somethe rhythm is very celtic I think and it gives it a quite military and ancient feel which contrasts with the jazzy bass line and pop vocals and saxophone. It was a really surprise when it suddenly became The Bonnie Banks O’ Loch Lomond!!! I liked it and I can can really understand how it sticks I your mind!!!

    I think this was a great selection of tracks!!! Well done to Bish for making a really great play list again and everyone who sent such great tracks!!!

    I really enjoyed them all and if I really had to pick a favourite…..well it be very hard to choose, maybe Thea Gilmore maybe Masters Of Haiti maybe something else!!! Really hard to say they are all such great tracks in their own ways!!!

  2. Ah, I think I’m back on track this week. And welcome back, little furry creature! I forget what you are, but you’re very amusing.

    I really like the Thea Gilmore – I like the original too, but this definitely adds something. The Masters of Haiti track is great too, and the Charlie Dore (mine) still reminds me of listening to Radio Caroline under the bedcovers. The last three tracks are not so much to my taste, but each good in its own right.

    Had some trouble with the player, which kept cutting out – might be me, Mr Munday has been ‘fiddling’ with the laptop to make it work better, and seems to have adjusted / deleted various things that I didn’t want fiddled with. So I’ll blame him! Sorry to anyone who is confused by my disappearing / reappearing Spotify playlists.

  3. I was absolutely determined not to like Thea Gilmore – how dare she mess with The Buzzcocks! I admit defeat – it was different enough to be entrancing. And delicious.

    Ti Chans (Pou Ayiti) was lovely too. I really enjoyed that.

    Spear Of Destiny was defintely channelling Loch Lomond!

    Otherwise, not so much my thing, but enjoyable listens.

    I’m putting some earworms together, really I am.

  4. Ooh – a very wonderful selection this week, bishbosh (you earworm-hoarder, you), which I liked all of.

    Ever Fallen In Love: yes, I certainly have…What? Oh, right. Unhampered by any ur-memories of Buzzcocks I hereby pronounce this a HIT.

    Ti Chans (Pou Ayiti): Haitian music! This is brilliant – love the harmonies, love that high figure on the organ.

    Pilot Of The Airwaves: yep, I remember this one all right and it’s just as lovely as I remember, too. Writing to disc jockeys – now who does that remind me of? RRSA DJs, anybody?

    Como Pudiste Hacerme Esto A Mi: very bouncy and danceable! I wasn’t quite sure about the strings in the background, mind…

    Hatcheck Girl: I’m also not that fond of synths, but I really liked the song, and the bloke’s voice. And I love the end.

    Flying Scotsman: drums are terrific…mesmeric, even, so when Loch Lomond creeps in you sit up and go ‘huh’? Great joke.

    Two of these songs have been tied up, taken away and held to ransom. Thea’s and Charlie’s, in fact.

    • I’m of a vintage to remember “Ever Fallen In Love” as a ‘Fine Young Cannibals song’. Of course, I subsequently became familiar with the original Buzzcocks take. And now Thea’s. I like all three and therefore hereby declare this song unbreakable.

      • It’s close. We did things like that in the 80s though. One must be forgiving of the fashions. They come, they go. I still find Roland Gift kind of mesmerising. I was just watching the video of their cover of Suspicious Minds. Of course it can’t touch Elvis’s version (but then, that is four of the most glorious minutes of recorded sound). But there’s something about the weird shuffling dance he does and the awkward hand gestures and that high-pitched honk… I kind of hated them at the time, but they had something. And the record ends well, rather than repeating-to-fade, which is one of my personal bugbears.

      • Oh, I wasn’t objecting to Roland (although you’re right about the ‘dancing’) but to the rewind-repeat stuff in the Ever Fallen video. I hate that.

      • I’m of a similar vintage to Bish, and have always had a soft spot for FYC’s cover of “Ever Fallen In Love”. I heard it long before I heard the original, and I refuse to acknowledge its potentially sacreligious nature. I also heard it long before I lived in ‘Ull (aka Kingston Upon Hull, the land of white telephone boxes), Roland’s native city.

  5. Is that the world’s most annoying video?

    Not in my experience: try looking on YouTube for NOTORIOUS’ THE SWALK. If that doesn’t give you a headache with the constant cutting to a different camera, and the kaleidoscopic backgrounds, nothing will. It’s one of my fave “forgotten” singles of the 90s, but watching the vid is like being Michael Caine in The Ipcress File brainwashing booth!

  6. The first 3 tracks were the standouts for me as well. Especially the gorgeous Thea Gilmore, as like tfd i am unhampered by any previous knowledge of the Buzzcocks. (curious now though, but don’t have the time. FYC on the laer list too).
    I knew Pilot of the Airwaves but never knew who did it, it is a good guilty pleasure kind of song.

  7. Before I bother listening to and assessing any of the others, I can say that I now love three versions of “Ever Fallen In Love”.

    The Buzzcocks’ original was not universally acclaimed by people who thought of themselves as punks. At this stage in the game, tastes were beginning to become set in stone.

    Pete Shelley’s insistence of writing love songs (albeit very odd ones) did not endear him to those who favoured Sham 69 or the UK Subs. I lost count of the number of times I had to point out that there wasn’t any rule about it just because Johnny Rotten didn’t believe in love.

    Oddly enough, it was around this time that John Lydon (wearing his Disneyland Mad Hatter top hat) turned up at a north London Buzzcocks gig and made a point of being seen kissing Pete Shelley.

    So far so irrelevant but I still love the Buzzcock’s original for it’s manic vulnerability, the Fine Young Cannibals cover for its light-footed, laid back danceability and now Thea Gilmore’s acoustic take which, yes, does for the first time make me want to answer the question.

    Sorry to have “blethered on”. I’ve been getting the flashbacks I tell you……

  8. Hey bish, another great set.
    Never got into the Buzzcocks and I’m not generally a lover of cover versions, but Thea Gilmore takes this song to another place. “Ever Fallen In love With Someone” You bet.
    Pilots of the Airways took me back in time to places I thought I’d forgotten. Pirate Radio ? Late night listening ? Thought I was 20 again………….
    Never heard of Indian Givers but going by this track looks like I’ll have to check them out.
    And Spear of Destiny finished the set off nicely. Did I blather on about trains ? Love music with the sound and rhythm of trains on tracks. Seems normal to me. !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ali – I hadn’t heard that song for ages, great to hear it again. Not mad keen the others, but always an interesting mix in the earworms mix.

  10. Thea Gilmore – Ever Fallen In Love
    A Very Lovely Cover Version Indeed.

    Masters Of Haiti – Ti Chans (Pou Ayiti)
    I enjoyed this – like GF says, the contrast between the rapping and the singing is lovely.

    Charlie Dore – Pilot of the Airwaves
    I don’t recall ever hearing this before, but it is rather fun, isn’t it? I was reminded of Christine-McVie-fronted-Fleetwood-Mac or maybe Helen Reddy in Angie Baby mode.

    Alaska y Dinarama – Cómo Pudiste Hacerme Esto a Mí
    Great energy in this one.

    Spear Of Destiny – Flying Scotsman
    Quite fun, this. I kept having to remind myself that it wasn’t Runrig, particularly when the Loch Lomond bit came in.

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