For Steenbeck, Happy Birthday!

For you, on your birthday, I think I may have unearthed the only bit of middle-class rap music in the whole wide world. “My white t-shirt fits right around my waist, not down to my knees, yo thug where I’m from we call that a dress…Tiger Woods; he’s my nigger!” 

5 thoughts on “For Steenbeck, Happy Birthday!

  1. The middle-class rap thing reminded me of this from the Dear Blank, Please Blank website:

    Dear 13 year old boy,

    Your mom drives you to school in a minivan. You are not a gangster… pull your pants up.
    Sincerely, anonymous.

    (Well, it made me chuckle.)

    Listened to the tunes yesterday and today. Awesome.

  2. I’m late, but i hope another Happy Birthday still counts! And for a tune i’ll post this one from some of my favorite snotcore pop punkers –

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