Like a dog in the rain

I’ve been thinking for a while about doing a post on Jon Randall, composer of my well-worn afaserae Whiskey Lullaby; and it so happens that I just went out to mow the lawn and found it was raining…

Poor old Jon – he seemed to have such a bright future, having started his career in Emmylou Harris’ band the Nash Ramblers and gone solo with Emmylou’s blessing. But he’s never taken off. Of course he’s had his drink problems, his relationship problems and his record company problems, but so have lots of people.

His real name is Jon Randall Stewart, and he was born in Dallas in 1969. He’s made four albums with four different record companies, one of which didn’t get a full release. He has good musicians playing on them, but the latest one came out in 2005; since then he’s done some writing and producing, but there’s no sign of another album from him.

Bob Harris plays his stuff from time to time on his country music programme, and that’s how I came to hear him. I like him a lot – his songs are a bit samey, perhaps, but he’s a good guitar player and he has a lovely voice. Could do with an image consultant though…(to be fair, that video’s from his first album) See what you think.

1 Can’t Hurt Anymore
2 Blew Me Away
3 Baby Won’t You Come Home
4 Mountain Of Regret
5 Afraid Of The Dark

5 thoughts on “Like a dog in the rain

  1. I always think that country music needs to be sung with integrity and honesty maybe even more than some genres. (For example fluffy Jpop does not need any integrity at all to song, and maybe is silly when people try)

    I think you can feel his sincerity in his voice and he is a great musician. I hope that maybe it is his choice to contribute as a producer and writer away from the pressures as performing rather than that his is unable to find a record company to publish his work.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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