A Present From Casey

I will keep my urge to share Casey’s goodies with you to a minimum but I’d just like to give you a flavour of the thing.

The audio is the final 20 minutes of the first show, at Wembley on 7th April 1972. Bobby’s got a cold, it’s a huge, soulless arena only half full (due to a last-minute venue change), and they’ve only been playing for two hours, but this finale is a firm instruction to get up and dance. So wind the volume up high, follow Garcia’s twisting lead and twirl away!

Not Fade Away>Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad>Not Fade Away and an encore of One More Saturday Night. (Apologies for the small breaks between CD tracks: I can’t quite erase them.)

Who’s Casey? Not the raven. It’s what I’m calling my box set.

10 thoughts on “A Present From Casey

  1. Terrific stuff – thanks, Chris!

    I had that Jerry Garcia’s When I Paint My Masterpiece on the ‘Pod as I was coming home…excuse me, I need to nip off to eBay and assuage my lust for TP T shirts.

  2. A flavour of the thing? Particle board with resiny accents & lots of herbal notes, I would imagine.

    (Am just being jealous as the On-U celebrations seem to have stalled again).

  3. Chris
    I see on Dead.net that they’re now going to start shipping individual shows from the Europe ’72 tour (as well as the 3-disc Volume 2). Now for those of us who can’t quite win the argument with our loved ones about investing c,£400 and all those happy hours in the complete set, you could do a huge service and let us know which of the shows strike you as being particularly unmissable. Bickershaw – of course – if only to see if it can summon up and improve on my memories of that wonderful, sodden epic (though what I recall and what I think I recall may not be the same); but other shows also …. help, please!

  4. … a great clip by the way; if it’s all as good as this, you’re in for a treat … but why, oh why did they ever take up with the appalling Donna Godchaux? Quite what her howling and screeching added has always been a mystery to me? What did she have over them?

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