81 thoughts on “30-day Musical Challenge: Day 28

  1. That’s a loaded question again!

    You’re not getting some sort of Peeping Tin vicarious pleasures out of this, are you?
    Perversion peccadillo data mining, perhaps??

    I’ll have to think about this one.

  2. Well, I do feel guilty because I have a whole other agenda now (designed to cheer me up when the 30 days are over) and so I’m totally shoehorning here. All will be revealed, though.

    Oh, and this is an ace performance of a terrific song.

    I Need To Know by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

    • One thing I don’t feel guilty about – I am discovering some really good Tom Petty stuff that I’ve not heard before. Thanks Tfd.

      • Quick! Nip over to RR and dond Gator On The Lawn!

        Oh no, it’s too late, isn’t it? He’s already written the piece.

  3. CSNY – Teach Your Children

    because I’m often just too worn out to give my children the attention they deserve, and it takes a bunch of old [male!] hippies to kick my ass into gear. I’m not fishing here – I know you know my kids are wonderful – but that’s a state they’ve achieved mainly on their own, particularly TheBoyWonder.
    Kudos to you both, kids!

    • debbym, kids are better at that kind of stuff than we think…mine have learned a lot of useful skills that I’m sure they wouldn’t have done if we hadn’t had to struggle when they were growing up.

  4. I have never known music to make me feel guilty for anything. However, when I met the future Mrs. RM, I was going out with someone else and co-incidentally one of her favourite records was Mary Wells “Two Lovers”

  5. The song that makes me feel guilty is Lie to Me by Depeche Mode because the lyrics remind me of the time I dated a friend on the rebound from someone else. I didn’t really have romantic feelings for him, it was a vanity thing and I hurt him which he didn’t deserve. I still feel guilty about it, although I’m sure my friend has moved on.

    Gosh, that was rather confessional, I hope he’s not reading this blog!

  6. I was going to huff that I have no musical pleasures over which I feel guilt, and that nothing for which I might feel guilty in my life corresponds with any particular song. That all still stands, but because this is a song I’ve consistently eschewed from putting on my iPod or paying enough attention to my better half’s version of it that I’m able or willing to join in when she invariably shoehorns it into our mojito-fuelled sing-songs, and I know she loves it (and hearing it with actual music behind it, I now concede it does have a tune), and I know that her love for it has nothing to do with the fact that Leo Sayer hit on her long before I knew her (he got knocked back so for that night he presumably was a one-man band) so I feel guilty for not being a better boyfriend and embracing it more wholeheartedly:

    Leo Sayer – Moonlighting

  7. In the early days of our relationship, I made a compilation CD of love songs for mrs barbryn. I can’t imagine why I mentioned it (I’d know better now…) but somehow it came up that I’d previously used this track on a mixtape for my ex.

    To me, this wasn’t an issue at all – a beautiful song is a beautiful song, and it’s not like it had ever been our song or anything. Women, however, to make an absurdly sweeping generalisation, see these things differently. So I’ve been made to feel guilty about this song. And I’d agree that you probably shouldn’t use the line “let our world be that of reproductive bliss / it’s just a thought, there’s no pressure” on more than one person.

    Lambchop – Theone

  8. A bit stumped. Would be the perfect topic to post Babs’ Guilty, and say i felt guilty for liking it, but that wouldn’t be true, because i don’t really like it. I’m sure that i can find a suitable misognystic song that i love from any of my favorite rockers if i give it a bit of thought. I had in my mind a Cream song i liked the other day, if i can remember what it was, that may do in a pinch.

  9. Oh, this is bit confessional, isn’t it? I can’t hear “Running dry” by Neil Young without a feeling of guilt for having played it to a girlfriend I was ditching, in place of telling her properly.

    “I’m sorry for
    the things I’ve done,
    I’ve shamed myself with lies,
    My cruelty has punctured me
    And now I’m running dry.”

  10. What a very odd category. I will go for this because they were my twin brother’s favourite band when we were teens and, for reasons that are too personal/convoluted to go into now, I cut myself off from him for many years – and feel pretty guilty about that.

    The Cure: Catch

  11. I suppose I have to admit it, though I kinda did that already when offering a solidarność-dond to Mnemonic recently.

    As much as I now hold the man in contempt, the song still gives me as much of a buzz as it did to the 8-year-old me (on release), and the 20-year-old me (when he was the king, nay, LEADER, of the University gig circuit).

