Just wrong.

Hi again chums, time for a little “outsider” again. Forgive me if I’m making too many posts, I am trying to take my mind off an impending hernia operation that will involve having my tenderest parts mangled by some guy I hardly know, not a new thing for me admittedly and usually something I pay good money for but it’s freaking me out a bit.
Speaking of which….
Today I shall be mostly posting a variety of songs which come from the sub-genre of the outsider music world known as “incorrect music”. I should stress that there are no hard and fast definitions here, “incorrect music” was a term used by an American radio show to cover the kind of thing on offer here today.
It’s difficult to pin down exactly what the term means. I would define it as music that is , in some way, “off”. Sometimes it’s very subtle , sometimes very obvious but there’s something about the songs that make you go “Hmmm…that ain’t quite right”. Not always for musical reasons, sometimes for the idea behind the tunes. Anyway, that’s my take on it and here, without further doo-doo are the songs.*
First up, let’s go into the strange, strange world of Christian puppetry. Now, on their own both Christianity and puppetry are fine things but, for some reason, put the two together and it seems, to me at least, a little odd.
Thusly the very concept of a hamster singing about Jesus, as in Charlie the Hamster-If it wasn’t for Jesus just seems, well, wrong. What knoweth a hamster of salvation or the end of days ? Not a lot, I shouldn’t think. I dedicate this song to the Black Bellied Hamsters of Alsace who, frankly, could do with a bit of divine intervention.
Next on offer, and in a similar vein, is Tammy Faye Baker with Oops, Here comes a smile. An annoying tune sung by her “puppet” alter-egos “Susie Moppet” and “Allie” ( a Christian alligator).
To follow the third in our un-Holy trilogy today, we have Rappin’ with Rappin’ Rabbit. It’s what it says. A rapping, Christian rabbit ( saves time and money at Easter, I suppose).

Moving away from the religious world and into the world of dubious Country tunes we find one of the most aweseomest artifacts of all, a song so “wrong” in so many ways as to be , surely, “right” ( it’s a “circle thing”, go far enough to the left and , eventually , you start going right again) Troy Hess- Please don’t go topless , Mother. A young child pleads with his “Mom” to , basically “put them away”. Probably wanting to keep the good stuff for himself ( though perhaps a little past the weaning stage).

Lastly the most “famous” of our tunes today. Sung, apparently , by Englebert Humperdink for the Beavis and Butthead movie, here we have the original of Lesbian Seagull sung by it’s writer Tom Wilson ( not that one). A sensitive number written in response, so I believe, to study in the 1970s that claimed to recognise a certain Sapphic element within the seagull population. Fine by me, that way the perishers would die out. I don’t think I’d miss the quarrelsome, noisy, poopy ratbags much.
Hope you endure the songs as much as I do.
As always, for those that make it to the end, there is a secret bonus track !

* The management takes no responsibility for any damage emotional or psychological caused by listening to these songs by human beings or animals of any kind.

More Nu-Shoegaze – Tears Run Rings

Came across this today and immediately thought of Slowdive, which of course meant that I immediately thought of Blimpy and the ‘Spill, so I thought i’d share it.

Tears Run Rings are the band and it looks as if they are named after a Marc Almond song, which can’t be a bad thing!

Here’s the website if anyone takes a fancy:

The D double o D double o Style

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for weeks now. I LOVE IT! I was going to submit is as an earworm, but, honestly, this video, with the, what…2 minutes? of silence just kills me. The whole track does. It’s so spare and old-school hip hop, it’s so sweet…

I’m sorry about the strange ads on the video. I wonder if you’ll even be able to see it if you don’t live in America.

Cause Nobody Can do it, like mixmaster can, COME ON!!!!

Hot Gossip


Stranglers – Bitching
Ram Jam – Black Betty
Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
Strokes – You Talk Way Too Much
AC Marias – Just Talk
Julian Cope – World Shut Your Mouth
Love Is All – Rumours
Primus – My Name Is Mud


Annie – I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me
Gary Clail & On-U Soundsystem – Rumours
Bel Canto – Rumour
Underworld – Jumbo

The godAmsterdams – A Beautiful Heartbreak

A ‘Spill 1st for me – I actually have the artists’ permission to share this with you. My friend Erick, & his songwriting partner, Ben, released their 1st mini-album on Valentines Day. Fitting, as the 6 tracks deal with a relationship from start-up to break-up. Mmm, reading that back, should probably clarify that Erick & Ben are not a “couple” &, as it says on the box: “No hearts were broken in making this record”. Anyway, The godAmerstams want feedback from us ‘Spillers. So go to it:

If you want more, here’s a linky to buy from i-Tunes: