13 thoughts on “steenbirthday

  1. Loving the Categories you’ve tagged this post too, Shane! Totty alert, totty alert! Happy birthday, steen. Again. Egads, I didn’t even get in there second…

  2. track listing:

    1 Walk And Skank – Jah Screechy
    2 King Ska Fa – Bad Manners
    3 Smash It (Featuring Ranking Roger) – 3:43 Fuzz Townshend
    4 El Bang Bang – Jackie Mittoo

  3. Yikes, I missed all the birthdays, apologies. I belatedly wish you the happiest of birthdays, in fact make it a whole month (I could have said year, but let’s be reasonable, there’s also the half birthdays)!

  4. Hey! They’ve sampled “On a Ragga Tip”. Or have I got that the wrong way round?

    This was fun. Happy belated Birthday Steenbeck. Also Shane, Blimpy, Bishbosh, GHE and anyone else I’ve forgotten.

      • I suspected that might be the case – I prefer your original, but always had a soft spot for SL2. Imbaday baday imbawaddlididay…

      • I had the SL2 then heard Walk And Skank at notting Hill one year – took me a while to track down but found it eventually – now with the added aid of computers and a lot of studio one mix cds I know that it sampled
        Slim Smith’s “I’ll Never Let You Go”

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