Mmmm..Nutty !

Firstly an apology.
I didn’t mean to be a Spillhog this week but a post by Dothebathosphere on the RR spurred me on. In it the claim was made that John Zorn’s Omelet Punk had the “best title in the world ever”. Now, this is a bit of a special area for me. I have been know, on many an occasion to purchase a song, unheard, because of the title or the name of the band. Thus I have built up quite a respectable selection of songs with titles of great wackiness and , consequently, I thought I might share a few with you good people.
Naturally the playlist is somewhat erratic, both in quality and genre, as the title here is the think.
If I were you I’d skip the ones you don’t like.
Or all of them.
That might be best.

Let us begin with a fairly straighforward number, musically at least, from Japanese band Dizzy Joghurt who bring us, almost inevitably Dizzy Joghurt Theme. Sounding rather 60s ish this is almost guaranteed to have you singing “Dizzy dizzy Joghurt”. Not quite sure what the “J” is about in Joghurt but we’ll let that pass.
I’ve posted this one before but make no apologies for once again bringing you Tangela Tricoli and Stinky Poodle. How can you not want to hear a song called “Stinky Poodle” ? ( it’s about poodles, BTW, fragrant ones). Legend has it that this song was the inspiration behind Phobe from Friends’ “Smelly Cat” song. Listen and you can hear why. Ms Tricoli is a bit of a legend too, a record holding pilot, artist, TV star and purveyor of fine songs, a real Renaissance lady.
More from Japan next ( they have a nack with titles that surpasses any other place I know) and a collaboration between the band Ex-girl and Hopi Kamayama who produced an album based around childbirth ( they are all, I think, girlies). Strange when you think about it , that this topic is quite neglected and yet at least 50% of the world’s population have a real, personal interest in it.
Anyway here’s Lovely Umbilical Cord.
To follow we have the song that really sparked this post off. A recent addition to my archive and , as explained above, obtained for the title alone. Japan, again, brings us Show Wesugi and his song Poo Pee People. Perhaps it means something else in Japanese ? In any case it’s not a bad little rock number.
Heading West now. To America and the 1960s. Shoeless but fond of hats, the Driving Stupid attempted ( and failed) to carve out a career in music. Their songs were…unusual…to say the least. Listen to The reality of ( air) fried Borsk and you enter a kind of parallel world. A world where the blues is reimagined through the eyes of teenage comic fans on acid.
Whizzo ! We’re back in Japan for the brilliantly named The Glash and Punks and the handicapped. They don’t come more deliciously DIY punk than this. Fuzz guitar, shouty vocals, limited words and all over in less than 2 minutes. They way punk was meant to be.
One now that demonstrates another thread, the unintentionally gross title. The Automatics ( no prizes for guessing which country they are from) bring us (He looks at me) inside. It may be a song about Gynaecology but I really don’t want to go there.
Ex-Girl again now, they have a really good selection of titles that turn heads, it was hard to choose, but I went for Swanky-Spunky-Slinky as it’s a great song and the title is quite evocative, conjuring up confused images involvin stretchy spring toys and bodily fluids. I doubt whether they intended this but that’s the beauty of “world of strange” titles.
Sound quality takes a dive here, for “outsider” artist Tom Cleland and Mosquitos must die. How much do I know about this ? Not a lot ( as Paul Daniels might say) but it keeps coming back to haunt me and I find myself, at odd moments, hollering “Mosquitos must die !” Try it.
Last, and perhaps, to my mind, most bizarre of all, title wise, is Yukari Fresh from…..competition time ! Fill in the blanks – – – – – ( no prizes) who, and Heaven’s know why, decided to name one of their songs Paul Scholes.
A fine player, no doubt about that, but …why…why not someone more…how shall we put this..more glamorous ? Why Scholsey ?
It’s a mystery to me but that’s what makes these tunes so treasureable. What was going through the minds of their creators. I guess we will never know…

8 thoughts on “Mmmm..Nutty !

  1. I really like Yukari Fresh!!! These days she does not really make records but has her own Radio Show called Radio Active Man and also she DJs quite a lot also in clubs. She was a founder of the Shibuya Kie style, which developed in the clubs of the Shibuya entertainment district in Tokyo and was influenced by French music very much, which made a nice change from the USA and UK influences normally in J-pop.

    If you like Yukari Fresh work then maybe you might also like other Shibuya Kie artists like, Flipper’s Guitar and Pizzicato Five.

    Flipper’s Guitar – Caress accidental knife edge

    Pizzicato Five

    Paul Scholes was not so typical of here work, This is more her normal Shibuya Kie style.

    Yukari Fresh – Raymond

    • Thanks, as always, for the information. For some reason I can’t get into the Pizzicato Five but like things like Lullatone and Yukari Fresh a lot.
      It’s all relatively new to me ( though “old hat” in Japan I guess) and it’s fun finding new stuff all the time.
      I like the Flipper’s Guitar song.

  2. I was just listening to Flipper on youtube, but it’s not the same Flipper, though they have guitars. Then I watched this video twice

    4:3 aspect ratio early 80s indebted punk nouveau with indcribly offensive name to boot

    I think I should hit the hay…

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