Some Domestic EOTWQs

I don’t really have time to do this properly, and I really ought to be doing several other things – but since everyone else is clearly in the same position, that is going to provide the theme for these last-minute stopgap EOTWQs. Apologies for the fact that they’re rather mundane, but it’s that sort of day, and in any case I’m hoping that in true ‘Spill fashion the most mundane questions will actually yield the most fascinating answers…

1. What domestic task do you complete every week without fail – or get very twitchy if for some reason you’re prevented from doing so?

2. What is the task that you will avoid doing by any means possible?

3. What thing do you always forget – genuinely forget, rather than accidentally on purpose – to do?

4. Who wears the apron in your household?

5. How domesticated are you?

35 thoughts on “Some Domestic EOTWQs

  1. 1. Change the cat litter tray

    2. Washing up/vacuuming are equal first. I like doing things where you can see the difference when you’ve finished like cleaning ovens.

    3. Pay cheques into bank account and pay bills

    4. What’s an apron?

    5. Excellent cook, mender and maker. Absolute crap at being tidy and organised

  2. 1. The washing up. Except it’s once a day (minimum), not weekly…

    2. Ironing.

    3. Take the bins out. This morning I dashed out as the bin lorry was approaching…

    4. The children. They lurve baking, and always wear aprons. I do most of the cooking (and assist in their baking), but only wear an apron when the children are helping me…

    5. Moderately. More so than most of my friends when I was a student, less so than most of my friends now that I’m a mummy.

  3. 1 Water the plants. I’m convinced they’ll die otherwise – usually they don’t though.

    2 Cleaning. At the moment I blame the kitten, because she will mess everything up again really quickly.

    3 Clean the car. I really love my car…if only it were clean…

    4 No aprons here, and I’m usually very good at not spilling things down my front. So far.

    5 I’m a good cook but nowadays I’m usually too lazy to bother. Plus, there’s only one of me. As for my lack of houseproudness, I blame my mother, who would always let me off the chores if I was reading. And, as a child, I read an awful lot. (My sister, who claims never to have noticed this, is now deeply resentful of it.)

  4. 1. I don’t think there is one, which will come as no surprise as my answers progress

    2. Top of the list is ironing, I haven’t ironed for years.

    3. Most of them really, I didn’t give my answers to last week’s EOTWQs, but procrastination is the name of my game.

    4. I wear it once a year when I prepare the Christmas turkey, or on the rare occasions where I’m wearing something nice because I’ll inevitably splash something.

    5. Not very much, not very much at all, the reason may be that I’m an obsessive at heart, so if it can’t be perfect I get easily discouraged, for example if I’m cleaning up, I’ll inevitably make it more of a mess than when I started, then leave it there because of the stress it causes. I often fantasize of a big bonfire of all the useless crap I accumulate, btu would never dare.

  5. 1. Clear the read/unread books off my desk. This must be done at the start of the week and I absolutely cannot think, let alone work unless it is done.

    2. Dishes. Without question.

    3. Make the bed. It never crosses my mind.

    4. It changes from week to week. My spouse is certainly the more creative and better (I believe) apron-wearer (often she also literally does wear an apron), but I find myself actually enjoying the more organisational domestic tasks. I also do all the baking and I cook most of the foreign food.

    5. Pretty damn domesticated.

  6. 1. Leaving the bins out, which is more complicated than it sounds because we have alternate fortnightly collections for different types of stuff, plus a monthly glass collection – I do my neighbour’s too, because she’s elderly and gets even more confused by it than I do. I quite often go out by torchlight to see what colour bins other neighbours have put out, and take that as a guide!

    2. Cleaning the oven. Have to give in occasionally.

    3. Leave the money / note out for the milkman.

    4. Me.

    5. As domesticated as I can be when I’m out of the house for at least 11 hours a day and have a small child / cat / partner who are incapable of or just hate housework.

  7. 1. What domestic task do you complete every week without fail – or get very twitchy if for some reason you’re prevented from doing so?

    Mow the lawn.

    2. What is the task that you will avoid doing by any means possible?

    Put eggs away.

