Tcha Tcha Tcha!

Forgive two posts in one day, but Shoey has spurred me to clear a backlog of intentions that never reached the action stage.

I love hot club style gypsy jazz on both guitar and violin. One of my favourites is blind gypsy virtuoso Tcha Limberger. I saw him a while back at the Brighton Festival, and he blew me away.

Although a Belgian, he has moved to Hungary (hi, sourpus) and learned Hungarian, in order to master the folk songs of that country, the Magyar Nota. Here’s a short extract – I only have this fragment that I filmed, but his playing is magical. And he’s just as good on a guitar, and has a lovely voice (unlike his Dad!). The guy behind Tcha is playing an instrument of Persian origin, the cimbalom. I’ve also posted a full track (Lassu Csardas) from a recent album. He seems to have a new band every time he records.

Listen to a proper whole track by clicking the link below:

Lassú Csárdás

5 thoughts on “Tcha Tcha Tcha!

  1. Quite impressed by the effect of my little strop. Remember it’s a Spill marathon not a sprint – we don’t have to post them all at once, but keep the variety coming. Some say it takes a village; sometimes it just takes one asshole.

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