EOTWQ – Buffy Edition

1. Who is your fave Buffy character?

2. Who is your fave Buffy villain?

3. What’s your fave Buffy episode?

4. What’s your fave non-Buffyverse Joss Whedon project?

5. Who is your least fave Buffy character?

Optional: How will TFD find a way to plug Mr. Petty in this thread?

73 thoughts on “EOTWQ – Buffy Edition

    • I did give it a try once but found it impossible to suspend my disbelief. A lot of characters rushing around being rather serious about things that don’t exist. Apparently, for ever and ever.

      • That sounds closer to True Blood, Chris, Buffy gets a bit grim, maudlin & soapy at times, but fun & wit prevail.

      • Crikey, Chris, you remind me of my dad trying to read Harry Potter. (“But it’s all made up!”)

        Besides – in Buffy, you know, it all goes a bit deeper than demons and suchlike.

      • That’s right. The psychiatrists (and her parents) were trying to persuade her that being the Slayer was a delusion. It was ace.

      • on wiki it says…

        According to Joss Whedon, this episode was the “ultimate postmodern look at the concept of a writer writing a show”, as it questioned fantastical or inconsistent elements of the show “the way any normal person would”. Whedon added that the episode is intentionally left open to interpretation; the actual cause of the delusions, either the poison or Buffy’s return to “reality”, is not made explicitly clear. “If the viewer wants,” Whedon says, “the entire series takes place in the mind of a lunatic locked up somewhere in Los Angeles… and that crazy person is me.” Although, “Personally, I think it really happened.

        (Buffy’s therapist claims that she had a temporary lucid period during the summer before she was drawn back into her delusion by her friends. This is the “asylum-world” explanation for Buffy’s time in Heaven and subsequent traumatic return in the beginning of Season Six)

      • tfd: I don’t mind stuff being made up – LoTR held my attention for 1,000 pages and three huge films, for example – but it has to make me set aside the thought that it’s made up. What I saw of Buffy didn’t do that. Obviously I’ve missed out on an allegorical, metaphysical masterpiece. Stuff happens.

        (btw, I read the first HP and saw 3 or 4 of the films. That didn’t grab me either.)

      • The thing with Harry Potter, Chris, is that while my father was alive I tried very hard to get him interested in new stuff. And failed. But he became (as I thought) fascinated by Harry Potter from references in the media, so I gave him the first book just hoping. But nuh huh. He’d obviously misunderstood what it was all about.

  1. **Spoiler Alert**

    May as well try to tackle my own Q’s:

    1. So many to choose from, would plump for her Buffiness herself. Thank goodness they recast the lead to SMG, following the dull movie. Special mention for Amber as Tara. Didn’t even get a title credit until the week she got killed off, but the best actor(ess) on the show.

    2. The Gentlemen. Special credit for getting away with Caleb on network TV – genuine evil.

    3. Once More With Feeling. & I don’t usually care much for musicals. Honorable mention for Hush for being clever & creepy.

    4. Too close to call between the 1st Season Dollhouse epilogue (2nd season finale didn’t measure up, unfortunately) & the Serenity movie (works as a stand alone & Firefly payoff).

    5. Angel.

    6. Time will tell.

    Big thanks to the ‘Spill Buffy cultists for pointing the way. Enjoying the Whedonverse with the eldest was one of the highlights of the Summer (too effing hot to go out, here). Younger chose not to play out of loyalty to Dr Who & Harry P, but did hang for most of Firefly, & enjoyed ridiculing the cheesy “cowboys in space” theme tune.

  2. 1 Angel
    2 Angelus
    3 Becoming 2
    4 Firefly
    5 Collectively – the Nerds

    6 All the vampires, walkin’ through the Valley
    Move west down Ventura Boulevard
    Free Fallin’

  3. Ooh, fun quiz, love Buffy.

    1. Ah, now I am having trouble already because my favourite character is The Big Bad who is essentially a villain to begin with but has major character development and ends up as a mostly goodie. Hmm, actually I’m going to go for Willow. I love evil alternate world Willow, I love cute Willow, I love insane witchy Willow and Willow and Tara are the sweetest, so it’s Will for me.

