107 thoughts on “30-day Musical Challenge: Day 23

  1. Well, there’s a loaded one. I know one that’s not though. I had a sort of date once where we went back to his house after we were out wherever. He had Led Zep’s Physical Graffitti there, and i insisted on listening to Trampled Underfoot. Totally killed the moment. Know how Slash felt when he said he first heard Back in the Saddle at a girl’s house, and forgot all about the girl.

    Ok, now i need a think.

  2. If you are there with the right person, you don’t need music. If you are there with the wrong one, music won’t improve matters.

    I think that you want music that doesn’t get in the way.

    This might be OK;

    Air Cherry Blossom Girl

  3. Tell me they never posted this on facebook! Who’d explain to all the little kiddies that it’s not a golfing term?

    Maria Muldaur – Some Cats Know

      • wee changes!
        (don’t let me type this…)

        (too late….)

        – golden showers for foreplay?
        the ‘spill could take on a whole new meaning.

      • I already picked the Bolero (and i’ll stick with it), but headslapping at a missed opportunity to shoehorn in a local 80’s Boston band in that should have been a bit bigger than they were. Great video too. If i was inclined, i could say it could serve as a taster, but i don’t want to go down to Shane’s level.

    • I can’t help feeling, tfd, that it’s about time you and Tom got a room, as they say….
      I presume the Heartbreakers simply provide a soundtrack. Or? No!?

  4. Ok. DebbyM’s Maria Muldaur reminded me of It’s Not the Meat, It’s the Motion. And the Pointer Sisters’ Slow Hand is not a bad reminder for some gents either. But of we’re going to be serious here, i’ll go with this one, it’s not a bad pacesetter either.

    Ravel – Bolero

  5. In truth, I never used music as foreplay. However, if I did it would have to be this (extended version, natch)

    Max Romeo “Wet Dream”

    • Bolero?! That seems to be cutting it a bit short… can I recommend In a silent way, it’s about 29 minutes until the loud bit.

      • Nilpf –

        Wow, that was lovely. Although i don’t know if it would work for me for the topic, felt like i should be meditating to it instead. But it was nice to work to though, and a nice change from the Dead i’ve been working to the past few nights. (I also listened to a piece called Shhh Peaceful, but it sort of wasn’t!) Thanks.

      • Ah, but you need the whole album, with Shhh/Peaceful followed by In a silent way/It’s about that time, otherwise you won’t get your 29 minutes…

  6. I’ll invoke those great lotharios Spike Lee and -er- Peter Carey, both of whom set fictional seductions to Miles Davis’ All Blues.

  7. My Bloody Valentine – Slow

    but then you gotta hang around with a certain type of woman for it to have any effect.

    (or you have intensely stunning good looks – as I do – then the tune doesn’t matter)

    oh – the medication is wearing off – what were my delusions this evening?

    • I used to fantasize about seducing someone to “Blown a wish”… this was unfortunately in an environment where all remotely desirable females were more into Madonna, or each other.
      *sigh* ( if only I’d had the Shane looks.. or his medication..)

      • Luckily all the female I’ve ever known have been on the same medication… being English this is half a bottle of cheap spirits – they needed it to blur my looks into something acceptable – I needed it to stop me being tongue tied…

        (there’s a joke in there somewhere about them preferring me with a knot in my tongue ((on a foreplay thread)) But I’m obviously too shy and restrained to mention that in public)

  8. I pretty much have to agree with first part of Carole’s post. Music alone can’t do the magic. But if you’re with the right one then something like this properly danced to is , well an incantation.

    Anyone Who Knows What Love Is – Irma Thomas

  9. I knew a girl once who loved having sex on the back of a motorcycle (when it was parked, you understand) which was fairly precarious. However, the only ‘music’ we heard was the occasional police siren.

  10. The Norma Jeans – Harem
    Never underestimated the seductive power of an obscure tribute CD called The New Wave Of Chas & Dave. I was incredibly drunk and I can only assume the woman in question was as well.
    No link but here’s the original which to the best of my knowledge I’ve never heard before myself.

      • @amylee – You made me chuckle, although in fact I suppose Hot On The Heels Of Love would work for some more alternative couples. But surely not the likes of Hamburger Lady, I really hope not!

  11. I have to say, reading the collated comments where the childhood theme is interspersed with the foreplay theme, we do seem like a perverse bunch of freaky wierdos this evening.

  12. Agree with Carole that the right person’s more important than the right song. Nonetheless, this is some of what the right person makes you feel so I’ll go with it –

    Aaron Neville – Crazy Love

    – and as that right person’s next to me right now, I guess I should go and try it out, eh?

    • This version is lovely, I’m a fan of the Van Morrison too. I’ve never thought of making practical use of the classic soulful seduction songs – Marvin Gaye, Barry White; I like to keep expectations at a reasonable level !

  13. Strange subject.
    Got to be gentle, smooth, easy on the ear, cool and moody.

    Only one thing for it.