    Gary Glitter – Leader Of The Gang

    • I have to admit to a sneaking fondness for his mid-80s hit “Dance Me Up”. Which doesn’t even have the benefit of being vintage Glitter. Mind you, I was a little shocked to see Gwyneth Paltrow singing “Do You Wanna Touch Me?” on Glee the other week – in the context of teaching teens about sex. Seemed a little inappropriate (or maybe just very subversive)…

      • I saw the Sisters Of Mercy after the scandal broke and as one of the encores they did a cover of Didn’t Know I Loved You Til I Saw You Rock And Roll. I remember speculating on what Andrew Eldritch’s thinking was afterwards but I think my wife put her finger on it : “He’s probably just being an arsehole” or something like that.

        Weirdly Killing Joke have recently revived their old habit of using an instrumental version of Rock & Roll as part of their intro music, which seems to be taking their rejection of conventional morality a bit far.
        At least Test Tube Babies dropped their cover of Leader Of The Gang pronto and haven’t touched it with a bargepole since.

  12. Tough one to answer, I think I’ll go with Jeffrey Lewis’ Anxiety Attack, because it makes me feel guilty about my procrastination:

  13. This is almost as hard as yesterday. Not sure I can think of a song relating to a personal situation that makes me feel guilty. Not that there have never been such situations, just that they don’thave songs attached. I can think of a song that might have made someone else feel guilty, but that’s not the question and it’s a long time ago now.
    Taking the Darcy’s Dad approach I can think of one “non-political” song I like by an extremely dubious band (ok, way beyond dubious) but I’m not about to publicise that.
    Instead I’ll go for this as a kind of slap in my apathetic face
    The Disrupters – Do Something

  14. Elvis Perkins – WHile You Were Sleeping.

    I love it so much. So much. I got it zedded, but I should have left it for Shane, because I wouldn’t know it if not for him.

      • I wasn’t using it anyway!!

        Oi oi oi, Shane…aren’t you going to nominate a Ballboy song about flags an cranes etc etc this week? It’s a good one.

    • no need to feel guilty – this is a most beautiful tune, I’m So happy to get more people to hear it – you getting it A listed extends that – but feeling guilty about it IS good because you can put it up here and MORE people can listen – everyone’s a winner.

    • beautiful – that’s a way to start the day.

      I told my Ms. we should split up, in my normal push people away if they get too close kind of way, moments before she told me she was pregnant – the phrase ‘that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ could have been coined for just such an occasion – guilt part 2:

  15. Well now we’re asked to share tintillating tales. Oh. hell I’ve come this far. There really is only one I could think of & I’d buried it so deep It took awhile to come up with the title (& now it’s become an incessant earworm. Damn you Tin!). the tale is long & twisted & won’t be told here.

    Lying Eyes – The Eagles

  16. I thought a lot about this and there is only one song that has ever made me feel guilt over anything is this one – Aretha Franklin I Say A Little Prayer. I am really not going to explain why though.

  17. I won’t go into why, but I rarely play this anymore, and when I do, I’m made to feel extremely guilty, but I still proclaim my innocence, yer ‘onour…

    Bob Dylan – The Man in the Long Black Coat.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Bobby doing it on Youtube, so here’s Mark Lanagan. Please don’t get me feeling guilty about not trying hard enough.

  18. No explanation with this one , sorry.


    “But no excuse
    My feelings still remain”


  19. Being an intellectual, cold sort of fish I’m generally able to post-rationalize anything I do, so that I can’t really say I actually experience guilt at all as a result of my personal actions, as everything I do is optimised for maximum mutual benefit.

    However whenever I hear Coldcut’s Aid dealer, I am made aware of the immense and arbitrary difference in quality of life throughout the world, and that through no real effort of my own I’m probably among the most privileged on this planet, and not really doing much about helping anyone else to join me, however pathetic and formulaic that may sound.

