New ‘Spiller!

What? You wanted to keep your phone bill??

I’d like to introduce you all to a new member of The ‘Spill team. This is Hector, who is 5 months old, and whose hobbies include bringing rocks in from the garden, being in cahoots with the baby to get soil from the potted plants everywhere, and generally being a big sook. Hector has not as yet expressed any preference for specific music, but likes to listen to Radio 4 through the night.

33 thoughts on “New ‘Spiller!

  1. Adorable! My cats knocked over the trays with chitting potatoes 4 times. I will never know what variety I am eating for the rest of the year.

  2. Love the way you have attributed this post to ‘Grunge’ and ‘Soul’. Presumably, that’s a description of Hector…

    • Oh, and I meant to say – rocking in the garden, hitting the pot plants and listening to radio 4 all night – sounds uncannily like Bigbrobach when we were teenagers. Not to mention the ‘big sook’ bit…

  3. I’m not sure Hector is to blame for the things you mention, look at that face, total innocence.

    Surely he’d be into House music ?

    ( Hector’s House….geddit ?*)

    * Helps if you are over 50 I think.

  4. Great photo Blimpy and a hearty welcome to Hector!

    Nice Kilim too, I can’t stop Shellac’s “Prayer To God” running through my mind whenever I see one!

  5. Why did my mind go directly to The Magic Christian when I looked at the photo? ‘A clean kill, Sir!’. On behalf of Murphy (my avatar) & his currently visiting bother Cupa & mama Toad welcome aboard this crazy caravan Hector!

  6. Oh, he’s beautyfull. What kind is he?

    I have a picture of Steenbeck just like that when she was a puppy. I’ll try to find it.

    Now I think we need to see a picture of Luna Hippo.

    • It is somewhat Scots – it means a big softie, always sucking (sooking) up for a cuddle. Not to be confused with the Morrocan word for a market (souk).

      • Luna’s restricted herself so far to the discrete removal of portions of grouting, elastic filler, and the odd loose splinter of timber board, though in gnawing terms she’s much more interested in my shoes and socks at the moment. (Sorry if this is TMI for anyone.)

      • Did you involve the Sane one in the naming process (nice pick)?

        Better than these ‘Spill possibilities:

        The Grateful Dog
        Half Man Half Dog Biscuit
        The Beagles
        Massive Attack
        Pet Shop Girl

      • I could knock out a pretty good soundtrack 20 just like this:

        Dog Faced Boy Eels
        The Dog Is Black (feat. Liela Moss) UNKLE
        Prairie Dog [Maxwell House Rmx] Laika
        Stolen Dog Burial
        Is Dog Eared ART BRUT
        Low Dogg Micachu And The Shapes
        To The Dogs Or Whoever Josh Ritter
        I’m A Great Example To The Dogs (Acoustic) Lord Cut Glass
        Boneyard Dogs Baxter Dury
        Beneath The Underdog Baxter Dury

        Dogwalkers Of The World Unite Schwervon!
        Wolves (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog) Iron & Wine
        Dogs Of Lust The The
        Give It To The Dog Bandit Queen
        Dog Zola Jesus
        A Dog’s Life Nina Nastasia
        The Underdogs The Golden Filter
        Keep the Dog Quiet Owen Pallett
        Islet Horses and Dogs Islet
        Cats And Dogs Camille

        we could make it a theme – let me think – Animals?

    • Dr. Blimpy first needs a saw.
      …a swift swig on some pure alcohol –
      one for the Doctor, one for the patient and another for the Doctor – just in case…

      ha hA HA – the operation shall begin henceforth… on the Luna eclipse (just after the Earl Grey) tootle pip.


      “stop this inhumane butchery”

      (oh you meant the photo link – as you were)

      • The patient is fine.. she’s doped up on homeopathic hayfever remedies… if I could only get Luna’s teeth through this screen, I’d have the damn thing cut down to size myself in a jif…

  7. That face is pretty darn irresistible, innit? Hello Hector. Good to have you aboard the Good Ship Spill. (And remember, Spill is a description, NOT an instruction…)

  8. It looks like a parrotcide.. I thought they were protected… doesn’t look like Hector had anything to do with it though, he seems to have just happened by… Blimpy, I suggest you interrogate the rest of the family…

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