treefrogdemon on the air

On March 14 I got an email from TP’s fan club saying that the radio station that hosts his programme was holding a competition to celebrate the 6th year of the show – we had to suggest a question for TP, to do with music/the radio programme/whatever, and 21 people would be chosen to go to LA and ask him the questions at a special event hosted by the station. Well, I got very excited because I thought that was a competition I might very well win, and I spent a whole week pondering what kind of question would be likely to be picked, and thinking of a question and refining the question…and it wasn’t till a week later that the entry form went up and I found out only people in the US or Canada would be eligible.

So I was well miffed, and on listening to the programme (an ordinary one not the special competition one) later that week I decided I would email TP and tell him so. And while I was at it I submitted a request, since he said he was wanting people to do that, and the request was for a Freddie King instrumental called Pulpwood – I know TP likes Freddie, and as his grandfather’s nickname was Pulpwood (TP’s not Freddie’s) I thought he might well play it so he could talk about his grandfather; well, he didn’t mention his grandfather but as it happened the Heartbreakers drummer Steve Ferrone was on the track – which I didn’t even know! – so he talked about that instead. DJs always want something to say, you know.

Here’s what he said, then – oh and by the way, in general I don’t like to be referred to as ‘a nice lady’. But if TP wants to call me that, it’s OK.

33 thoughts on “treefrogdemon on the air

  1. Well done you. At least he’s smart enough to know you are a nice lady even if he didn’t name check you. That beats my one radio request back in 1969 on Uncle Bill’s BFBS show in Germany by a million miles!

    So, what are you going to request next?

    • He wouldn’t pronounce my name properly anyway – Americans think it starts with Jah. (Of course he would think I didn’t pronounce HIS name properly either – for instance the way I say it there’s at least one letter T in his surname.) I have now told him how to pronounce Kirkcudbright though.

      I’ve requested RT’s version of Here Without You – he played the Byrds’ one directly after the bit about Steve Ferrone.

      • Er, no. We did have a cassette tape recording though.

        We were also filmed by the BBC doing a gig at the 59 Club which went out on a programme called “24 Hours”, which was a kind of forerunner to ‘Newsnight’, but a bit more of a magazine format.
        When I asked if they still had a tape, several years later, they couldn’t find it. Another lost TV gem!

      • What a shame! I was just thinking about the amazingness of what just happened. First I emailed my favourite rock star. Then I listened to him respond on a stream from his website, which I recorded using one kind of software and then edited using another kind, converted into another format, posted on a blog and then let people know by
        a) emailing
        b) posting on Facebook
        c) posting on RR
        d) instant-messaging.
        Who’d a thunk it?
        Oh, and then I emailed the rock star back to say thankyou.

  2. tfd, well done. Great track too. But it must be a low budget radio station – the least they could have done was winged you a plane ticket to LAX!

  3. We do irony!!

    TFD, I hate to break it to you, but you are actually a nice lady. I wouldn’t call you that with those words specifically, but you’re nice (pleasant in manner, good-natured, kind) and you’re a lady (a woman).

    How do you say Jocelyn?

    I’m thrilled as can be to hear Tom Petty talking about you! He’s got a lovely speaking voice, doesn’t he?

    • Oh, I’m just being silly, really. No-one who knows me would call me a lady, because I’m a Socialist and don’t hold with that sort of thing. But TP is being polite, and it’s absolutely fine; and, as a matter of fact, he can call me whatever he damn well pleases. Yes, he has a beautiful voice. (Of course I like his singing too, but he mostly sings a lot higher.)

      I’ve noticed that many Americans (especially southerners) don’t use the short o, and certainly in Texas I’ve got tired of telling ’em that my name isn’t Jahcelyn.

  4. WOW!!! I am so happy you got your request from your favourite artist radio show in person!!!

    And I think you are a nice lady also!!!!

  5. TFD – Way cool post & I got to enjoy it with my Sunday morning coffee so I’m glad I waited. Not that I didn’t know TP is seriously cool but the fact he name checked Emmit Rhodes & the Merry-Go-Round got him high style marks here.

  6. Oh, I just got Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers greatest hits from Barnardos (79p on cassette tape, thankyewverymuch!) and have been rockin out in the car the last couple of days. It has really grown on me. Also, the tape is a bit warped in places, which gives it a nice, modern psychedelic chill-wave vibe. Cheers!

    • Cool! If any of the tracks annoy you so much (because of the warp factor, natch) they’re not listenable any more, just let me know and I’ll box ’em for you. I haven’t got the album, because I don’t need it.

      TP was a bit miffed about the record company putting that one out (it was a contractual thing) but as it turned out to be their best-selling album ever I dare say he feels OK about it now.

      • It’s a good collection! I also like only having one tape in the car cos then you’re kinda forced to listen to stuff, which can be good…

      • I admire your restraint…I play my iPod in the car, on shuffle – it has 17,000 songs. So that’s one in ten for TP, on average.

  7. Oh and by the way, everybody (since I’m sure you want to know) TP didn’t play my request this week – but he didn’t play anyone else’s, either.

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