35 thoughts on “No More Honey From the B

  1. For a moment there, I thought someone had died. Then I looked at the tags, and I see that you are mourning the B-list on RR. Well, I’d rather lose that than Van the Man or Tom Petty. And besides, lists can be resurrected – not so sure about musicians!

    It’s kind of a shame, but I don’t feel that strongly about it.

    Here are some King Bees from Lincolnshire.

    • I thought that Van Morrsion had died with this thread too. Not really bothered about the B list, rarely get on either list, but sorry to hear that it’s upsetting to other people.

  2. Sorry everyone! Never occurred to me that it would be taken as an obit for Van or TP. And glad everyone is posting B / be / bee tunes.

    I said last week on the results thread that i didn’t really care if the B list was 86’d or not. But i was very sad to see it not there today. I think the b-list was better than the a sometimes, and a good blace for good tunes under the radar.

    Mitch –

    Think you’ll ever get The Constipation Song A-listed? See, we probably won’t see stuff like that listed anymore.

    • I worry constantly about TP dying, because he’s been such a heavy smoker for so long. (He is trying to give up now but I don’t know how successful he’s being.)

      • Probably as successful as i am, but i’m not even trying.

        (Amy, i don’t know wtf is up with this format, but i’m too lazy to login whenever i post.)

      • TFD – this song came on shuffle when I was driving home today, and I thought you may like it cos it kinda channels TP a bit

  3. I believe i may have located the problem. I seemed to have been logged in on Safari before. Hopefully it should work on FF.

  4. “Evil Bee” – Menomena – this is probs the 3rd time I’ve posted this video on the ‘Spill over the years, but it is truly phenomenal!

  5. Weirdly I thought you were saying Van had died as well!
    I’m a bit sorry to see it go – it always seemed like something I could aim for, yet weirdly I’ve managed to get more A listers than B listers. I suppose it makes less sense now that there isn’t an A List printed in the paper. I’ve just noticed that the B Lists seem to be missing from all the old posts, so for posterity and for my own self indulgence – the Wyngate B Listers

    Opening Lines – can’t help thinking Paul Mac picked the B List with a pin for this topic, and the whole topic suggested he wanted a break from listening to our choices, but who cares. Here’s one of the most incongruous sights in the history of Top Of The Pops

    Elections – should have been a A Lister I reckon, but anyway

    Fetishes – this man had to be there for this topic

  6. Taj Mahal and “Queen Bee” – there’s a better version with Taj and Toumani Diabate but I can’t find a link and I’m not signed in to Dropbox at the mo as I only have a pathetic little laptop:

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