Well done Kenny!

I’m sure that all of ‘Spilldom knows that King Creosote is one of my utter favourite singers, so I’m exceedingly pleased he’s been nominated for this year’s Mercury Music prize for his “Diamond Mine” album, a collaboration with Jon Hopkins. The last time I saw Kenny he was singing by the creels at Crail harbour, a fishing village just down the coast from where I live, and the album that’s been nominated is a concept record in the form of a postcard from a Fife coastal village – so well done to KC, and big up the East Neuk of Fife, Fence Records, and all that sail in her!


12 thoughts on “Well done Kenny!

  1. Look at his little Baldricky face! Great album, richly deserved – although I could have done with it being three or four tracks longer…

  2. Don’t have the album; must correct that asap.

    Bats In The Attic is gorgeous – could soon be right up there with …And The Racket They Made on the DsDiTunes Most Played list

  3. I first came across him at the recently opened (and now sadly closed) Luminaire in August 2005. I’d gone along because The Earlies were his backing band but was utterly charmed by Kenny too. I don’t think he’ll win the Mercury but I’m so glad he’s been nominated.

  4. bats in the attic is indeed a brilliant track –

    not a lot to surprise in the Mercury list – KC and Jon are the only real interest – KC should have been nominated years ago – and even tho it’s probably Polly’s best album (since her last best album) it doesn’t really excite me in the mercury.

    where is the oddity, the curveball, the idiosyncratic?
    (unless they give it to Fence records as a whole)

    guess Ghostpoet is the fella.

  5. well done KC! It’s a bit if a strange album for me and it hasn’t completely won me over yet, but great to see it nominated.

    Polly looks like the favourite at the moment, but Shane is right, KC is the only real curveball. I DO have a soft spot for Tinie Tempah too!

    BTW, I listened to Anna Calvi yesterday for the first time and can’t see what all the fuss is about……it seemed pretty boring to me!

  6. It’s not KC’s most overtly fun and playful album, which is perhaps why I haven’t listened overly much to it as yet (I feel like it just came out anyways) but I don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad KC song in existence, and gods knows he’s written thousands and thousands!

  7. And a further thank you from me, Blimpy. I’ve had Jon Hopkins’ Opalescent album on this evening, which I’d completely forgotten I’d got, and am loving it. Fans of E2-E4 who don’t know Mr Hopkins should check it out.

  8. Just listened to the whole of Diamond Mine on Spotty: just beautiful.

    I owe Kenny much more money than I’ve actually spent on him.
    Blimpy, if I ever manage to sit down with you with a nice bottle of something, the KC back catalogue will constitute a sizeable part of the evening’s discussion.

    I hear what you’re saying about “playful”, but the KC songs that ‘get’ me tend to be the languid, introspective ones. Bats In The Attic is, as I suspected, already storming its way up my MostPlayed list.

    Thank you so much.

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