    3. What thing do you always forget – genuinely forget, rather than accidentally on purpose – to do?

    pay bills.

    4. Who wears the apron in your household?

    We have two.

    5. How domesticated are you?

    I’m very tame if I get fed regularly and get the odd stroke. I can take myself out for walkies.

  8. Love the photo!

    These are very home questions! (I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I like the sound of it, and the double meanings, and if it means what I think it does, these ARE things I’ve thought about quite a bit lately.)

    With you on the bonfire, Ejay! What a satisfying though panicky feeling that would be!

  9. great photo Aba!

    1. I literally CANNOT get into an unmade bed!

    2. Cooking – because i’m so bad at it. I can do almost anything else quite happily if I can have some music to listen to whilst doing it.

    3. Putting bins out. It’s really really complicated in the new house and they are very strict about it over here.

    4. Mrs Panther most definitely. She’s rarely not wearing one these days. In fact she bought herself not one but TWO new ones just a few days ago. AND and, on top of that, she will feature in a magazine article coming out this month, that has various people (designers, “food co-ordinators” and trendy interior shopkeepers (i.e. Mrs Panther!)) showing their favourite aprons and the story behind them! She picked a nice stripey one for that.

    5. Well, I think I am, but not sure Mrs Panther would agree!

      • no idea about the story behind the stripey one, but like most things in our house, it probably came from a secondhand shop in a distant Swedish small town!

  10. That is a great picture, Aba. Magnificent kitty too.

    A few months ago, Ejay and I seemed to be sort of ideal housemates, and i’m donding most of his answers. I have a feeling that if we did live together, the house would maybe be condemned.

    1 – Well, i do have to do laundry once or twice a week. And pile it up on the chair instead of putting it in drawers. Folding? Surely you jest.
    I don’t iron, never really have. When i lived in NYC and needed pressed work clothing, it went to the dry cleaners.

    2- Probably too many to name. I’d have to say any cooking that doesn’t involve a microwave reheat (from takeout food) or making a sandwich or a bowl of cereal.
    And i have a huge pile of unopened mail here to the left of my mouse starting from a few months back. It’s probably mostly junk, but i haven’t thrown it out yet, as there might be something important to my taxes in there.

    3- My bills are mostly auto deducted from my bank account, so all i have to remember is to have enough money in them on the right date. Which i’m pretty good about, as i’m too cheap to pay overdraft fees.

    In terms of housework, probably everything. I sort of live in my head and have enough going on inside it that i don’t really notice my surroundings much. (except when i’m photographing). I walked in the neighbor’s front door last week thinking it was my own house.

    4- Certainly not me. My sister is a chef and culinary school grad, so she happily takes on the family holiday dinners.

    5- If it’s not obvious from the above answers, not at all. But i am a homebody, if that doesn’t seem too contradictory.

    Hmm, can’t for the life of me imagine why i never got married.

  11. 1. What domestic task do you complete every week without fail – or get very twitchy if for some reason you’re prevented from doing so?
    I’m with magicman on this one; for six-to-eight months of the year, it’s mow the lawn. I’m already eyeing it up with a view to starting this year: I reckon I’ll crack and start in about another 3 weeks.

    2. What is the task that you will avoid doing by any means possible?
    I should say ironing, but that would be a slightly false answer. I never do it, but I don’t have to avoid doing it; DsMam won’t let me near it, as she seriously ranks my efforts as “worse than not ironing at all”. So I suppose the answer is either dusting (she cracks and does it before I do), or re-grouting the kitchen floor tiles, which I’m so rubbish at that it needs doing with ever-increasing frequency. My job and mine alone, that one.

    3. What thing do you always forget – genuinely forget, rather than accidentally on purpose – to do?
    Turning the radiator down in my office at the end of the evening; it’s a mostly underground room, and for the six months of the year when I’m not mowing the lawn, it needs a higher setting than the rest of the heating. By the time I’ve finished chatting with you lot, and take myself off to bed, I forget to turn it down again about 80-90% of the time. I get yelled at when DsMam walks into a room that’s been unnecessarily toasty-warm for the previous six-ten hours.