    Arvo Part………….”Spiegel Im Spiegel”

    Got to go………proper link laters. (hopefully)

  14. I think this question might refer to what we called, back in the day, seduction music. In which case one of my favorites in the days when I was still trying seduction was ‘Soave sia il vento’ from Cosi fan tutte. One of my favorite opera songs, which I first caught the bug for after watching ‘Sunday, bloody Sunday’.

    But if the question is about real get-it-on foreplay, then I’m not sure I ever tried music specifically for that purpose. But of course ‘George’ (in ’10’) is not the only one to have used Ravel’s Bolero to help things along in the bedroom department. Getting the timing right is tricky, though – take it from me…

  15. “If music be the aperitif of love…”, you see, not just the good looks but the chat-up line as well.

    I like the John Lee and Bonnie R because it just says “I’m In The Mood….” – none of those over-optimistic promises one hears so often.

  16. Urgh, the thought of calculatedly putting on music before indulging in ‘foreplay’ makes me feel a little ill. I once went out with someone who insisted we ‘do it’ to Madonna’s “Justify My Love”. I kept getting the giggles. Anyway… almost at random, I’m going to go for this:

    Blue Nile: The Downtown Lights

    Because it’s romantic an’ that.

  17. DsD suggested I call the Excel thing I’m using the Deadspread (such is the level of wit around here…:)), which reminded me of something I once read that, at it’s essence, was ‘Dead, bed, spread’. I’m sure you can fill in the missing words.
    There was a point at which, listening to Dark Star, I understood what generated that idea. As played on Live/Dead, it can be seen as a 23-minute erotic journey, with it’s sensous lines and snaky rhythm (Phil’s finest), and plenty of play and joy. Hell, there’s even a final climax before the second verse, at the end of which are these words:

    Lady in velvet
    Recedes in the nights of goodbye

    Shall we go, you and I, while we can
    Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds?

    There was a time it came on the stereo at a very opportune moment.

    • When Live/Dead was released on CD, it became possible to hear the full 55-minute sequence that ends up with Turn On Your Lovelight, uninterrupted by having to turn the record over: a bonus for those with impressive staying power….
      The Eleven is a bit tricky to negotiate, though (I would imagine. I don’t think I’ve made it past the line in Saint Stephen about one man gathers what another man spills…. Who am I kidding? Dark Star crashes is probably nearer the mark….)

  18. Some seductive soul might be the best shot. Barry White is way to cheesy, Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On is hopeful but unlikely. More realistically:

    Al Green – I Can’t Get Next To You

  19. I’ve never really gone in for musical foreplay. However, I did have a brief fling in winter 1986 and my partner would invariably stick Purple Rain into the cassette player. It may have done things for her, but having to get up and change the cassette at the end of side one in a freezing cold attic tended to spoil it for me. My guess is that she chose it because she had the hots for Prince and instead of pining for the unattainable, she used her formidable imagination and several pints of cider and settled for me. It didn’t last long.

    So, I’ll go for Prince’s Purple Rain

  20. The Great Gig In The SkyPink Floyd

    I was tempted to go with The BeatlesYou’ve Got To Admit It’s Getting Bigger … errr… Better but that would just be silly ….

    Anyhoo … I’m going to be internet-less (probably) for the next four days so, these are my nominations for the next four themes:

    The Go-Betweens – Twin Layers Of Lightning
    The Pretenders – Brass In Pocket
    The Smiths – Meet Me At The Cemetery Gates
    Belle & Sebastian – It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career


  21. A scene in Bedazzled- the original- comes to mind, when Dudley Moore puts on Brahms to seduce Eleanor Bron…

    him- It’s so sensual and evocative..
    her- One can almost see the trees ..
    him- And a little brook.
    her- Mm. and what’s that?
    him- A powerful young stag darts into the clearing, raises his antlers, and edges closer to his doe…

  22. Who else is reading through their emails, and thinking about foreplay, and not noticing the number at the top so assuming that they’re all 23s?

    My favourite so far is My Boomerang Won’t Come Back

  23. The thing is, the person one is attempting to seduce would have to share your musical taste/feel the same way about the music, or it’s back to the problem Amy and Slash highlighted, that it becomes a distraction.

    Also, I’d hate a piece of music to become attached to an event that meant you couldn’t listen to it in the same way (some friends have told me tales of certain songs working well in intimate settings and now every time I hear, for example, Jane’s Addiction’s “Three Days” or Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer” I don’t like the pictures that appear in my brain).

    Still, for the purposes of this topic, I shall go with Siouxsie and the Banshees – Melt!

    • Hmm – I think sharing my musical taste/feeling the same way about the music would come pretty high on my criterion list these days. So someone didn’t score there, he wouldn’t be scoring later.

      • in general terms I agree, but many years ago now I fell in love with and married someone who isn’t as passionate about music as I am, I tended to argue with music loving partners as we couldn’t decide which Bauhaus album to listen to!

