Boob Tube

Hope the player works.

Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
Beastie Boys – Ch-ch-check It Out
Clash – I’m So Bored With the USA
Dead Kennedys – MTV Get Off The Air
Public Enemy – Burn Hollywood Burn
Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Police – When the World Is Running Down
Green Day – Longview
Blink 182 – TV
REM – Bad Day
Blur – Coffee and TV
Blondie – Fade Away and Radiate

(nothing you haven’t heard before, Shoey)

17 thoughts on “Boob Tube

  1. amy
    that GIF is disturbing –
    music is a great mix of dumb and deadly.

    suited our stormy Saturday (had a powercut while I was listening to the DK’s.. thought they’d exploded my computer!)

    • Thanks for listening! Never expected that anyone would, but was tempted to whip one up by Shoey’s looking for diffferent takes on the theme. I don’t usually do playlists because i figure everyone already knows most of the songs that i do. But i do enjoy the idea of a sort of mini-thesis on the theme, like a term paper sort of, but more fun.

      I thought that the gif was a pretty good complement to Longview 🙂

    • Rip Radio sounds better i think. Glad you liked. Someone has to do the bird flipping snot nosed take on the topic. Best things – it’s my playlist and i can shoehorn whatever i want onto the topic list, and it doesn’t matter if a song is zedded either.

  2. it’s great to have an Amylee playlist too. Thoroughly enjoyed all of this (well, except the Police!) and hope they will be a more regular feature!

    • Glad you enjoyed! I may try to make playlists more often, but some will probably have Police tunes! They are unzedded still. Chances are good a U2 song or two would make my lists as well, so be forewarned.

    • My intellectual heroes too, i knew i liked you. After a nasty day at work, all i wanted to do was sit in front of Beevis and Butthead and just laugh. I still think they’re some of the most insightful music and video critics of our time.

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