the great fire sale of London…or……


1 – taking stuff for monetary gain that doesn’t belong to me.
I learnt that from = politicians, bankers, the police and journalists.

2- I am above the law so will not be caught.
I learnt that from = politicians, bankers, the police, journalists and footballers.

3- If you fuck people over and cheat – it is not morally wrong – it is the only way to be a winner.
I learnt that from = politicians, bankers,the police, journalists, footballers, other sporting professionals and reality TV.

I’m not really one for spouting bollox about stuff I don’t understand*…. but as this mess all seems to be my fault, I thought I’d better do a very ‘spill unfriendly playlist.

the RR curse strikes again:


5 August 2011 1:36PM

I have absolutely zero sympathy for the perpetrators of violence, looters and arsonists, etc. (especially as the distribution centre of all my favourite indie record labels has been torched – I’m all heart**, it’s the personal things that cut deepest)
Buying Indie records could be charity I’ve been searching for all my life though.

here goes, enjoy might not be the correct word to use, but as everyone else is spouting crap at the moment, I might as well use it… no – we’ll go with this instead, endure:

1 Take London The Herbaliser
2 Stake a Claim Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
3 Attack Music These New Puritans
4 Riot Rhythm Sleigh Bells
5 Riotriot Tune-Yards
6 Criminal The Roots Feat. Truck North & Saigon
7 This Town Needs A Sheriff Shut Up And Dance

1 Who Dat Called Da Police New Birth Brass Band
2 Sus Law Eugene + The Lizards
3 Catch A Fire The Bug
4 Atari Teenage Riot Atari Teenage Riot
5 Ghost Town Kode 9

*that’s obviously a lie.
**like a man boob in front of a hungry baby – just a waste of space/ all heart, distinctly lacking in milk of human kindness.. but I do surround myself with very caring people – it distracts enough.

13 thoughts on “the great fire sale of London…or……

  1. “I am above the law so will not be caught.”
    Anybody else found themselves thinking that maybe the right wing media have played a part with their constant unbalanced ranting along the lines of – criminals have more human rights than the victims, the courts are soft, prisons are holiday camps,etc. This picture might just encourage me if I was a young thug or looter. Just a thought.
    Meanwhile I think this song as mentioned by someone on another thread is close to the mark
    Dead Kennedys – Riot

  2. “Black man gotta lotta problems but they don’t mind throwing a brick,
    White people go to school where they teach you how to be thick.”

    As true today as it was in 1976.

    Oh and well said shane.

  3. David Cameron: “If you are old enough to commit these crimes, you are old enough to face the punishment”

    This is the Law:
    If your child commits a crime their offence will be treated according to age.
    If your child is under 10 years old, they cannot be taken to court and charged with a criminal offence. However, once they are 10 or over, they are treated in the same way as any young person under 18 years old and will be dealt with by the Youth Justice System.

    Mr. Cameron – are you inciting the country to break the law, so that you can be seen to, punish certain sections of the rioters? – that is the road to Anarchy – and we wouldn’t want to be responsible for that now, would we?

  4. Lots of people are angry. I only feel sad that after a thousand years or more of practice (give or take – depending on when which bits joined the UK) we are so crap as a nation at building a reasonably decent, equitable, amiable and mutually supportive society.

    Great tracks,. Lovely art, Shane. Riot music. Rioting as entertainment?

  5. I’m late to the party on this one – and am so pathetically ill-informed politically that I naturally shy away from expressing an opinion on such things… but it strikes me as odd that when there are riots in the Middle East, it is all their society’s fault (according to our media) and when there are riots at home, it is just a load of teenagers being greedy and selfish (and therefore not society’s/our fault at all).

    I’m not condoning anyone’s behaviour earlier this week (which was undoubtedly fuelled by selfishness and greed, for the most part) or seriously equating it to the uprisings in MENA, but surely the fact that it happened at all says there’s something rotten in the state of England…

    It’s terrifying how many people I had previously viewed as sensible and liberal-minded have suddenly turned all ‘string ’em up’ anyway.

    Oh and I must get me some Dan le Sac and Scroobius Pip – I love everything I hear by them.

    • I’ve just spent the w’end in a field with feral children, neo hippies, and wayward youths at a full moon gathering (thankfully the local brewery was on hand to help ME out with positive vibes – and block out the overtly earnest bullshit)

      It’s been kind of interesting to hear the variations of opinion.
      Especially as who I went with came up from Hackney where they live and work (as a housing support person) and my Ms. who works with vulnerable kids.. they were saying community desperation and official failure of the youth has been a volcano bubbling away waiting to explode for a while now – they were waiting a few years for a ‘Juvenile Crisis’ to erupt – but it’s certainly kicked off earlier than expected….
      And this w’ends tabloids and Mail bigging up the first rioters evicted from council houses..
      *sigh* they will become part of the problem for (cut to the bare minimum) social services using up resources that they barely have, just to be – what? re-housed. where? either a suitable council house or a money draining temporary accommodation.. ummm isn’t that where they have just been evicted from… is there something stopping that happening? has it pleased the population? – has it been thought through? Who is paying? – is that us again Mr. Cameron?
      Then the tabloids will embark on a witch hunt the next time an over stressed, under staffed, social sector misses a child being ill treated – well, do you know why? = idiot fuckwits! that’s why.
      (that peaceful chill out and battery recharge has worked wonders)

      this does help:


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