Earworms – June 27


“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”
Pablo Casals

Doug Sahm and the Sir Douglas Quintet – Lovin’ Man On Your Hands
Full of Oohs and Ows from Doug and his backing singers, plus a blast from those TexMex horns. Can’t fault the sentiment either – in fact, I’d ask him over right now if it wasn’t for the fact he’s been dead since 1999.

Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5
This came to me via my Mother-In-Law who gets a huge smile on her 78-year-old face every time she plays it. Sample a little Perez Prado & with a large dollop of jive/hip-hop & you get a nearly unshakable earworm.

Mariachi El Bronx – Litigation
Heard this on 6Music a few weeks back. My ears pricked up and it wormed its way in. Apparently, they’re an LA hardcore punk band called The Bronx and this is their side-project. If you can get past the flat vocal, I think it’s a winner.

Bebe – Malo Eres
Bebe burst onto the scene with this indictment of domestic violence in 2004. Not exactly singalong stuff, but let’s have a go with the chorus.
Malo, malo, malo eres
No se daña a quien se quiere, ¡no!
Tonto, tonto, tonto eres
No te pienses mejor que las mujeres


Sergio y Estibaliz – Cantinero de Cuba
As a young girl, I used to hang out with the group that eventually became Mocedades, often singing with them in impromptu concerts. The youngest sister was called Estibaliz, and I remember her as a twelve year old, with pigtails down to her waist, watching from the wings, occasionally being invited to join in. She later went on to greater things and this is one of my favourites. A sad song of unrequited love despite its happy sounding beat.
Mrs Maki

Sinead Lohan – To Ramona
I never got into Dylan’s music when he performed it himself. There have been many cover versions of his songs – some that I didn’t know were his at first. This is one such song that I heard on the radio and missed it being announced. I tracked it down, found out who was singing it and was surprised at who wrote it. One of my favourite songs.

Please send submissions to earworm@tincanland.com. I hate to sound like a broken record (what sort of earworm would that be?!), but supplies really are running low… Your Earworms need you! *looks stern; does pointy finger thing*

20 thoughts on “Earworms – June 27

  1. Listening now – tennis is on 🙂
    Doug Sahm is always good value. I love his “Mendocino” and really also like this.
    Lou Bega is fun, but it reminds me of the music they play over documentaries of British football hooligans misbehaving on the Costas.
    I really enjoyed the contributions of Bis, maki & Mrs Maki and bluepeter.
    If anything, Mariachi El Bronx stole it for me, but it was a close call.
    Thanks for a very summery list, bish.

  2. Another crcking list, Bish. I’ve attempted to send you something.

    tfd – you are incorrigible.
    fintan – can we swap mothers in law, please?
    bish, maki and mrs maki – all very nice.
    bluepeter – I’ve not heard of Sinead Lohan (must have missed Tinny’s post) – lovely voice.

    Now, where did I leave my castanets?

  3. Great selection again:
    Doug Sahm – while there is plenty of agreeable vino tinto on offer this week, this is more usually my taza de té, though it’s not a name I know so I’ll happily look out for more like this.

    Lou Bega – good associations with Jim Royle and Twiggy dancing to it in The Royle Family; bad associations with Arsenal adapting it for a Cup Final single. With the gift of time, it’s very catchy – you wouldn’t storm off a wedding dancefloor if it came on.

    Mariachi El Bronx – liked this a lot but the horn riff in particular grabbed me and I think it’s because it sounded like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s (no, don’t stop reading!) theme for ITV’s coverage of the 1978 World Cup in Argentina –

    Bebe – yes, more familiarity but I think because I must have been in Spain when it was a hit. Never picked up on the subject matter but a memorable tune. Probably my pick of the bunch….

    Sergio y Estibaliz – ….though it’s a Maki household stand-off, with Doug Sahm as the lodger disrupting the contest and Mariachi El Bronx as the overbearing neighbours, because this is lovely too – not much to choose between all four.

