9 thoughts on “Still got the blues.

  1. I did see Gary Moore perform with Lizzy, but only one song, when he joined them to play Black Rose during the 1983 Reading “farewell” set.

    The best of the three gigs (incl the above) I saw him was with Greg Lake in the early 80s.

    Always meant to catch up with one of his blues tours; never did.

    : o (

  2. @ amy – not being a Thin Lizzy fan is no crime, and no surprise. Unless a convert persuaded you to go see them live, you weren’t likely to be impressed enough with their studio work to become a fan.

    In over thirty years of rock music fandom, I’ve never met a band who so consistently failed to capture their greatness on vinyl.

    • I liked ‘Live and Dangerous’ and I quite enjoyed parts of the ‘Jailbreak’ album, but I agree with you DD; Lizzy live was a whole other ball game of pleasure. They really new how to put on a show, but the live sound was way better too.

    • Thanks DsD, that goes a long way towards explaining my lack of enthusiasm for them. I couldn’t figure what i was missing, they seemed to have such a large and devoted following, but they always just sounded like kind of MOR top-40 pap to me.

  3. @ amylee – I’ve just tried to email you something, but it came back undeliverable. Can you email me darceysdad AT hot mail dot co dot uk, and I’ll save it for later?

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