8 thoughts on “Gary Numan Battles Escalator

  1. Oh dear – that’s a bit painful for me. On our way to Paris, my other half lost her balance on the really long escalator at Kings Cross tube, and fell backwards taking her luggage, and several other people with her. Nasty cuts and bruises ensued, but we still made it to Paris. She’s a bit wary of that escalator, now, though!

  2. It’s like a bad dream … commiserations to GHE’s other ‘arf (is she glassarfull??). I was too scared to go on ‘down’ escalators (having been accidentally stranded at the top of one as a small child) until I was 16 and got a holiay job in London. The only way to get back to my accommodation was by tube so I had to use the long escalators – cured!

  3. Sympathies to Mrs glassarfemptee. I fell down a long escalator on the tubes on a Sixth Form school trip to London, luckily it didn’t hurt much at the time as I had drunk a bottle of vodka beforehand, (I am assuming my English lit teachers aren’t reading this), but I had wicked bruises and it really hurt the next day.

    I am eternally grateful to my friends for not leaving me in Hyde Park, stopping me choking on my own vomit and holding me up on all the other escalators.
    Gary Numan’s still looking good, isn’t he?

  4. Ouch! (The man falling down the escalator, not the sound of Gary Numan’s voice.) I once did that – albeit very briefly – skinned the hell out of my shins.

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