New The Big Pink – ‘Stay Gold’

The Big Pink’s debut album was played to death by me, so I’m super excited that new material has begun to emerge. “Stay Gold” seems to have kept their anthemic noise intact, so far so good on first listen. Second listen reveals some ropey lyrics, which I’m just going to ignore because the chorus gets bigger each time you hear it, it really reminds me of something else though – any ideas?

**Edit** I went and had a shower, the chorus firmly lodged in my head – earworm alert!! 

30 thoughts on “New The Big Pink – ‘Stay Gold’

  1. According to their tumblr, the album isn;t out until January. JANUARY!!! The Big Teases more like.

    Also, they have a photo of a “Pop Kid” t-shirt posted up, ‘Spill points to anyone who can remember the band who put those out!! I’ll be mega impressed if any gets this!

      • Mr Panther – how I love thee. You get six billion ‘Spill points, and a bit of a mosh round the living room.

        I had two Things t-shirts, but not the Pop Kid one. I still have one of them.

        I had my first ever snog at a Senseless Things gig (I think I mentioned this on the first Blimpcast, and played their song “Too Much Kissing”). God they were such a right band at the right time, for me.

        I think the reason I liked Male Bonding’s first record so much is that it totally reminds me of them.

      • ST were one of my very first gigs too and one of the first times I got served beer! Despite the fact that I looked way younger than my already underage self.

        Both me and my mate both wore plain white T-shirts ‘cos we thought they would absorb the sweat better (science was never my strong point) to prepare ourselves for the mosh pit. There was a drunk crusty who kept sitting on the floor in the middle of the mosh pit trying to trip people up and he scared the shit out of us! Good times!

      • I think I had two halves of Cider over about 3 hours. There was always at least one big huge topless sweaty dude in the pit at every gig I went to when I was 16, that you always ended up pressed against. Things mosh pits were so scary, once the whole crowd came very close to falling over when they took to the stage.

        I don;t remember watching this episode of TOTP

        Pop Kid t-shirt in full effect

  2. Blimpy, as a matter of principle I’m not going to listen to this for a few months, because I seem to be a bit behind on your recommendations. I’m currently obsessed with Niney the Observer, I believe he was an earworm of yours? Have you heard this album

    It kicks ASS!

  3. I’ve just twigged that the clever Big Pink fuckers are going to be all over the 2012 Olympic coverage, aren’t they? “Stay Gold. GOLD. Shine the light for us to follow” -cue slo-mo montage of Brit athletes passing the finish line …

      • The album has just come out yesterday (in this part of the world at least) and my LP should be winging it’s way to me in the next couple of days, i’ve had to make do with Youtube clips, but all songs i’ve heard so far sound amazing!

      • Nothing wrong with Big Pink, but it’s no Withered Hand is it?

        Starting to think that 2011 has been a bit fallow for new stuff. PJ winning the Mercury for example, perfectly good album, but not one for the ages.

      • It’s not, no. I did see WH a few weeks ago and he only played one new song, I know he’s had trouble with scrapped recording sessions, but there HAS to be some new stuff soon!! I doubt it’ll be this year though.

        this year so far has been The Pains Of/Ringo Deathstarr/Reverieme/Dum Dum Girls/Marling/Jonnie Common/KC/EMA/Yuck and lot a lot else really.

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