Come outside.

Hello folks.
I am a Spill virgin and an congenitally useless when it comes to technology so apologies if this all goes wrong.
Feel free to shout at me. I’m used to it. I’m married.
I decided that, as it’s a lovely day and I need an excuse not to take any exercise I thought I try and post a couple
of “outsider” tunes that, I hope, may tickle a few people’s fancies.
I do tend to waffle on, so feel free to stop reading at any point, you won’t miss much.
I’ve been a fan of “outsider” music for a long time, I’ve always been attracted to the weird and wonderful ( hence the marriage to Ma Ubu*) and ,with the advent of computer downloads a rich seam of delights has become available for me to mine.
I’d like to share a couple of long time favourites with you.
I’ve chosen Los Punkeros- Pretty Vacant, a Spanish “knock off” version of the Sex Pistols fave which is of interest chiefly because the singer clearly didn’t speak English and , basically, just made up words that sounded right.
The second song is from Lebanon and it’s Philemon Whebe with his song Hamburger. This is a celebration of the eponymous tasty treat backed by a kind of Arabic rockabilly beat. Philemon huffs and puffs like a demon on this one making it rather special.
Lastly there’s Gen Orange with Thunderstorm. How much do I love this song ? Very much indeed. Amazingly this was the B-side to her (as far as I know) only single. A song about worldwide injustice and sharing. I love the piano on this, especially in the last minute or so when it goes into double time.

That’s all for now, folks…..except for the secret bonus track.
I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do and , depending on reaction, I may post some more.

* this is a joke , dear.

17 thoughts on “Come outside.

  1. brilliant tunes – the kind of craziness that I just find fascinating – much love from the sane household – great post..
    (but you need to find a picture next time – it’s ‘spill law)

  2. Very accomplished first post, ‘Ubu. Somewhat less accomplished tune-age, but I guess that’s half the point of such records…

    • “Very accomplished first post”

      Thanks, I must credit St Maki of this Parish who assisted with the player creation on account of me being too dumb/lazy to work it out for myself.

  3. My first time here, and what a great start. Love Gen Orange, really great song, and can’t tell you how badly I want a hamburger right now.

  4. “basically, just made up words that sounded right.” It’s not the only Pistols cover version to do that. There’s a version of Anarchy In The UK where the line “I wanna destroy passers by” becomes “I wanna destroy..possibly” and “another council tenancy” becomes “and other c**t-like tendencies”. Genius. It’s by obscure the obscure “outsider” band Megadeth – featuring Steve Jones on guest guitar.

  5. Pairubu – great first post. This may confuse you but as others here will no doubt attest it is a true compliment. These are worthy additions to my growing WTF collection. Cheers.

  6. I’ll get there, Pairubu, I promise. But MFF is calling, and I’m off for a family weekend tomorrow. Please leave the audio available until at least Monday.

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