New Decemberists

From their new album The King is Dead, (and the Smiths’ influence as well?) Colin and Co. rediscover their American roots.   Down By the Water looks to REM and Neil Young, and in fact Peter Buck plays guitar on the song.  June Hymn makes wish the winter was over already.

9 thoughts on “New Decemberists

  1. I see you’ve tagged this as “REM”, which is appropriate enough. I haven’t bought the album yet, but have listened online. Lovely sound to it – this song in particular – though nothing floored me on a first listen. Sure it will grow on me though.

    • I find the first song a lot more interesting musically than some of their older stuff, but have to wonder if some of their earlier fans take leave of them now. I forgot to mention that it’s Gillian Welch on backing vocals.

    • No i didn’t, but i think it sounds great! Coincidentally, last night i was listening to Los Lobos Dead covers. You’ve probably heard them, they covered West LA Fadeaway on their last album, and Robert Hunter wrote All My Bridges Burning with them. But my favorite is Bertha –

  2. Have my copy of the new album on order from Amazon as I type – and am off to see them in Glasgow and London in the next month or so. Veh excited…

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