    Sinead Lohan – loved the guitar in this and her voice is great but it must be a measure of my journey from the “anyone but Bob singing Bob” camp of my youth that I was really hankering for his phrasing through this. That said, I’d imagine this to reward repeated listens.

  4. The whole Latin feel went down very nicely in the sunshine here. I heard Mariachi El Bronx a couple of times on the radio and it really jumped out – my highlight for the week, though Sinead Lohan runs it close – can’t really go wrong with a beautifully sung version of one of the loveliest songs by the best songwriter ever (I remember tin posting that Mermaid song too). “Mambo No.5” takes me back to my year as a student in Thessaloniki, which is no bad thing at all.

  5. I really liked these, too. Every song has some interesting harmonic and/or rhythmic thing going on and they’re all good for noodling along to.
    Thank you bish for assembling it, and to the contributors, of course.

      • Very pleased to hear it, severin! I am intrigued by him waking up in her warehouse. Is that some sort of arcane sexual euphemism? The whole album is rather fun actually (although this is admittedly the strongest track).

  6. Good feel to this list captain Bish! Enjoyed all of the tracks and Lou Bega who was never a favourite seems to have found a place where he fits in and I enjoyed listening to him! I like the Sineaad Lohan track for the voice but, like may, missed Bob’s phrasing – it’s amazing how some singers’ initially annoying traits become part of the reason you grow to love them (I’m looking at you Nick Cave!).

  7. Bish, Thank you for including my earworm in this selection. I thought they worked vey well together as a set. Loved the Mariachi and the Bebe. Don’t know what you will make of my next selection though.
    @Tincanman, Missed your posting about Lohan, will catch up tomorrow. I know she only made two albums (and did some collaborations),and it’s been in my mind for a while to look up her listings. I’ll get round to it one of these days [It’s an Irish thing].

    I understand what some people are saying about the sound and the phasing, but that’s exactly what I don’t like about Dylan’s original recordings. Just a matter of choice, I suppose. Cover versions will always throw up differences of opinion.

  8. Doug Sahm & Sinead I’d heard before & enjoyed revisiting them. The Maki efforts were both fun & really rounded out the feel of this set. True stand out
    for me was Mariachi El Bronx. It’s all about the happy Mariachi horns. Can’t resist ’em. Another fine week Bish.

  9. Bish, a week late, but as promised:

    Doug Sahm & The Sir Douglas Quintet – Excellent. Definitely a “Newtome”, yet instantly familiar, such is the effect of all those tried & tested hooks put together in one tune. Particularly love the horns.

    Lou Bega – Ah. Loved this when it came out; grew to loathe its ubiquity as an excuse for drunk rugby players to elbow everyone else off wedding/Christmas/end-of-season-dinner disco dancefloors, as they did their “hilarious” impressions of the Guinness advert dance. I think I’ve forgiven it again now. A true earworm.

    Mariachi El Bronx – Oh yeah! I can easily “get past the flat vocal, I think it’s a winner”. The contrast between this and (what you say is) their dayjob reminds me of The Brandos, who have two tunes that have made the leap from the iTunes mass onto my Walkman: the fired-up She’s The One and a surprisingly faithfully laid-back version of Guantanamera. Yes bish, you’re right: I like.

    Bebe – Blimey. I think I can safely say that I’ve never heard anything quite like this. I like it, but don’t have the first clue what to make of it. All kinds of possible ‘looks’ for the band are passing in front of my eyes like a book of mugshots, but none of them seem to fit. I’d be interested in following this up at some point.

    Sergio y Estibaliz – um, a bit too smooth for me, I’m afraid. A Spanish ABBA, maybe? (That’s meant as praise, but also as a reason why it “misses” with me.) But you gotta love the background story.

    Sinead Lohan – yet again, the Dylan-averse me finds a (newtome) song he likes that it turns out His Bobness wrote. This is beautiful. But, am I being disingenuous if I don’t find the smoothness here off-putting, given what I just said about Sergio and Estibaliz? I don’t want to start two Earworm arguments in one day …

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