9 thoughts on “Superboy

  1. smart picture – my mates kid has just had his bionic legs removed (added support to sort the hips, I think) good to get it sorted early – it is only fare to make him a cape…

  2. A lopsided head?! Whatever will they think of next? He looked perfect to me in the other pics you’ve posted, here and on fb. Probably a good thing I’m not a doctor… He looks cool as hell in the helmet anyway!

  3. Now that’s one COOL look!

    Give him a hug from us, tfd, and I hope it all works out OK soon.

    (Tell his mum & dad to keep the helmet, though, and box it up as a surprise present for his 21st birthday / wedding day)

    • Wish I could give him a hug, DsD – he’s in Texas you know. But yes, that’s a great idea. I’ll suggest it.

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