More Nu-Shoegaze – Tears Run Rings

Came across this today and immediately thought of Slowdive, which of course meant that I immediately thought of Blimpy and the ‘Spill, so I thought i’d share it.

Tears Run Rings are the band and it looks as if they are named after a Marc Almond song, which can’t be a bad thing!

Here’s the website if anyone takes a fancy:

3 thoughts on “More Nu-Shoegaze – Tears Run Rings

  1. This is an elaborate hoax, isn’t it? It’s not Nu-Shoegaze at all. It’s a Slowdive out-take from 1992, and you’re just pretending there’s a new band called Tears Run Rings. Right?

    I really like it.

    • it is uncanny isn’t it?! But I for one am glad that it’s being revived so authentically and being done so well.

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