I’m very sorry about this…

I can’t actually watch that video, because I am proud of the fact that I’ve never knowingly listened to a Lady Gaga song. And I would never admit to watching a youTube pastiche of a television couple’s love affair.

But it’s because of you ‘Spillers (you know who you are!!) that I started watching Buffy, and I can’t talk about it with anyone in real life, because I don’t really know anybody that’s watched it. (Well, I probably do, but not that I know of…)

Some questions…

How can Spike love Buffy if he doesn’t have a soul?
Why didn’t a new slayer come into being when Buffy died?

Why doesn’t TFD like the Spike/BUffy romance? At least he has a sense of humor. I think he might be the most interesting love-interest yet. Although they aren’t actually together yet, so maybe it gets awful.

Well, I’m completely embarrassed by this post! Tooralooral!

31 thoughts on “I’m very sorry about this…

  1. I should point out that I actually like Lady Gaga’s persona, or parts of it. But the contrarian in me wants to see how long I can go without hearing a song. That’s all.

  2. Oh these are tough questions!!! But I think that a new slayer did not be born because they are human and inherit the power, unlike vampires which are not human and develop into vampires from humans.

    I think Spike must have a soul. The process of death is releasing the soul so it can transform and move on and so vampires must have souls if they can be killed. (Logically) but in the drama series Spike develops a soul from falling in love with Buffy so love is able to create a soul…and not the reverse which is how I would normally understand it.

    (Did you know, Spike went to the Woodstock festival, but he missed most of it because he drank the blood of a hippy who was high and so he got high also!!! – and Billy Idol stole Spike look with the dyed blond hair and leather jacket……I think we should check with Mitch to see if that is true!!!)

    But anyway, Spike is a bad boy and we love a bad boy really!!!

    • Hmmm… I like the idea that he creates a soul by falling in love with her. I find it hard to believe the writers of Buffy are as poetic as you are though, Sakura! We shall see….

  3. I’m a big Spike fan, partly because of the sense of humour and he has a very creditable English accent for an American, even if it does veer from posh to cockney and back. Besides, those cheekbones, those pecs, he’s a hottie.

    Why wasn’t there a new Slayer? That’s because there is already another slayer from when Buffy “died” at the end of Series One. First Kendra, then Faith replaced her and Faith is still alive.

    Yes, it does get awful but not irredeemable. Have you come across the gambling with kittens yet?

    • (don’t read this, Shoey!)

      Of course! Faith is still alive. It all makes perfect sense now. Thank you Mnemonic. Phew.

      And I did not know that Marston wasn’t English. I knew that David Borealis wasn’t… (spell check didn’t correct his name!) and I found it embarrassing when they showed how he became a vampire and he tried to do an accent – was that supposed to be Irish? I thought Spike’s went from posh to cockney because he’d reinvented himself so many times in the centuries he’d been alive. NO I DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH TIME FIGURING OUT THE INTRICACIES OF B the VS!!

      Yes, the kitten gambling made me nervous. I don’t want to see kittens get eaten.

  4. Oi! Me & Shoeteen are still on Season 4. Where’s the “Spoiler” alert? Season 1 was a struggle – amazed the series got renewed – but glad it did. Started on Angel & that’s a bit dull & dreary too, so far. Does it get better? Amazed how some of the dialogue of Buffy 4 made it to prime time.

    Think Spike came after Billy, think he owes more to Alan Moore’s John Constantine, though.

    • Heh heh…sorry Shoey!


      I actually like knowing what happens in the end, and frequently read the last chapter of a book first, but I’m sorry if I spoiled your enjoyment in any way.

  5. No spoilers here, Shoey. I think Season Four is my least favourite even though it does contain some great episodes. Season Five is universally regarded as great but my personal favourite is Season Six, although this seems to be the one that divides fans sharply. Once Shoey and Shoeteen have caught up we can have a full discussion on that.

  6. As I’ve mentioned before, I boycott Series 6 altogether – I watched it once, and don’t own the dvds – as it’s where in my view BtVS loses its way completely thanks to the malign influence of M**** N****. It’s just relentlessly and pointlessly miserable and rather unpleasant, verging on sadism at times, whereas in the earlier series the distressing bits are both necessary and carefully managed with doses of humour. I love Spike as a character, and the relationship works well in Series 5 and to some extent in Series 7 (which never hits the heights of the earlier series, but isn’t too bad), but in Series 6 it just gets used as a means of making Buffy completely miserable. I can’t help feeling that MN really hates Buffy as a character and likes watching her suffer. And Zander, and Anja, and Willow… Actually I’m not sure if she doesn’t hate the entire cast.