    • “I’d hate a piece of music to become attached to an event that meant you couldn’t listen to it in the same way”

      this happens to me all the time – just can’t help it.

      but I remember Dorian saying in one of his RR columns that Massive attack ‘Blue Lines’ or Tricky ‘Maxinquaye’ (cant remember which) was used by his house mate when ‘Business Time’ came a calling – and he has never been able to listen to it properly since.

      we should have a sub-section – seduction albums used by House/Flat mates (Portishead – His Name is Alive – Betty Blue soundtrack – Spiritualized are a few that spring to mind)

      • You’re not kidding- I frequently have very unpleasant flashbacks to a Jon Wilde comment on one of those “songs I hate and why” threads in which he revealed having attempted to masturbate to “Bitches Brew”. Unsuccessfully.
        Talk about a passion killer.

        And we had a case recently of a neighbour who screamed so loud during climax that another neighbour used to put on Celine Dion records at full blast to drown out the noise.

      • I think some people just get a kick out of being noisy. The world isn’t full of flat-mates and neighbours who are fantastically better lovers, there are just people who like to involve the lungs in the whole thing. That’s my theory and I’m er… sticking to it.

      • There was no Celinus interruptus; it only really added to the general cacophony.

        The combination curdled my wheat beer though, on more than one occasion.

  24. Manuel Goettsching – E2-E4

    58min 24secs of smooth flow. Tempo slowly rises for about 50min, then relaxes back to nowt.

    Trouble is, I also used it as the background music for a photo-montage DVD of our Florida holiday a couple of years ago … now random Disney princesses can get me in the mood!!!!!!!!!

    • 58 min, big time, eh? So what.. I once played Beethoven’s symphonies 1-9 all the way through… (fell asleep before the ode to joy, though)

      • Not necessarily making any bragging claims here … could just as easily imply recovery-and-second-go-without-ruining-the-mood-or-having-to-get-up-to-change-the-music.


    • And now you’ve disappointed me, because i was really just waiting to see what the French guy posted.

      (Something about a guy speaking with a French accent is usually enough to get me in the mood, but i don’t want to encourage laziness.)

      • I was actually paraphrasing Richard Pryor Amylee, and unfortunately, my accent is more non-descript than Gallic, it sounds pretty bad when i try to force the French accent to be honest.

    • I had imagined that you were called that because of Mr Severin of the Banshees, but I think he got it from Venus in Furs anyway.

      • That’s all quite correct.

        Anyway, I was racking my memory and the only girlfriend who liked to play music in this context used to put on The Beatles’ Revolver album.

        This never worked for me as I wanted to stop and listen to the songs. And Taxman doesn’t really do it for me “uh uh Mister Wilson”……

        Probably some dub reggae on fairly low volume would be better for atmosphere so I’d pick:

        Augustus Pablo – King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown

        Either that or Showroom Dummies by Kraftwerk but that would just be silly.

  25. Just remembered the track Undress Me by Marc Almond, but actually that makes me giggle more than anything else, so I won’t change my selection.

  26. This, surely.

    I used to have a full back tattoo of Tom Jones’ face, but I had it changed into Robert Pattinson, to keep up with the times. (Not strictly true, and that’s not my actual choice of song)

  27. Nilp: A kindred spirit; I used to belong to the So. Cal. Mahler society, every year on his birthday we’d meet at a members house and play all ten!
    Usually started around 9 am and finished around midnight, happy days.

    • That brings back quite a lot of the early 70s all at once ! In my innocence (aged 10 or so) I always assumed she brought an extra pair along to wave in the air…

  28. The well-known minimalist critic Kliroff de Klutta was only able to achieve arousal with John Cage’s 4’33” playing in the background. Sadly, there was no auto-repeat technology available in those days, and avant-garde groupies were unimpressed by his protestations that ‘less is more’.

  29. Another thought is that if the last two topics had been in reverse order, I would have chosen Rod’s ‘Tonight’s The Night’ as the song that makes me laugh. And it’s well known in Dublin that the young, Catholic-educated Bono struggled to satisfy U2 groupies in their early days. This actually inspired the song ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’.

      • Thank You DP – it’s been tense here I can tell you.. lots of swapping in the table still to come I fear.. thankfully I have a restricted view for Mondays game, so I can hide behind the post holding the stand up.

        We could still meet in the play-offs – but you have a really tough last 3 games don’t you – good luck right back.

  30. Earworms comments are down with this on and not one complaint from Maki! What a guy. (Relax, buddy, it is just a co-incidence that I’ve posted this during foreplay. Mrs. Tin is out tomorrow evening, but …no, n/m)

  31. I’m just wondering if there’s a follow-up question…

    Actually, I do have an answer for this.

    Mrs barbryn rarely buys music, and when she does they tend to be random impulse purchases. Around the time that we started going out, she bought Sade’s album “Lover’s Rock”. It’s mostly just pleasant background music, but sometimes, y’know, that’s just what you’re after. And the first track is proper gorgeous. Anyway, we listened to this quite often in those first few months. I’ve just now played it on YouTube, and I think it might be the first time I’ve heard it in, ah, non-romantic circumstances.

    Sade – By Your Side

  32. Well this is the most sublime sexual song I know and if it didn’t get you in the mood then nothing would.

    Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye

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