Venomous Beings!!! The MFF 24 Hour Challenge!!!

Shocking Pink Dragon Centipede

Poisonous Pink Dragon Millipede

This is post for all the Spillers missing their MFF!!!

It should have appeared by magic at midnight UK time and if you are reading this then I suppose so that it must have worked!!!

As you know, I come from a sub tropical island so we learn very young about venomous things that crawl or wiggle or fly or swim or even just sit waiting to be touched so they can inject their poison in to you!!!

There is actually a lot of them!!! Snakes, spiders, insects, amphibians, jelly fish, Centipede and millipedes, plants and even some fish and sea plants!!!  So I think you should be able to think of some good tracks to honour our scary friends!!!

The cute little thing you see in photo is a Pink Dragon Millipede – but Watch Out!!!  This little monster shoots cyanide at people that annoy it!!!

So for this 24 hour challenge we are looking for beings with venom.

They do not need to be fatal (most poisons are designed to kill animals much smaller than a human) but they do need to have a sting in tail, mouth, or thorn.  Plants that are only poisonous if you eat them are offside!!!  (I have been studying sporting metaphors recently!!!)

Here is my nomination to start you off – Queen Bee by Maki Goto – As sweet as honey but definitely a sting in the tail!!!

So Ready  –  Steady –  GO!!!

A Pig, A Cowboy and The Other One

Here are two little jewels and something altogether different from Casey, for your listening pleasure.

Ron McKernan, aka “Pigpen”, was the prime mover in ensuring The Warlocks became an electric rock band and his R’n’B raps were an essential part of the Grateful Dead experience. He went on this tour against doctors’ advice, making the words of Good Lovin’ uncomfortably apt (Doctor, Doctor, Mr. MD, can you tell me what’s ailing me?). Despite his health, he’s the one that gets the band in gear on more than one night. Robert Hunter wrote Mr. Charlie for him, as an affectionate tribute to those songs with nonsense choruses (Chuba, Chuba, Wooly Bully). Pigpen was also quite fond of cocaine.

El Paso is Marty Robbins’ tale of love, betrayal and murder, with a narrator who dies at the end. It’s a Tex-Mex confection, served with a glittering side order of Garcia. And played quite often as an interlude to…

The Other One. This version was played in a TV studio in Bremen, at the end of an 80-minute set from which a song would be selected for broadcast (the station selected a short song, unsurprisingly). This is Casey’s real treasure, for me, when the band takes the music in directions rarely explored. Billy has just played a drum solo which sets up the opening rhythm for the song so, when everyone joins in, that’s the speed they run at. But Garcia wants to slow it down and, later, he just fancies seeing what will happen if he tries this or this or that… It’s the way the others deal with his ideas that it so wonderful: sometimes acquiescing, sometimes fighting, sometimes just going in a different direction. But, when Bobby finally agrees to sing the second verse, everything comes together again. The song ends officially at that point but Garcia still has ideas to try…

Les Rallizes Dénudés (裸のラリーズ or Hadaka No Rallizes )

Les Rallizes Dénudés were a legendary Japanese experimental noise-rock band, lead (controlled megalomaniacally might be more accurate) by visionary guitarist Takeshi Mizutani that were active between 1969 and 1996 (there is no evidence that they are officially no more) but only ever put out a few official releases, which were live albums anyway.
Their commitment to staying impenetrably underground and in the shadows (well, the wilds of Northern Japan) and refusal to play the game, marks them as a true cult phenomenon for me (and a few other lonely, socially inept men in their thirties and forties around the globe). That, and the fact that they released some awe-inspiring, way-ahead of their time, truly experimental and amazing music.

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Today’s EOTWQs are brought to you by the letter C

1 Candy? Collard greens? What’s your favourite food beginning with a C?

2 Alarming news: the Cliff Richard 2012 calendar is already selling fast. What calendar would YOU like for next year? (NB does not have to begin with C.)

3 The nights are drawing in (if you’re in the same hemisphere as me) and soon the clocks will be going back. What do you like about this? What do you NOT like? (And do you own a clock that needs to be put back manually?)

4 I’ve been to my last conference (probably). What’s the best conference you’ve ever been to? What would be your ideal one?

5 Rumour has it that shops are already putting Christmas merchandise on display. Have you seen any yet? (Have you bought any?)

‘spill over EELS

EELS is a band formed by singer/songwriter Mark Oliver Everett, better known as E.
There’s at least 9 albums to choose tracks from and 2 solos recordings, plus an album as MC Honky… if you could be so kind – I’d like a ‘spill over view of his output.

Do you like EELS? (the band – you comedians)
if so , the down right depressing side? or the jaunty pop sensibility side? .. but still with a dark soul.

We have a couple of spare days – will we have a unique ‘best of’ that the record company would be pleased to produce or a totally odd collection that a blog full of weirdoes would be happy to listen to – the choice is yours.

Post your nominations to: Susan’s House c/o the Comments section below – thanks ‘spillers.

I Need Your Bedroom Eyes

I have had “Bedroom Eyes” by Dum Dum Girls stuck on repeat for the last few weeks, and now there’s a fab video to go with it. Press play if you like 60s girl groups, The Raveonettes, The Bangles, Fleetwood Mac, The Pretenders or any good music really. Catchy as hell chorus, sublime bridge and quite an array of tights to behold!