Bends for (about) 5904 Miles – The Reviews Podcast

After an extended hiatus the award-winning duo of Panthersan & Satankidneypie (accompanied by a backing band of the birds outside the window) are back back back with a new episode of Bends For… and this time they cast their critical eye on some up and coming bands and artists and lay into some new albums from established favourites.

In the up-and-coming camp, Scumbag Philosopher’s offbeat commentary on contemporary social issues gets the once over. Listen to the review and find out more about Scumbag Philosopher HERE

Next up multi-genre dubstep/dancehall/electronica type Indiginus gets the critical treatment, with a review of his Sofa Surfer album. Listen to our completely uninformed opinions and then make your own minds up by going to his website

After that ex-Death In Vegas man Mat Flint’s Deep Cut have our humble reviewers reaching for the superlatives with their fuzzed up shogazey indie rock album Disorientation. Read about them HERE and then have a proper listen at their Myspace

New music from Hey Colossus and Euros Childs also get the review treatment amongst the mindless chat and waffle. Usual apologies for the low sound quality and cut-outs, but we are (about) 5904 miles apart!


16 thoughts on “Bends for (about) 5904 Miles – The Reviews Podcast

  1. I love that you chaps have approached the reviews with what is, according to the Guinness Pint of Records, the podcast with the most amount of distance between presenters ever. Norris McWhirter will be round with a commemorative plaque within the next two weeks. 😉

  2. Liveblog attempt:

    Bugger, hit the wrong button to comment & lost the sound already. Start over…

    Glad SKP finally managed to escape from the oven & has found a cheap megaphone.

    “I’m on the 2nd floor of my desk”. WTF? Must try that corn tea.

    Propose “Kill”, “Shag” or “Marry” as the “Spill review standard.

    SBP, never going to make poet laureate, but fun in an old skool UK indie kind of way. Reminds me a bit of Yeah Yeah Noh also had a singer who couldn’t sing & liked to indulge in a bit of social commentary. Shag.

    Indiginous. Thought it was going to be country rock meets glitch, which would have been interesting. Instead it went a bit dated, dubsquelchy Tangerine Dream. Kill.

    Lasagne time. Have to do pt 2 later.

  3. Back with a bag of wine gums for part two:

    Deep Cut not breaking any new ground, but would marry it.

    Ahh, Death In Vegas. Their 1st album was great too.

    HC, Not bad, sounds suitably distressed, give it a shag.

    Euros Child, would have killed it for being too derivative, but will shag it for the odd percussion, which saves it.

    That last DC isn’t bad either so don’t need to divorce.

    Nicely done, chaps. Worth waiting for, but try not to leave it so long between episodes.

  4. excellent stuff – will check out some of those albums – (can’t comment on single tracks)
    now to have a play through some death in vegas albums – long time no listen.

    and panther – say happy birthday to who(m)ever it is that celebrating a birthday today…

    happy happy joy joy.

  5. Thanks for your kind words everyone. I’ve just got round to listening back myself… I sound like I’m trapped in a metal dungeon… need to try and fix that. I hereby promise to try to be a better ‘Spiller from now on (which if you think about it, promising to try isn’t really promising anything).

  6. Ok, so I say its all about quality not qnatuity, right! What you did get is beautiful such a darling little boy! Good job Jen, I am so sad you are leaving, for a number aof reasons, but now I might just have to figure out how to use my camera,

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