  20. Not a single song but my extensive collection of …er…”live and rare” recordings.
    I know I shouldn’t but I can’t resist.
    I must have every note Syd Barrett and the Velvets ever committed to tape, intentionally or not.
    If I had to pick one song that represents my sinful haul it would be

    Velvet Underground- Sweet Sister Ray.
    It’s only 39 minutes long, recorded live in Cleveland in 1968 and sounding , basically, like Lou Reed tuning up.
    Took me years to find, cost an arm and a leg and, rather amusingly, the CD had an inbuilt fault and is now not playable.
    Ha ha.

  21. I have done things for which I feel some personal guilt but I can’t think of any particular music connections.
    So I’m picking Kirsty MacColl‘s Children Of The Revolution. On a rational level, there’s no reason it should make me feel guilty but it does. I think it’s the combination of a) lyrics that describe how some people have their childhoods stolen by political, economic and social conflict; b) the developed world’s role in allowing/encouraging that theft to happen; c) Kirsty’s sweet but slightly sad voice; and d) the unpunished murder of Kirsty herself, due to money triumphing over justice.

    It isn’t on you tube but here’s a Spotty link: http://open.spotify.com/track/1urdVWRlz0bAvOd7mLYica

    These are the last lines
    Children of the revolution coming out to play
    Someone sells a gun and someone blows them all away
    Children of the revolution sold out by the banks
    Who swap the green upon the dollars for the green upon the tanks
    Children of the revolution shot down by a brand new gun

  22. there are quite a few bands whose music I love but whose politics/outlook I abhor, which makes me feel guilty about buying their records and contributing to their livelihood.

    The obvious one would be everyones favourite Black Metal bogeyman, convicted murderer and purveyor of dodgy nationalistic views:

    Burzum – “Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität”

    How is it that such a fucker can make a track as beautiful as this?

    • I hadn’t heard that before, but you have reminded me of a whole music genre I am suspicious of and feel guilty listening to, that is neofolk, including such bands as Current 93, Sol Invictus, Darkwood and Empiryum.

      Although it all sounds quite harmless and lovely, people have told me that there is an association with Nazi Germany, due to usage of themes and imagery relating to that place and period in history. Is it necessarily fascist to celebrate German nationality and is that what they’re doing?

      When I listened to a Neo-Folk compliation, some really disturbing people viewed my profile on last-fm and I have since abandoned it (but I still like those bands)

      Does anyone have any opinions?

      • Neo-folk has been promoted by the BNP. Griffin has said it is his favourite music, so that’s probably why you had some odd-balls looking at your profile.

      • Beth- I would view with extreme suspicion anything purporting to use themes and imagery relating to (at the very latest) post 1933 Germany, as all official outlets after that period were dedicated to glorifying the NS regime.

        There are cultural artefacts created in this period in Germany which don’t relate to national socialism- for instance, most modern architecture and art, at least up until the early thirties- and there are also traditions which had harmless beginnings but were co-opted into the Nazi system- such as summer fitness camps for children.

        But it is very hard to separate, say, the 19th Century Blut and Boden (blood and soil) movement, which underlies much of early 20th Century German “nationalist” identity, from ideas of racial discrimination and hierarchy which later became the cornerstones of NS ideology.

      • I think with Current 93, you would have picked up religious rather than political nutters. David Tibet is a gnostic Christian and writes mostly about the coming Apocalypse. I love his music but I think he’s completely off his trolley.

      • Mmm, I have heard that David Tibet is not politically worrying now, but has had far right connections in the past. Many musicians I like probably hold repulsive views I don’t know about, but when I actually know, I think it changes things.

        I still like Rome though.

      • bethnoir – yes, the Neofolk lot do indeed have some very dodgy elements, along with the various pagan/folk metal bands, they seem all “Hey Nonny Hey” on the surface and talk about return to roots and tradition and a pre-Christian worldview, but a lot of them are thinly-veiled nationalistic manifestos…..proceed with caution!!

  23. There actually aren’t any Clapton tunes i love enough to worry about, except Layla, i don’t really listen to him so i don’t have any major guilt there. A bit spoiled for choice on Stones tunes. I don’t think that they were inherently racist, but some of their lyrics are just awful. Pretty hideously offensive, I think. Brown Sugar, Sweet Black Angel, Some Girls. And i like all of those songs. GnR’s One in a Million is just godawful, and Slash was pretty offended by it too. Luckily i can’t stand that song, and i’m not all that big on the Dire Straits Money for Nothing, although i don’t think that its at all homophobic or misogynistic, i think it’s pointing out inappropriate attitudes and making fun of the workmen for having them.

