Not my fault..

This post is like so totally not my fault.
Another poster ( name withheld to protect the guilty) mentioned Japanese cover versions of “Western” music and I just had to go through my collection and find some of my favourites to post for your “enjoyment”.
So, as you can see, it’s really not my fault*.

* This “logic” brought to you courtesy of my daughter.

Here we go then. Into the wild world of Japanese groups covering British and American pop in their own unique way.
Let’s start with a blast of punk, shall we ? Anarchy in the J.A.P get things going with their fairly straight up cover of the Clash’s White Riot. Jolly lively and coming from a whole album of punk covers.
To follow we have the song which is stuck in my head and has been for the last week. It’s a cover of an obscure (ish) Green Day song by the splendidly named Gitogito Hustler and , IMHO, is actually better than the original. Insanely catchy of chorus and with a few nice “bonkers” touches this one really hits the spot for me.
Rather more “Old Style” are The Bunnies with their version of Hanky Panky, the old Tommy James chestnut. A wee bit “squeaky” perhaps, for our Western ears, but it has a lot of charm.
Getting a bit more “up to date” with the electronic sounds that have become pretty synonymous with certain types of Japanese pop.Lots of lovely synths etc in ..takes deep breath…4106,Yuki,Tdc, Masa(Spoony) and their version of that evergreen Disney classic Bibbidy-bobbidy-boo. I love this one, it takes the song, wrestles it to the ground and creates something totally different from the wreckage.
Speaking of which, this one not only wrestles the song to the ground, it jumps up and down on it’s head and kicks it in the nuts.
Low IQ01 featuring Martin Kin and a startlingly original take on the Clash’s Janie Jones.
To prove that old songs can sometimes still be freshened up K’Cou Chat bring us their take on Funicili Funicula , that old Italian classic we all know and love.
We round off with the Banana Erectors version of…I’m Henry the VIII I am ! Yes, just what the world needed, yet another version of this song, great as it may be. There are limits and, with this one, we may well have reached them.
Hope you like them. Don’t be put off by my descriptions, there really ares some interesting versions here.

19 thoughts on “Not my fault..

  1. Pairubu!!!

    I hope you are not suggesting I am to blame for this!!!! 😉

    But it is a really great playlist and I really enjoyed it!!!

    I did not know most of them actually, I loved the last two Funicili Funicula and Henry the VIII!!! I thought they were really fun tracks.

    I liked them all actually very much. I am really impressed at how you collect these tracks and I do discover many new Japanese bands from you!!!

    Thanks for posting this!!!

    • “I hope you are not suggesting I am to blame for this!!!!”

      Did I name any names ?
      Glad you liked them, I love them all ( and plenty of others like them too).
      It’s great fun exploring Japanese music ( thanks to that website mostly).
      There’s some really great stuff.

  2. The video is adorable. Dunno how far I’ll get through the playlist though – not sure I like the originals enough to enjoy covers. Or perhaps that is the ideal starting position! Will give it a go later…

    • Well I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to why I like this stuff and I think that video may just hold a clue.
      You see, it seems to me that the Japanese popsters aren’t afraid to be cute. They even have a word for it “kawaii” ( which must be very confusing when they go on holiday to Kauai)
      Contrast, if you will, to the jiggling, wobbly “sexiness” that seems to be deriguer among our own dear “stars” ( Pixie Lott’s new video makes her appear to be practicing cracking walnuts with her fanny, a neat and useful trick come Christmas, no doubt, but not something I relish observing at tea time).
      I may be grizzled, wrinkly and smell faintly of wee but I like cute stuff (bunnies, Hello Kitty,baby sloths
      etc) and that’s what I find in this music.
      Cuteness, sprightly young things having a ripping time and not a hint of crotch grabbing seediness*.

      * which is, I understand, freely available in Japan in both books, magazines and music if you wish to search for it.

  3. Well, White Riot was indeed remarkably faithful and therefore – to these ears – a little surplus to requirements. But I am liking the next one much more: lots of fun. Might have to break off to listen sadly to a bit of R.E.M. though…

  4. Actually it does sometimes happen the other way also. But less often of course!!!

    My First Lonely Night was a cover version of the Japanese Enka song “Ue o Muite Arukō” Better known in the west as Sukiyaki – although how “I will walk looking upwards” was translated as Beef Stew is really a mystery to me,

    • It does happen sometimes, foreign stuff being turned into English hits.
      My Way was originally a French song and, of course, It’s now or never was from the Italian song “Isa now ora never, si ?).
      Even Dick Dale’s Miserlou was adapted from a Greek tune.
      You’d think, perhaps, that in this digital age Japanese music would “travel” more easily. I do think the electronic side of things has had an effect , I hear touches of shibuya-kei in some western pop songs but then it’s hard to tell who influences who these days.

      • It is so true about who influences who!!!

        In pure commercial area I look at Koda Kume was doing several years ago and you see lady Gaga doing now, also in the area of boy bands, the Koreans have this area so perfectly and professionally organised that western boy bands are obviously just trying to copy and catch up (and failing actually)

        But is is very interesting – there was a a two way dialogue interview in 2007 by Avril Lavigne and YUI and they both said they were influenced by the other!!! So maybe it is like both way also.

        Many of the artist also are aware of things more than the public as they are in Multinational record companies (like YUI and Avril Lavigne) and they meet in studios and share producers and engineers and that type of things and the influences also come from these people.

        Very interesting!!!

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