The godAmsterdams – A Beautiful Heartbreak

A ‘Spill 1st for me – I actually have the artists’ permission to share this with you. My friend Erick, & his songwriting partner, Ben, released their 1st mini-album on Valentines Day. Fitting, as the 6 tracks deal with a relationship from start-up to break-up. Mmm, reading that back, should probably clarify that Erick & Ben are not a “couple” &, as it says on the box: “No hearts were broken in making this record”. Anyway, The godAmerstams want feedback from us ‘Spillers. So go to it:

If you want more, here’s a linky to buy from i-Tunes:

8 thoughts on “The godAmsterdams – A Beautiful Heartbreak

  1. Liked it enough to follow link to i-tunes. Good to hear something so understated but well constructed – love the piano in the middle eight – in a week that we’ve been hearing so many show offs! Looking forward to hearing the rest once it’s safely nestled in Mr Jobs’ player thingy. I’m crap at identifying influences so won’t even try. Thanks for sharing this. I love it when we get the chance to do this. I remember how excited Círculo Polar were to get feedback from the ‘Spill. I expect others will be able to give your friend more meaningful insights but let him know that his ep will definitely get an airing at Novecento this weekend.

  2. There really ought to be more public information disclaimers on records. “No hearts were broken in the recording of this album.” “Mixed in a studio that also deals with Pop Idol rubbish.” “May contain nuts”.

  3. Yeah, I liked that. I’m kind of damning with faint praise, as I’ve been on a huge musical roller-coaster of emotions listening to Mazzy Star, Sandy Denny and Mary Gauthier this week. In comparison to the sometimes gut-wrenching soul-baring going on with those three, the godAmsterdams‘ heartbreak suffers by comparison, but I’d definitely be interested in hearing more.

    Wish them Good Luck from me, Shoey.

  4. Dunno if I’m just being influenced by DsD’s comment, but I kind of hoped for more explicit emotion in the vocals. The singer sounds to me like he’s recounting something, rather than experiencing it. If that makes sense. He sounds a bit detached from the subject at hand. I wanted more of an ‘ache’. But perhaps I’m just not feeling the understatement this week – there’s certainly something to be said for it! The only other thing that stood out for me as a slight negative was the fuzzy guitar sound: a bit jarring in the context of the rest of the song.

    Right, enough carping. Now for the positives: nice vocal tone, great gentle feel, top earwormy tune, the perfect length, elegant understated outro… Overall, I would be interested to hear more. Sorry for starting with the negatives – they’re always what people hear when reading criticism of their own work (and they’re often so much easier to identify when doing the criticising, sadly!). I really did enjoy it – in fact, I listened again straight away when it finished.

    • Oh, and now I’m being really picky, but the band name doesn’t really work for me. But then, one gets used to such things remarkably quickly. All sorts of bands have silly names that soon come to sound perfectly reasonable!

  5. Thanks for listening folks. Haven’t seen Erick this week, but did send him a link to the post. Forgot to tag the song, this one is called “Feels Like A Bribe”. For those that want more, here is a making of vid. Warning, does get a bit infomercially at the end. The Sponsor who paid for the thing has to get their pound of flesh, but it’s worth a looksie. A band’s got to do what a band’s got to do to get known.

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