Somewhere on another post this week there was some discussion about cars, new blokes I suspect since the last time I mentioned this subject there was mostly silence. So I’ll take the opportunity to try something I’ve been wondering about lately; how hard is it to do a slideshow on WordPress? Turns out to be very simple though I haven’t figured out yet how to vary the speed of the slides nor the size; of course I’d like ’em to fill the screen and to stay on for a long time. My interest in cars goes back literally 60 odd years and you can see that the ones I favor mostly come from that era though there’s a lot more from the ’30’s. I’ve chosen just a few from my Italian file, I think that the Italians have produced the most beautifully designed and engineered cars in the world; if I were buying a car today I’d rather have any of these 60 year old relics than anything on today’s market. We don’t need music to distract us with these images but I thought this might be appropriate, it’s from a recording of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1958; I don’t follow Formula 1 any more but I do enjoy going to Laguna Seca for the vintage races, the cars that race there often look a lot like the ones in these photos. These are just a few of my car photos, I have many more in files for most European countries if anyone’s interested.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

9 thoughts on “A SLIDESHOW TEST

  1. Hi GF!!!

    They are really beautiful!!!

    I do actually really enjoy motor sport.

    Actually I worked for Kawasaki for the 2009 Motor Grand Prix as a pit girl and I worked for them again at Tokyo International Motorcycle Show that year also. I was going to work again with them for the 2010 Moto Grand Prix but it was changed the dates because of the volcano in Iceland and I could not make the changed date.

    I do not own a car, but until quite recently I did own a motorcycle. It was a Honda Hornet 250, before that I had a Honda 250 Nighthawk which was very old but it is still working fine and my sister uses it even now.

    Now I just have a bicycle!!!

    I loved the pictures!!!

  2. Doesn’t work on the mobile, unless it’s a black merc in the Black Forest, with no lights, at midnight.

    Mind you, the mobile doesn’t clear out the comments in the post box after posting like it used to.

    • …and I meant to add: I used to live in a small village in Essex where one of my fellow-residents had a Maserati – I’d never seen such a low-slung car! Their dog was a basset hound, which I’m sure was a deliberate choice to go with it.

  3. The slideshow is a neat trick – the cars look great. I like the Maseratis – even the modern ones. There’s a current Quattroporte parked a couple of streets away and every time I drive by it I kind of swoon in its direction!

  4. Thanks for that link WB, Alfas are not sold here so I’m generally out of touch though that Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione Spider looks good.
    MD: I always liked the Quattroporte as an elegant street car, once long ago an auto journalist friend asked if I’d like to join him when he took a brand new model for a weekend roadtest; of course I’d like to. It was the most elegant luxury with amazing performance to boot that I’d ever driven, I had images of Popes, heads of state and Mafia leaders being the customers. They’re fairly cheap over here, they depreciate like mad so a 10 year old model can be bought very reasonably.
    Sakura, always enjoy your comments, as you’ve noticed there’s great interest here in your perception of England, you should consider writing a piece.

  5. GF-

    How timely. I’m afraid that i don’t care much about cars, but your photos are lovely. But one of my projects this week is to test out some different WP slideshow plugins to try to find one that works for my needs. I’ll report back if i find anything worth it.

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