Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing

Just an appreciation here of a great ’70s soul group featuring one of the great soul voices, Gwen Dickey. Seems like all of their top songs were covered by others, and none can hold a candle. Madonna did a vile cover of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore. Ok, Mary J. Blige does have a good voice. Still her cover of I’m Going Down isn’t a patch on the original. Ditto Xtina and Missy Elliott’s Car Wash cover. Beyonce’s cover of Wishing on a Star is pathetically anemic. Gwen doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.

Have i mentioned lately that i miss Magicman?

More choice cuts –

Ooh Boy
Car Wash
I Wanna Get Next to You

10 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing

  1. I know and love “Wishing On A Star” and “Love Dont Live Here Any More” but I did not know “I Am Going Down”.

    She really has the most beautiful voice.

    There is a Wiki for the group Rose Royce and it says that Gwen Dickey lives in the UK now and is a solo performer! Have you ever been lucky enough to see her? It would be great to see her in a live I think so!!!

    Thank you posting this, and reminding me of what a great singer she is and showing me a new track!

    • Glad you enjoyed! She really does have a gorgeous voice. I saw that Wiki page too, and that she lives in the UK. I assumed that she’s American, but maybe she’s British.

      I don’t think that i ever saw them live. I saw a lot of funk and soul bands in the ’70’s, but i think i’d remember if i saw them.

  2. Thanks for the post amylee – reminds me of watching them on Top Of The Pops. The drum synthesizer beat on Love Don’t Live Here Anymore was a much copied sound when I was a lad!

  3. A massive dond for this, amy, and very true about the covers: Madonna, we know, is a abattoir for other people’s songs (American Pie, Fever – awful) but none of the artists mentioned is bad. Only Mary J does justice to her own ability, let alone the song, but up against Gwen’s vocal, it remains nice but pointless.
    A word also for the immortal Norman Whitfield, the engineering genius behind this vehicle.
    And Car Wash! Top three of my all-time favourite films. And the scene in which we hear I Wanna Get Next To You is near-perfect. Now I must resist going on a quoting frenzy…

    “It stinks in here.” “It’s supposed to, lady. It’s a toilet.”
    “I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be and more of a woman than you’ll ever get.”
    “Ain’t nothin lower than Fly shit.”

    • Ah May, i was hoping that you’d stop by. And many thanks for the dond! It’s been so long since i’ve seen Car Wash, i had forgotton all about it until i saw it on MTV’s I Love the 70’s. I guess i ought to watch it again sometime soon.

      But what is it with Madonna taking on major classic covers that she can’t do justice to in her wildest dreams. Fever was foul.

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