    2. Spike. Especially the first time we meet him with goth nutter Drusilla. I’m so disappointed when I see James Marsters in something and he doesn’t have the Billy Idol hair and English accent. He does become less of the villain, emasculated with his nasty chip and finally conquered by love, but he’s my best baddie.

    3. Either Hush, Becoming or Once More With Feeling, coz it’s fun and pivotal for Spike and the Buffster. Gosh I love (most of) this series.

    4. Firefly. Took me a while to get it, but quite a few of the episodes show the same qualities that made Buffy great, humour, emotional impact, excellent acting and some cool fighting. Dollhouse, wanted to like it, really didn’t.

    5. Shoey, you don’t like Angel and his coat of poutiness? How about Angelus? Is he better? I must admit I did rather like him in his thin, younger, tortured days, but his character hung around for too long for me.
    Um, Dawn or stupid Riley, there are plenty I could have lived without really.

    I bet TP has done a cover of the Buffy theme at some point 🙂

    • David Boreanaz’ acting was absolute crap in Season One, though – he must have put in some serious training between one and two. I always liked Angel the character, at least until Angel 5 which…hmm, no spoilers…is not my favourite season, though the ending is terrific.

      It always amuses me to compare Boreanaz and Marsters as they get older – Marsters was obviously better casting for a vampire, whose physical appearance shouldn’t change with the passing of time!

    • Just because you’re playing a deadman, doesn’t mean you have to be a stiff (see Spike or vampWillow to see how it should be done). To be fair, he wasn’t given too much to do: 1. Skulking in alleys 2. Pining for or smooching with Buffy 3. Being careless with his soul & becoming the least interesting big bad for a while.

  4. 1. Spike; he’s so gleeful, not to mention he’s a super hottie. I’m quite fond of Giles too.
    2. Glory
    3. The Gentlemen (with special mention for The Body)
    4. Haven’t seen any except Angel yet
    5. Riley

  5. Never watched it but I did invent an excellent joke about it.

    Where does Dracula get his food from at weddings ?

    The buffet. vampire’s layer.

  6. 1. Anya, the barking mad ex-demon
    2. Definitely Drusilla (but for scariest see below)
    3. The Gentlemen
    4. Firefly and Serenity both great, only seen first series of Dollhouse so far, it took a while but I did get into it. Heard mixed reports of season 2.
    5. Don’t remember the name, but the Caribean slayer.

  7. 1) Somebody told me there’s a librarian in it.

    2) …………….

    3) …………….

    4) I just looked up Joss Whedon on Wikipedia and on that basis I suspect it is going to be the forthcoming Avengers film.

    5) Of course, he might not be a very nice librarian.

      • AKA “Ripper”? Didn’t shy away from dispatching Glory’s unfortunate host/twin & set up Spike for termination by Principal Wood if I recall.

        In Season 8, Giles & Faith take charge of “dealing with” Slayers who choose to misuse their powers. That might have been more interesting TV than Angel.

  8. 1. Probably Buffy herself. I’ve been watching Angel a little, and it makes you realize how important Buffy/ SMG was. I like Spike, too. I wish they’d had more time to pursue their relationship, narratively speaking. There wasn’t much to it after he went to all that trouble to get a soul for her.

    2. Hmmm…I guess Spike.

    3. I can’t seem to tell them apart! They’re all a big jumble in my head.

    4. I don’t think I’ve seen any others except Angel, which I keep watching despite the fact that I don’t like it at all.

    5. There are a lot! Most of them have annoyed me at some time or another. Faith, Drusilla, Glory… I really didn’t like Riley. Most of the extras are terrible actors (which I think is a major drawback of Angel, as the way the story is set up, it relies on lots of extras each episode.)

