Far West Coast Social 2011

Marconius7, Fintan28 & Tincanman weigh in on meaty matters

Saturday July, 23 2011 , the first ever (and hopefully not the last) Far West Coast mini-social was held in Maple Ridge, Canada with Marconius7 & the lovely Mrs. Marconius acting as our gracious hosts. It was a gorgeous Canadian evening complete with fine food, excellent beer, scintillating conversation & semi-competent Guitar Hero.

Fintan, Marco & Tin bite into Tears For Fears

A grand time was had by all.  Tinnie tried out for the BC Lions Cheerleading squad.

You should have seen the leg kicks.

Fintan had a major Ginkgo Biloba moment.

Check out that concentration

Marco was caught planning world conquest in his underground lair.

Hmmm? 10 DC5 listings in one week might be obvious

And all 3 found new careers as newscasters for a famous website.

The crack 'Spill news team hard at work

Photos by Mrs. Fintan. Butchered artwork by Fintan28.

11 thoughts on “Far West Coast Social 2011

  1. looks like a fun time was had by all!

    Marconious’ house looks like a veritable playground! drums, guitar, guitar hero! a full on studio! and pom-poms! what more do you need?!

  2. Always intrigued to see what you all look like, this was better than Steen’s snapshots post of last week, now I can put faces to posts.

  3. Fintan, thanks for posting these. They are terrific pics. I missed Tin doing the cheer leader bit. Must have been turning hamburgers on the barbecue at the time! Although we only played one song with Rock Band, it was a hoot. Of course, it would have been far better if we could actually play an instrument like RockingMitch! But for rock star wannabes, it’s as good as it’ll get!

    I should note that the full on studio is not at my house. On our way to bring Fin and Mrs. Fin back to their hotel, we dropped by the TV station where I work (Global BC) and I gave them the grand tour. The pom poms are my daughter’s. She really is a cheer leader for the BC Lions football team.

    A good time was had by all.

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