Avid Guardian readers may have noticed that the book Dorian went off to write, about protest songs, is to be published shortly. The timing could not be more apt, as the middle east is in turmoil, and angry demos against the cuts take place in England somewhere every day. The clever title is “33 revolutions per minute”, and the book will be out in paperback on 3rd March. It’s £9 on Amazon, or much better value in a real bookshop. If you protest enough, there might still be one or two libraries left to borrow it from.

There’s an article by Dorian about the first protest song HERE

Dorian at an RR social

Book cover

15 thoughts on “Protest!

  1. Has anyone else noticed that Dorian’s Twitter avatar photo looks exactly the same as that of Marillion’s Mark Kelly?

    Has anyone ever seen them together? May explain why Dorian never A-listed any of my Marillion nominations…

  2. I read his article today (in an actual real print copy of the Graun too!!)

    Nice work Mr Lynskey! And if you want to serialise it on The ‘Spill, you are more than welcome – we will add music for you!!

  3. I did suggest his book publishers finance a little get together a while back – met with a wall of silence .. probably because at the last book launch GHE’s glass was never half empty… we would bankrupt them.
    (I was sober as a ….. honest)

  4. Here’s Dorian’s own summary:

    “There are 33 key songs in 33 chapters but hundreds more covered along the way. To break it down quickly, there’s the 30s-50s (Billie Holiday, Guthrie, Seeger), the 60s/early 70s (Dylan, James Brown, Lennon, Scott-Heron), other countries in the 70s (Fela, Max Romeo, Victor Jara), punk and post-punk (Clash, Dead Kennedys, Billy Bragg, REM), then late 80s to present day (Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, Riot Grrrl, Steve Earle, etc).”

    This was posted by him in the thread discussing his recent article (link in my original post above)

      • fully empty, if you’re going to the bar – make mine a double..
        (scanning the ‘glassarfemptee’ that you are on wordpress is such a jumble of letters for me.. the f in the centre stands out from the lower case – whoops)

        It’s a good blog by the way – thoughtful and interesting – i don’t agree with everything but the intensity and the depth he goes into subjects is admirable…. really worth reading.

  5. I read the article/chapter on Strange Fruit yesterday – very well written and highly informative. And such a great, great song.

    • Nah, bish. You have to remember Dorian’s from the first proper generation of London journalists not contractually obliged to smoke 60 Capstan and down a bottle of Grouse whilst hunched over a typewriter!


  6. When I used to have a radio show I did a ‘Songs of Protest’ program every year, here’s a playlist that’s still on my computer.

    1. Joan Baez – Turn me Around. 02.42 [From Every Stage – A&M]
    2. Jackson Brown – Lives in the Ballance. 04,10 [Lives in the Balance – Asylum]
    3. Ruben Blades – The calm before the Storm. 04.38 [Nothing but the Truth – Elektra]
    4. Jimmy Cliff – Come on People. 02.52 [Struggling Man – Island]
    5. Gil Scot Heron – Washington DC. 04.20 [Moving Target – Arista]
    6. Joni Mitchell – The Fiddle and the Drum. 02.49 [Clouds – Reprise]
    7. Jackson Brown – ‘Til I go Down. 04.17 [Lives in the Balance – Asylum]
    8. Randy Newman – Song for the Dead. 03.02 [Trouble in Paradise – W/Bros]
    9. Christy Moore – The Unfinished Revolution. 03.58 [Christy Moore – Atlantic]
    10. Bob Marley & Wailers – Check out the Real Situation. 03.05 [Uprising – Island]
    11. Jackson Brown – Soldier of Plenty. 04.36 [Lives in the Balance – Asylum]
    12. Phil Ochs – One More Parade. 03.04 [All the News that’s fit to Sing – Elektra]
    13. Christy Moore – No Time for Love. 04.41 [Christy Moore – Atlantic]
    14. Eva Cassidy – Imagine. 04.33 [Imagine – Blix Street]
    15. Magpie – The Power and the Glory, 03.04 [The Songs of Phil Ochs – Sliced Bread]
    16. Emperor Haille Selassie of Ethiopia, speech at the UN, 1964, “The causes of war”.
    Could be used occasionally as an intro to #17 which evolved from it. 01.32. *
    17. Bob Marley & Wailers – War. 03.34 [Rastaman Vibration – Island]*
    18. Sonia Rutstein – Is there Anybody Here? 04.04 [Songs of Phil Ochs – Sliced Bread]
    19. Jackson Brown – The World in Motion. 04.21 [World in Motion – Elektra]
    20. Jackson Brown – When the StoneTurns. 04.52 [World in Motion – Elektra]
    21. Jimmy Cliff – Remake the World. 02.43 [Follow my Mind – W/Bros]

  7. Anyone else think that seeing as it’s a book about individual songs (not albums), Dorian ought to have come up with another 12 tracks? Lazy get.

  8. For those in striking distance of Brighton (I’m looking at you, Magicman!), you may be interested in a gig Dorian is doing about the book, at the Brighton Festival, with Billy Bragg. Pavilion Theatre 3pm 8th May, £8.50.

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