    I don’t think Shirley Manson is homophobic in the least either, and i love this song.

    Garbage – Queer

    • I like that track (and the album from which it came) a lot. And I really don’t think queer means gay in this instance, amy

      • I posted this one on the mothership for a topic once, and did a small bit of research. There is enough out there to suggest that it does mean gay, but it’s sympathetic. Jury is out as to the definitive meaning, but one mooted a lot is that it’s about a father taking his gay son to a hooker.

      • Butch Vig: “With “Queer”, I was reading this novel about this woman who was hired to go and make this guy’s son “a man”. The kid is missing a few marbles. But then he realises that the woman who came to his room is also fucking his father.”

        he’s got a way with words that Butch fella.

    • Having nominated Mothers Little Helper and Under My Thumb in one of the negative categories, I like Brown Sugar a lot. It IS offensive, but it’s got truth on its side – it says more about an uncomfortable and nasty part of life in 3 minutes than a text book on sex, race and imperialism.

      Maybe I’m being inconsistent in the way I judge these different songs, it’s one’s own judgement of whether the song works well enough to justify putting that bad thing in front of you, and not wrapping it up in an analysis.

      And I remember watching it on Top Of The Pops when I was 9 years old, and thinking it was about brown sugar !

  24. TB: you gave us your pick for days 24 to 27 before trolling off. This is how it worked out:

    Day 24, a song that you want played at your funeral:
    The Go-Betweens – Twin Layers Of Lightning

    Day 25, a song you hate from a band you love:
    The Pretenders – Brass In Pocket

    Day 26, a song that you can play on an instrument:
    The Smiths – Meet Me At The Cemetery Gates

    Day 27, a song that you sing in the shower:
    Belle & Sebastian – It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career

    Any comments?

    • Hmmm … my crystal ball didn’t quite work out as I hoped!

      The closest was Day 25 – I’m not sure that I exactly ‘hate’ Brass In Pocket but it’s cerainly not one of my favourites of theirs.

      I’d love to say that I could do justice to Johnny Marr’s guitar work on Cemetery Gates but alas, no …

      I have been known to sing along with Belle & Sebastian but I don’t think that particular tack is in my repertoire.

      Thanks for keeping a note, Chris. I’ll let them stand!

  25. And, while I’m tidying up…

    We still have five duplicate picks that it would be good to resolve before the final countdown. The person named is the second one to pick the song listed so, in order to satisfy the rules, they should pick again.

    Night Nurse – Gregory Isaacs (Day 6: Song That Reminds You of Somewhere): CaroleBristol

    Sunday Morning – Velvet Underground (Day 10: Song That Makes You Fall Asleep): fred flinstone

    Strange Little Girl – The Stranglers (Day 15: Song That Describes You): Ali Munday

    Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West) – Benny Hill (Day 16: Song That You Used To Love But Now Hate): Shoey

    My Boomerang Won’t Come Back – Charlie Drake (Day 21: Song That Makes You Laugh): Marconius7

    Singapore – Tom Waits (Day 26: Song That You Can Play On An Instrument): webcorewebcore

    Please post updates here or on the following days, so I don’t have to trawl back through time. Ta.

    • Should have guessed that Ernie would go early. Sex Pistols – No One Is Innocent. Good tune, Ronnie Biggs is distinctive, but the older me can’t overlook the cheap outrage of the lyrics & lack of wit.

    • Sorry Chris, I had no idea. I can busk Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile (Slight Return). It’s only E, A and B, but I throw in a couple of the fiddly bits.

  26. Chris – just caught up with duplicates – Day 15 ‘song that describes you’ – I’ll choose “For I live not where I love” , this version is sung by Mary Black:

    Thanks for sorting it all out.

  27. OK – so in order to play Day 29, it seems I have to post something for Day 28. And I am utterly uninspired. I don’t think a song has ever made me feel guilty but for the sake of posting something, I’ll admit to a guilty fondness (at the time) for The Osmond‘s Crazy Horses.

    Will that do, Chris?

  28. Having missed the last few days, this is going to be tricky for Day 29 but I suppose I’ll be finding something for Toffeeboy. I’ll add all the catch-ups to Day 29, though

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