    4. Who wears the apron in your household?
    Since she finished work to have Darcey, and then look after both kids, definitely DsMam. I’ve lost the habit since the days when I was househusband and carer to DsSis whilst Julie was still head-butting the glass ceiling.

    5. How domesticated are you?
    Hmmm. See #4. I’m OK, but God forbid I ever find myself permanently on my own, I’d have to find a cleaner, and a financial PA.

  12. 1. Hoovering. White dog + blue carpet = bad idea ( should have got a blue dog).

    2. Cleaning the shower. I like baths so it’s the others that use the shower. I’ll be darned if I’m going to clean it ( I end up doing it though but not very often)

    3. Cleaning out the stove ( coal burning). Don’t have it on unless it’s very cold and it’s a horrible job.

    4. Me.

    5. Totally ( dude). It’s my “job”. I’ve been “househusbanding” for years now. That’s how I’ve got so much time to muck about on here.

  13. 1. I’m so bad at keeping up with housework, and it’s so necessary with two little boys and one old dog, that I’ve made myself a schedule. I’ve actually become sort of obsessive and superstitious about it. Bathrooms, Kitchen floor, vacuuming – every week without fail. I should dust every week, but I don’t. Someday I’ll add that to my schedule. The thing is…I could spend every second of every day cleaning, and my house still wouldn’t look clean. I do laundry 5 days a week, too, bacause I can’t stand when I’ve got loads and loads to do on one day.
    I’d like to have giant drains in the floors, like in restaurants, and just hose everything down at the end of each day.

    2. Ironing. I have to iron shirts for work sometimes, when I’ve collected enough scoldings, and I always joke that you can tell I’ve ironed because I’ve added neatly pressed wrinkles to the shirt.

    3. Anything that’s not in my schedule. Which is most things.

    4. No aprons here.I do almost all of the cooking, though. As I’ve mentioned last week, it’s become my main distraction from things that are probably more important to me.

    5. More than I ever ever thought I would ever be. Although, for instance, I enjoy cooking, and that seems domestic, but the chef at work has taken to asking me what recipes I’ve invented over the week. For him to think about cooking is not domestic, but professional and creative, right? So why not for me? I’ll have to start charging the boys for their meals.

  14. 1. Washing up – love it. Not so keen on drying and am practically phobic about putting dishes away.

    2. I actually AM phobic about hoovering – the noise, the smell, the sweatiness… I hate it.

    3. Dusting. It’s just not in my genetic make-up to even consider doing it. I’m a shocker to live with.

    4. My flatmate. She is incredibly grown-up and efficient and responsible. Thank god.

    5. Not very. At all. It’s a wonder I’ve survived.

  15. 1. Apart from cooking which I do daily, I don’t think there is anything that fits the bill.

    2. Ironing.

    3. Not always, but I often forget which week is bin week.

    4. Me.

    5. Semi-house-trained, at best.

  16. Oh dear. I cannot answer a single one of these questions honestly in a public forum without risking my children’s being whisked away to a tidier and cleaner place [TheBoyWonder has just come in and offered to take the rubbish out – guess that makes him the apron-wearer. Or it would, if we actually owned an apron; which we don’t].
    I have a machine to wash dishes – when I remember to turn it on – and another to wash clothes (several times daily), which is playing up and causing me grief, and I spend a lot of time mopping up after Little’Un; polishing doesn’t enter into it.

    I do like baking, though – assuming our tiny kitchen’s tidy enough to find room for the mixing bowl…

  17. The picture has reminded me of our dear cat TJ who spent a lot of time in the kitchen with me in just that pose, Aba. Great questions, too.

    1. The cooking. A Saturday or Sunday morning cook-in as we both get home late on weekdays and neither gets the chance to have a decent lunch. If we didn’t get the dinners sorted out over the weekend we would starve!

    2. Ironing without a shadow of a doubt. (I’m actually so bad at it that I’m not allowed to anyway!)

    3. To replenish the fridge with beer and other cold drinks.

    4. Neither of us. Not even when cooking and I have ruined the odd shirt this way too! (There’s a pattern developing here, I fear)

    5. Acceptably, I am informed.

  18. I can’t believe that no-one likes ironing! It’s my favourite “chore”, almost therapeutic in a relaxing kind of way.

    It seems to go particularly well with listening to Black Metal…..or maybe that’s just me!

