12 thoughts on “Baby Jimmy hears Tom Petty for the first time

  1. Thanks, Maki…my debut, however, is not with the I&Os but as the guest in Matt’s ‘Rosey + Guest’ show at the Friendly Spot at 943 S Alamo, San Antonio. And that’s if I pass the audition.

  2. Ace pic, tfd.

    Best of luck from me too for your audition & gig, and as ever I’m insanely jealous at your attending SxSW. Have a good time.

  3. Thanks everyone! I should maybe explain that those aren’t really headphones – they’re baby ear protectors, and he’s having a practice with them before attending his dad’s band’s show at SXSW! (Because the I&Os do tend to be on the loud side.)

  4. gummy smiles – brilliant..

    ear protectors are ace .. our boy would still bounce around to the beat from the floor vibrations…

    enjoy SxSW – like dsd i’m jealous – Good luck with the audition.

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