Tin Croc

Aiden & Malcolm make new music, but don’t call it Arab Strap – it’s just a Slow Club cover. Meanwhile Scott & Tracyanne have a shot at making Frightened Camera, or Obscurabbits, if you please. I realise that this doesn’t make much sense to most ‘Spillers, but I have about a billion new ‘Spill posts to read having been away for a couple of weeks – you busy bees!

11 thoughts on “Tin Croc

  1. A crypic post from Blimpy!!!

    Aidan Moffat and Malcom Middleton’ s cover version of Two Cousins by Slow Club, is great!!! but I loved F*** This Place by Frightened Rabbit‘s Scott Hutchison and Camera Obscura‘s Tracyanne Campbell.

    Did I get it right?

      • ……..but what about the crocodile???? I am going crazy wondering about it and will not be able to sleep from thinking about it if you do not tell me soon!!!!!

  2. The crocodile represents things from the past that you don’t expect to see again – like new music from the long-defunct Arab Strap guys. The tin croc is a childhood toy of mine, which my kids now play with when they visit their grandparents house in London – indeed Brodie took the photo (which is why it’s slightly out of focus). All makes sense…kinda…. 😉

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