    • I agree with you there (see my answer to No. 1 below). I usually do it whilst watching rubbish television like ‘Top Gear’ etc.

  19. Please bear in mind that I have lived alone for the past twenty years and have turned into Quentin Crisp…….

    1) Once a week? Yes, washing up definitely. At least! At least once a week if not twice.

    2) Put off?
    Ironing again. Hate it!
    I used to like hoovering but the neighbours make such a racket doing theirs that I now try to do it quietly to gain the moral high-ground. This is not easy.

    3) Forget? Nothing. Ever. The boy does nothing but he never forgets. He just says “that needs doing”. And then doesn’t do it.

    4) The cat

    5) I am utterly domesticated. Utterly. I put the rubbish and the recycling stuff out on the right day and put the white clothes in the washing machine separately from the coloured ones and I can cook.

    (I don’t but I can)

  20. 1. I (along with panthersan) could be the answer to most peoples problems here because I not only do the ironing every sunday evening, I actually enjoy doing it. As panthersan said, it’s therapeutic and meditative if you get into a rythmn. Also, if frauimmel were answering these questions, she would put ‘ironing’ into question 2.

    2. Not alot really. I’m too conscientious/frauimmel nags me too effectively. I suppose the car is looking a bit dirty nowadays but then I don’t think it’s been washed since I decided I could no longer afford to take it to the handwash place down the road – that was about 2 years ago…….

    3. Putting the milk bottles out for the milkwoman.

    4. tessimmel. Her mum and dad don’t do aprons but for her it’s all part of the cooking process.

    5. Very. I looked after myself for 15 years before meeting frauimmel so I learned how to do it all (Darceysdad will hopefully attest to my useful domesticity in our student house). I’m also ‘working from home’ nowadays so I get to do (big breath) the laundry, the ironing, the hoovering, the dusting, bathroom cleaning, the shopping and half the cooking. I’m also suppose to do the gardening and various other DIY jobs around the house but somehow fail to find the time to do so. (Can’t think why).

  21. 1. Clean the bathroom – full washing of all surfaces and floors, not just a quick wipe. One of the things that occasionally puzzles me about Mrs A is that she is truly obsessive about a bit of dust or cathair tumbleweed in the sitting room, and doesn’t appear to notice that she’s smeared miscellaneous creams all over the sink. I also take the view that major washing-up should always be done immediately after the meal, as otherwise it just gets left until the next morning (when I have to do it anyway while making the tea); on the other hand, I’m happy to leave small-scale washing up (a couple of mugs and a plate, say) from the morning until the evening, when it will actually be worth doing.

    2. I’m now going to reveal myself to be a truly bad husband… There isn’t one single thing – but at any point in time there will always be something that Mrs A is nagging me to do, and the more she nags the more determined I get to ignore it. Not necessarily housework – currently, as I recall, I’m busy blanking requests to book tickets for the summer holiday on the basis that I’m tense enough already about funding the trip at Easter – but it usually involves something like changing a bulb or dusting the bookcase.

    3. Buying butter – or rather, checking to see if the butter in the fridge is out of date and buying more if necessary – as I no longer touch the stuff.

    4. We have an apron each, as it happens, though mine is used mainly for cooking and hers is used mainly when eating spaghetti… Actually that’s a bit unfair, as I’ve been so busy over the last couple of months that she’s been cooking a couple of days a week, but the natural order of things has me in the kitchen.

    5. Terrifyingly so. My idea of Saturday morning fun is baking muffins, with an occasional pause to clean the bathroom.

  22. Your sewing space is goureogs, Jennifer. I don’t have a sewing space–unless you count the kitchen table 🙂 I store my fabric and notions in the sideboard cabinets in the kitchen, in boxes under my bed, and in my bedroom closet. And I agree, it is really hard to create in that space.As for being a pattern tester, I would love to–but that looks a little too hard for me. I’ll keep my eyes open for an easier pattern lol. 🙂

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