    • What is MN? It’s funny about the miserableness of it. It makes you realize how important the cheerful stupidity of most of the characters was. I think the appeal of most american television is the strangely comforting cheerful stupidity of it all. Maybe that’s slightly frightening. +

      • Marti Noxon, who wrote a fair number of scripts – generally okay, though I don’t think she was responsible for any of my favourites – and then started taking on producer roles as well, as Joss Whedon was busy doing Angel. She was executive producer for Series 6, and so I blame her for everything…

      • Also meant to say: I wouldn’t call it “comforting cheerful stupidity”, or not in all cases. Of course my knowledge of American television is limited to a sub-set of the shows that make it over here, but I have often been impressed by the way that they can include serious issues and genuine emotion in what is primarily a show aimed at teenagers (Buffy), or standard sitcoms (Rosanne, Frasier), or space opera (Battlestar Galactica reboot), whereas most British programmes focus on just doing one thing. Arguably they can sometimes do it very well, but for the most part it’s much more constricted by genre, and much less experimental. Buffy works at a complex emotional level because of the jokes and slapstick and incomprehensible teen speak, not despite it. The US manages to make clever stupid shows; the UK shows tend to be either clever or stupid.

      • I don’t watch too much tv myself, Aba…we don’t “get” any stations, so we have to watch on the computer. Which means we get to pick shows, and watch ones that haven’t been broadcast for a decade. When I’m in a place with cable – with 100s of channels – the stupidity of the programs is almost overwhelming. It’s like waves of idiocy bowling you over. But one show at a time… maybe ‘Stupidity” is not the right word, but there’s something very simple and uncomplicated about them (even if they involve demons and vampires and mortality and all sorts of other potentially complicated ideas) that I find strangely comforting.

  7. Yes, David Boreanaz’ ‘Oirish’ accent is one of those moments that you can watch only through your fingers…

  8. Sheddi and I are big Buffy fans. I think he owns nearly all of it on DVD; we’ve certainly seen the whole lot (mostly via whichever channel it was that was showing them). It does seem like a while since we watched any of it, though…

    Watched a bit of Xena, too, Severin, but in a vaguely random fashion. It certainly seemed as if there wasn’t so much of a story arc to that one, but it was still good fun.

  9. *********SPOILERS*******

    M… N… is one of the script writers. Spike’s been a punk blond since at least 1900 (Boxer Rebellion) so he predates Billy Idol.

    If you think David Boreanz’s Irish accent is bad, just wait til you hear one of the characters in Season Seven. It’s even worse than Drusilla and heaven knows where she got her accent from.

    I rewatch it from start to finish roughly every second year. I keep finding more in it on each watching. I’ve jusy bought the Angel box set on eBay and given away all the VHS tapes to make room on my shelves for books. It’s patchy. Some of it is very good indeed but it is much darker overall (except when Cordy becomes Queen of some otherworld land; that episode is hilarious). And it jumps the shark quite early on, I think.

  10. Spike is my favourite character apart from Willow in Buffy, although he doesn’t have a soul when we first meet him he is still capable of passionate attachment to people, he loved Druscilla in quite a sweet way, don’t you think? He’s fun and lovely. I might have to watch my DVDs again now.

    Did you know James Marsters has a band and sometimes tours with Ghost of the Robot? Not that I was very obsessed with him at all…

  11. As an idiotic male here who didn’t notice the cheekbones – it took ‘bloody ages’ (said in wavering accent – with grey eyed look) to warm to Spike – but the acting comes good in the end and the dialogue improves.. plus the chemistry actually becomes believable.
    I did end up enjoying Spike but he’s no Xander.. who is the coolest of all of them by far (well almost as cool as Faith)

  12. I’ve written some Buffy fanfic in the form of teleplays – including a final episode. Sent it to JW to see what he would say. He didn’t say anything but when the final ep arrived in reality it had my two concluding lines (though one was spoken by a different character).

    Should I sue, do you think?

  13. Steenbeck: Stupidity is a perfectly good word, it describes almost to a T 95% of all American TV which is foisted as an entertainment medium but is in reality an advertising and sales medium. If you don’t like ‘stupidity’, consider inanity, fatuity or emptyness; they all fit. Why anyone watches it reflects the intellectual level of the population in general.

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