  9. 1- I gotta have Faith… (but that’s in the same way as Spike – who began with such cringeworthy acting and accent – was my female friends favourite) but Xanda and Willow and Giles …are more rounded characters ….but this was such good TV, despite some of the shit characters, bad acting and bollocks read into it.. it had wit and charm and ‘issues’ dealt with in brilliant fashion.. they got away with a lot… thankfully

    2 – the gentlemen – probably

    3 – hush, maybe – it’s been a long while since I watched them all… there were odd ones I liked better but can’t remember the names

    4- Fray

    5- Riley Finn.

    • I liked Faith initially, but I think my loyalties lay too strongly with Buffy to be able to forgive her character. Great performance by Eliza Dushku, I sat through a film about cheerleading on the strength of it.

    • Didn’t bother me until he developed that leeching addiction. Confronting your ex, out of the blue, with new wife in tow could cost you some likability points, I suspect.

    • Nah, it’s cos he’s a potato-head. (But that scene where Angel comes to visit Buffy and confronts him is absolutely hilarious.)

      • I watched that one recently, excellent! Angel is totally more cool and I’d have dropped Riley in a second, but then, I never understood what Buffy saw in the big lummox anyway. Rebound off dating Angel I guess.

  10. Work of genius.

    1. Tricky question; one of the things I love about the series is the strength of the supporting cast, so that half the time they’re more important and interesting than the central action. However, this makes it terribly difficult to pick just one of them; sorely tempted to go for Anya or Drusilla, as equally hilarious and disturbingly attractive, or Giles as my ideal self-image, but I think in the end it does have to be Buffy, partly because it is the conception of that character that makes the series what it is, even if she’s not always the centre of attention or the most interesting, and partly because I do think SMG was the best actor in the whole thing.

    2. Depends on definition – one-off or recurring or major characters? Spike and Dru in series 2 were excellent; the Mayor in series 3 was suitably disturbing, and I had high hopes for Mr Trick that were then cruelly dashed by the scriptwriters; the idea of the Initiative was great, before you actually got to see anything of it. One-offs; the Gentlemen; the First, in the Conversations with Dead People episode. Yes, I do go for the creepy, psychologically disturbing ones rather than the monsters.

    3. Has to be Hush, followed by (for a completely different tone) Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.

    4. Ah. Never actually watched anything, unless you count whichever of the Toy Story movies he wrote. A student of mine insists that Firefly is a work of genius, but I’m still working my way through Battlestar Galactica.

    5. Never very keen on Labrador Boy, like others on here. Roughly 85% of Dawn. Angel in Series 1, and the final two episodes of series 2 for the unspeakable attempt at an Oirish accent…

    • Liked Dawn a good deal, mainly because she reminds me of my youngest. Having your elder sibling point out “that’s exactly like you” & “that’s what you do” everytime Dawn showed up on screen, probably explains her feigned indifference to the thing.

      Spike looking out for Dawn like a big brother, really gave him a whole new dimension.

      The eldest was having compatability issues with her college roommate & enjoyed the fate of Buffy’s first roommate more than she should.

      • are smaller sibling always annoying? I like mine despite a few childhood fights. I suppose I particularly objected to Dawn because I didn’t want her to be there, but it was a good story arc compared to some of the later ones and Spike liked her, so I tried.

    • I shall visualize you as Giles from now on, Aba. Does that mean you have a misspent youth spent summoning demons?

      Aw, how can you hate Angel in series 1? He was all brooding and thin and didn’t speak much, all good things in my book, agree about the accent though, appalling!

      • Yes, but how do you know how C18 Irishmen actually spoke?

        I did think JM’s English accent pretty good – but then he had to say ‘squirrel’…

      • honestly, the first time I heard Aidan Turner* speaking in his own accent (which is irish) I thought it wasn’t very convincing, so I’m hardly the best judge!

        *soon to be appearing as a dwarf in a certain Hobbit film

        p.s. JM can say squirrel however he likes as long as he’s dressed as Spike, as far as I’m concerned 😉

      • The squirrel test is a good one, though…I can remember sitting watching Spike and thinking ‘yeah, but why would he say squirrel?’ Then he did! It’s the episode with the ring that protects vampires from being killed (as it were).

  11. So, ladies (and a couple of chaps) like blood-letting fiction about complex characters, played by good-looking actors…

    * runs for cover *

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